Oct 01, 2011

Best Face Forward Makeup Artist
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My wedding was in October of 2011. When I was searching for vendors, I knew I needed an affordable makeup artist that would do a spectacular job. I wanted airbrushing, a solid trial, someone that could travel to my venue, and someone that could airbrush tattoos (one of my bridesmaids has several).

I found everything I was looking for and so much more with Kelli. From the second I reached out to her, I knew that hiring her would be the right choice. She responds to emails in a very timely manner and her attitude during the planning process was always positive and excited.

For the trial, she was happy to come to my house on a Saturday morning and spend a couple of hours going through makeup options. She was very thorough and I did not feel at all that she was in a rush or not enjoying herself. She showed up with SO much makeup and it was all great quality--MAC, Chanel, Dior, etc etc. She knows what she is doing!

On the day of the wedding, Kelli came to the hotel we were getting ready at bright and early and set up her station along with her assistant. Having her in our Bridal suite was such a pleasure. She had a positive and calming attitude that was exactly what a Bride needs. Everyone that got their makeup done was blown away by how beautiful, glamorous, and still natural they looked. She even did a perfect job of covering the tattoos! Kelli was also extremely flexible. We had one girl decide that morning that she wanted her makeup done and two others ask for just false lashes and Kelli made all of it happen.

Kelli's overall value for her price is unbelievable. Included in your Bridal makeup is your trial, her travel to you, your very own lip color to keep with you all day, and also false eyelashes. What's really important is that she does gorgeous makeup that miraculously lasts the entire day and evening! Hire Kelli, look your best ;-)
Services used: Beauty & Health

Details Weddings & Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I used Sue from Details for full wedding planning, day of coordination, and she also did all of our paper elements.

Its difficult for me to write this review b/c its so hard to fully express how much Sue did to make our wedding the perfect day that it was. I met with two planners before Sue and the second I met her I knew that I had found the right person. I was overwhelmed with the process and my family lives in another part of the country so I really needed some help. I also had my heart set on a Glam city wedding and I had a modest budget for Boston prices. Sue immediately started offering suggestions and coming up with creative ideas. She was excited about our wedding and never made me feel like our budget was going to hold us back.

Throughout the process I had MANY questions and Sue was always fast to respond to emails and had a very positive attitude. She is also -incredibly- organized and did a wonderful job of reminding me of due payments, keeping track of vendor issues, and remembering details previously discussed. She offered to come to any appointments where I needed her and used her wedding expertise to know what questions to ask. It was wonderful having an expert that you could talk to about vendor recommendations, color choices, and overall Wedding issues. Sue also recommended our DJ who was FANTASTIC!

The day of our wedding I was an unusually relaxed Bride and I know its because I had someone I totally trusted making last minute decisions, taking care of issues, and ensuring that the Wedding we had planned for a year and half went exactly the way we had discussed. I can't tell you how great it is to have a partner in the planning process (other than your groom of course!). Sue was on the ball that day in a huge way. She noticed a hole in the groom shirt, called Men's Warehouse to have a new one delivered, and then ironed it for my husband! She had also done a VERY detailed agenda for us and I have no idea what we would have done without it. She ensured every vendor had it and knew where they were supposed to be and when. No exaggerating--our wedding went off without a single snag. Amazing.

Finally, the paper!! Sue does spectacular work using Envelopments! We had so much fun designing our invites along with her and then seeing the final product. I was teary eyed when I saw them. We got an overwhelming response to our wedding invites. People said they felt like they were invited to a Royal Wedding! They are the most stunning wedding invites I have ever seen. All of our other paper elements were equally flawless and all of them matched to create a "wedding paper suite". It all felt very luxurious and did NOT break the bank!

