Aug 14, 2010

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We got two furbabies!

We resuced them from a shelter. They are brother and sister, 2 months old, lab mixes! Adorable little puppies. We were gonna just get one, but couldn't split them up. They play with each other all the time and love to cuddle at night. I absolutely love it! :)

Newest Additions to our house photo 1

This is Tinkerbell. Sweet little girl that likes to sleep all day :)

Newest Additions to our house photo 2

This is Harley. Cute little boy that love to wrestle! <3

Newest Additions to our house photo 3

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Flower girl blowing bubbles on FOB :)

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-1

DH's parents

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-2


My parents

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-3

Flower girls dance enterance!!

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-4

BM's Shaina & GM Joe's enterance

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-5

BM Danielle & GM Jake's

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-6


Part 1 http www photo 2230842-7

Best Man's speech "I don't know if many of you know... but I took Megan to Prom back in the day... That night... I knew she was the one............ The one for my brother!" Best speech ever!

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-8

MOH Speech.. made me cry! I love my best friend! <3

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-9

First Dance as Mr. & Mrs.

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-10

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-11

Girls crying # 1

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-12

Flower girl wanted in!

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-13

Flower girl & Dh

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-14

I was singing to her.. she didn't like it. She just wanted to dance with DH (Uncle Robbie!)

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-15

Father Daughter dance

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-16

dancing with my FIL! :)

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-17

Girls crying #2

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-18

Cake cutting

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-19

Cake smooshing! :P

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-20

Crying # 3 hahaha

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-21

Tossing bouquet

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-22

Garter find

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-23

How he came out from under my dress! lol

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-24

My sister is in everythingggggg! She tried to catch the garter too!

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-25

The DJ made the boys do a dance. they had no clue. it was awesome!

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-26

Girls wanted in.. we dualed them.. girls totally won!

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-27

Last but not least. My daddy in his bibs! I had to make sure I did the father daugther dance first. He hate anything but his bibs! lol

Part 1 http www photo 2230842-28

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After Ceremony:

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-1

Our rings

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-2

The whole wedding party <3

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-3

Getting on the party bus

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-4

All our shoes matched. I got watermelon pink shoes so we could do this picture. Our feet have attitude! :)

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-5

The wedding party we ran into that had our dresses but in opposite colors!

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-6



Our signature boards

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-7

Our toasting wine was a bottle from Sophia, Bugaria. DH was born there & his twin and him were adopted when they were 6. His mom and Dad got two bottles made in their home town for their weddings. :) isn't that cute!

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-8

Cake table

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-9

Gift table

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-10

Sign that DH's cousin made for us. We got two so now we can hang the other one in our garage at our house!

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-11


What every table looked like. We had a picture of us on every table instead of a slide show. A lot of people enjoyed them and it saved time, energy, and money! :)

Part 1 http www photo 2230789-12

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Dh & I laughing at something during mass

part 1 http www photo 2230762-1

Our Vows!

part 1 http www photo 2230762-2

Unity candle lighting

part 1 http www photo 2230762-3

Leaving church as Mr. & Mrs.

part 1 http www photo 2230762-4part 1 http www photo 2230762-5

Mr & Mrs Singer :)

part 1 http www photo 2230762-6

part 1 http www photo 2230762-7

Boys & me

part 1 http www photo 2230762-8

Girls & Dh!

part 1 http www photo 2230762-9


part 1 http www photo 2230762-10

Dh's Family & Me

part 1 http www photo 2230762-11

My family & DH

part 1 http www photo 2230762-12

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Hey girls,

Sorry I have been soo MIA. DH and I got married on August 14th then had one day with our family, straight to our honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii. While we were there, our families packed up our Uhaul and we literally left about 10 hours after we hit land back in MI from our honeymoon to drive to CO. We have been moving, unpacking, cleaning, etc. Busy busy busy. Anyways, on the to recap!

Our wedding day was amazing! I can't think of anything that was wrong with what I pictured. :) There were a couple speed bumps in the morning but nothing too extreme. The night before the wedding, I had my three best friends (three of the 5 girls in our wedding party) spend the night at my parents house with me. My MOH and I stayed in my room and two of my BM's stayed in the livingroom. I was the first one up, I think because I was too excited. I immediately didn't feel good, went to the bat hroom and got sick. :X As soon as the girls heard me they all woke up and came to my rescue. I think it was all the excitement and stuff. lol. We started packing the car for the day and next. We needed our stuff to get ready, dresses, hair supplies, make-up, clothes for that night, and the next morning. Most of the girls stayed at the hotel DH & I stayed at and the next day my parents had the "pancake man" come over to make everyone brunch that was still in town.

