Apr 01, 2013

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   Even though the wedding is still some time off,  I have given some thought to the type of dress I’d like.  I’m not the poufy dress type, I like the fitted dresses and I don’t want a “traditional” wedding dress because of the type of wedding we’ll have.  I wore a long dress for my first wedding, and I'm not opposed to wearing one again, but I have seen some really nice short dresses too, so I am still on the fence about the length.  With that said here are a few inspiration dresses that have caught my eye.  I know they seem to be all across the board, but I like all of these. 

Hmmmm what should I wear photo 1    Hmmmm what should I wear photo 2  Hmmmm what should I wear photo 3

Hmmmm what should I wear photo 4  Hmmmm what should I wear photo 5  Hmmmm what should I wear photo 6


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My FI and I have known each other for over 5 years and we have been together for almost 3 years.   We are from No. California.

Even though we are separated by 12 years, we click in many different ways, he is a lot older in maturity than in age.  He likes the simple things like I do and we compliment each other well.  

We each have two children from previous relationships and we both have been married before.  With that said, we are not planning a large wedding by any means and to be honest we just want something very intimate and small.  We are considering a civil ceremony (Update: not any more, he just doesn't know it yet) a with a small reception afterwards, however we have not set those thoughts in stone, so anything could happen.

Since we have been married before and each of us had a large wedding, we are not interested in doing that again (Update:  maybe a teeny tiny wedding, lol) Also, with kids in the picture now, our priorities have changed.  

I thought we'd get married next year, but yikes that is just too close! So I think we are going to shoot for 2013.  We have not chosen a date yet.  Since we have changed this event to 2013, I am going to slowly ease into looking at sites (UPDATE:   Since viewing this site and all of the lovely things that you can do, I don't think I can do a Civil Ceremony, I think I have to have some sort of wedding!)  I still love the idea of getting married in SF City Hall though for a simply ceremony.   I don't have my heart set on a specific place,  I'll know if when I see it.