This review is long and could be much much longer because there are sooo many examples of amazing ways in which our experience with Details impacted our wedding. I loved all of my wedding vendors, but Details was my favorite because I didn't feel like Sue was my wedding planner, I felt that she was my friend...or maybe my Fairy Godmother! Hire Details for your wedding, it was the best Wedding decision I made.
Services used: Wedding Planning

Event-Experience Music Service
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
DJ Erik is AMAZING! From the second I met him I knew he would be our wedding DJ and it was one of my best decisions as a Bride.

Erik's google docs system for letting you tailor your music is genius. We were able to add songs to our playlist as we thought of them during our whole engagement rather than rushing to come up with everything at the end.

Meeting with Erik was SO reassuring. His calm but enthusiastic attitude is exactly what you want in a DJ. As a Bride, I was fairly controlling of the music but I also left alot of him which I was so glad for. He came up with lots of ideas and songs that were perfect. On the evening of our wedding, TONS of my guests said that they loved our DJ! No exaggerating--our dance floor was packed the entire night! DJ Erik is the perfect choice if you are looking for a genuinely fun person to do a flawless job at your wedding---and he is affordable! Thank you Erik, you made our reception a blast!
Services used: DJ

( 4.8 / 5.0 )
I got my DREAM dress at La Reine Bridal! La Reine was actually the 7th bridal salon I had visited...I was having such a hard time finding a dress that lived up to my expectations AND was in my budget. I finally found it at La Reine. My dress was a Pronovias which is a great designer that they seemed to have plenty of. They also had lots of other great options in my price range which was refreshing. The consultants and also the owner of the store are all super nice and gave me honest reactions to everything I tried on. They also didn't rush me or make me feel pressured to make a decision.

I also need to say that the alterations experience at La Reine is top notch. Elena has her own studio right downstairs from the Bridal salon and she is a genius. My dress was pretty complex and had lots of ruffles and the bustle she created more than did it justice. I got so many compliments on my gown and La Reine helped make that happen!
Services used: Dress & Attire

Omni Parker House
( 4.6 / 5.0 )
The Parker House hosted my wedding reception, our day after brunch, and MANY of our guests stayed at the hotel. The short review: our experience was SPECTACULAR. The long reivew:...

--Planning process: We knew we were looking for a downtown location for our wedding reception but after seeing -many- hotels we became doubtful that we would find a place that lived up to our standards and wasn't going to cost a fortune. When we toured The Parker House we absolutely fell in love with the ambiance and the friendly staff...and the gorgeous ballroom! The location was also precisely what we wanted. And the price was actually doable which was a total surprise. They even hosted us for a complimentary dinner at Parker's so we could try the food--we were ecstatic. The food is amazing! Their standard package comes with pretty much everything but the kitchen sink which is great but we were also able to customize it to meet our specific needs. Our wedding coordinator, Jennifer, was incredibly responsive during our engagement. I wouldn't call myself a "Bridezilla" but I was very organized, specific, and knew what I wanted. I sent her ALOT of emails and she never made me feel like I was harassing her or that I was crazy. She was very patient and also timely with her responses. She also offered great solutions to issues that came up. For instance, we were able to have both a suite for the girls to get ready in AND a great room for the guys as well. We also came in slightly under our minimum and instead of just offering to add more food, we added in a Day-After Brunch in a GORGEOUS conference room for all of our guests!

The Big Day: Its difficult for me to put into type how wonderful our wedding weekend was. Our rooms at the Parker House to get ready in were perfect: clean and picturesque and totally comfortable. They even brought us ice water and glasses all day. The hotel was stunning that day and provided a great backdrop for all of the photos. And the ballroom....completely stunning, a total dream. When I saw it with the flowers and uplighting for the first time I got so emotional. The team at the Parker House did a flawless job of executing my vision and of making the whole evening glamorous. One of the most important details for us was the food and it was mouth watering. Just the best wedding food I have ever tasted. From the passed apps to the delectable sea bass, it was SO good. They also perfectly executed our signature drinks (at no additional cost). My Groom, our parents, and I all had MANY guests come up to us and say it was honestly the best wedding they had ever been to.