As we were packing the car, it was down pouring rain. I wasn't too nervous about it, I bought some huge umbrellas just in case to be able to get pro pics of at least DH & I. As we were getting our hair done at the salon, the cloud rolled away and the sun came out. Everything was turning out perfect! After getting our hair done, we headed to the church. We were lectured the day before about not being able to have any alcohol before our ceremony but you don't know my friends. Of course the y had something up their sleeve. They got a fifth and my sister made us all do shots before the ceremony started. The funny part about this is that our Fr. was knocking on the bridal suite door when my sister was pouring the shots.. totally against the rules!

MOH and BM went to give DH my B-pic book as a gift. He was in complete shock! He had no idea that was what his gift was gonna be. He said he loved it! lol. The ceremony went great. DH & I didn't remember what we were supposed to do when we sat down the first time so it was kinda funny when we just waited for our signal to do something from Fr. Also, DH & I had to drink all the wine during communion after everyone went through. Turns out only about 5 people went to DH's side for wine. Everyone went to my side so he had to chug a half wine glass full of wine. :)

After the ceremony, the party bus picked us up. We went to a place in Midland, MI called Dow Gardens. It is a beautiful garden covered in waterfalls, flowers, and beautiful landscape. As we were walking in, we ran into a wedding party that had our same exact colors but opposite. We had Watermelon dresses with Tangerine sashes. They has Tangerine dresses with Watermelon sashes. We just had to do a couple photos with them. It was so much fun. We arrived at the reception and everything was amaz ing.

We ate, danced, drank, and kissed all night! DH dropped me towards the end of the night as we were doing a dip during a dance. Funny stuff- now I can tease him forever about it! :) One of our ushers got sick on our bus before we arrived at the reception but we didn't know until the next day. We had a photobooth as favors for our guests and EVERYONE LOVED IT! It was being used all night. My sister is on 13 pages out of 18. HAHA. My BM's & MOH cried almost all night. DH & I did our fir st dance, they cried as they watched. DH & I cut our cake and fed each other the pieces, they cried. I danced with my dad & Dh's dad because my dad is having back problems so we split the dance in half, they cried. Pretty much they cried all night. lol. I had to get pictures of that also. It was hilarious. Everyone had a great time and any problems there were, DH & I didnt hear about them until the next day. It was the best day of my life. :)

On to pictures!:

Getting ready:

Cutest flower girl ever!

Part 2 http www photo 2230739-1

Front & Back of my dress

Part 2 http www photo 2230739-2Part 2 http www photo 2230739-3

Sister with Shots we weren't supposed to do.. lol

Part 2 http www photo 2230739-4

Me with both my mom (right) & Dh's mom (left)

Part 2 http www photo 2230739-5

Me & My girls with our jackets I made for them

Part 2 http www photo 2230739-6

The girls plus flower girl

Part 2 http www photo 2230739-7


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Ok. Well to start- FI & I decided that we were going to get can koozies for the whole wedding party for the bachelor & bachelorette parties... Below is a picture of the girls.... the guys are the same but in a more masculine writing and with Orange instead of pink

Wedding Party Gifts photo 1

These I got (my sister asked me for and each of the girls in the wedding got one.. I got them on e-bay for around 10$ each! :)

Wedding Party Gifts photo 2

We decided to get all the boys in the wedding these socks even though socks come with their tux rental. My dad got a pair of these from my brother when he got married 6 years ago and he still raves about how amazing they are.

Wedding Party Gifts photo 3

I found the perfect flower girl basket for my FG! I just know she will love it considering it have diamonds in the middle of the pink to make it a flower center.

Wedding Party Gifts photo 4

Here is the diamond tiara I bought for my FG so she can somewhat match her aunt Megan :)

Wedding Party Gifts photo 5

I also got this dress for FG's american girl doll.. she is obsessed with her doll and I thought it would be nice for her and her dolly to match for the wedding.

Wedding Party Gifts photo 6

I got this idea from one of our own PW girls... I forgot who though.. sorry if you let me know I will give you credit.. this is the front of the hoodie I am making for all the girls and me for the day of the wedding to get ready in..

Wedding Party Gifts photo 7

back- this one is mine and the girls has three different sized flowers and the date in the corner. :) Fronts will have name and their job title. "Megan Bride"

Wedding Party Gifts photo 8

Almost all but one or two of the men in our wedding smoke something (whether it be cigars or cigarettes) so we decided to get all of them a personalized lighter. It is the one below but has their name and title engraved. "Robert Groom"

Wedding Party Gifts photo 9

I purchased flip flops for all the girls for the ceremony also in the hot pink color to match their dresses :) I got myself a pair in white too.

Wedding Party Gifts photo 10

We also got all of the wedding party a flute glass for the ceremony that is engraved with their name and title. :)

I got the girls also a package with their pink & white diamond necklace and earrings and then bobbypins to spruce up their hair with 4 (2 in light pink and 2 in hott pink)

I know I probably went above and beyond but I just find something I like and want to buy it..