The Evening: We hosted the after party at Parker's Bar which they were kind enough to keep open later than usual for us! We also pre-ordered pizza's to be delivered to the bar when we arrived and they were delish too. Our guests loooooved Parker's and had so much fun continuing the party down there. My new husband and I went to our suite after Parker's and it was lovely as well. They had champagne and chocolate stawberries waiting for us which was a thoughtful touch.

The Brunch: PERFECTION. Our parents were so incredibly grateful to have such a lovely way to say goodbye to all of the travelers. We had mostly out of town guests and they appreciated the breakfast and the chance to spend more time together. The food was up to the stellar standard they had set the night before as was the service. And they even used the leftover flowers from the reception to decorate. After the brunch, the valet staffed worked tirelessly to help us load everything into our cars.

The (very few) negatives: I did not appreciate at all that they charge $3.00 per room to deliver out of town guest bags. This is normally a simple thing that gets given to each guest at check in and their process seemed more confusing and it cost us over $100. When I asked about it they told me it was "a union issue". Even if thats the case, the hotel should absorb that cost and not pass it on to couples already spending SO much money. Its a cost of doing business. Secondly, our uplighting company offers a "confetti bomb" that we were very excited about. The Parker House told us that in order to have it we would have to pay $400 clean-up charge. That was too much so we had to nix it which was a bummer. Lastly, the price per hotel room was a problem for many of our guests. We totally understand that Fall in downtown Boston means expensive accommodations anywhere, but we were upset we couldn't get a rate anywhere $200 or less per room when we had so many rooms booked. As a result, we had guests at several hotels all over the place which made some other aspects more complicated.

Given the opportunity to plan my whole wedding over again, we would 100% choose The Omni Parker House again. Their excellent service, delicious food, amazing location, and STUNNING ballroom all made for the wedding of my dreams. Thank you to everyone there for making my experience as a Bride exceptional.
Services used: Wedding Venue

RC Uplighting
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
RC Uplighting did an amazing job on our wedding!! We were beyond thrilled with the look of the ballroom. The uplighting perfectly set the tone we wanted it to and the dance floor monogram was flawless.

Ryan and Charlene are a true pleasure to work with. They are personable and warm and always made me feel that they were genuinely excited to make my wedding perfect. They came to the hotel hosting our reception for a pre wedding meeting to choose our colors. We went with a dark amber during dinner and a red for dancing.

On the evening of the wedding--I never even saw Ryan and Charlene! They were like lighting ninjas...the colors changed at the exact moment we wanted them to but we never saw them do it. Amazing.

We got more than our money's worth with RC. Their unique touches made all the difference and I can't wait to see the photos. Thank you Ryan and Charlene!
Services used: Unique Services

St Cecilia's Parish
( 4.4 / 5.0 )
Our Wedding ceremony at St. Cecilia's was a total dream. The beauty of our traditional Catholic mass was simply stunning. The church looked absolutely gorgeous, guests were floored! The Priest, Father John, was warm and welcoming. One of our guests who is not religious at all came up to us at the reception and said he genuinely enjoyed our ceremony. Mark, the coordinator, did a spectacular job or running our rehearsal as well as being a calm organizer on the day of. Looking back, there is not a single thing I would change about our wedding ceremony, it was lovely and personal. Our pre-wedding meeting with Father John was also great. He is very easy to talk to and genuinely enjoys meeting with couples.

While St. Cecilia's is expensive, so are all downtown venues so that is just something you have to accept. I am thrilled with our decision to get married at St. Cecilia's.
Services used: Wedding Venue

The Icing on the Cake
( 4.6 / 5.0 )
The Icing on the Cake was the preferred bakery of our reception venue so we were really hoping to love them when we met Paula for a tasting and consultation. We were not disappointed! Paula was welcoming and kind when discussing our cake. She had great ideas and understood the vision for the wedding and how the cake should fit into it. She sketched out a cake that perfectly fit our decor. And the tasting! YUM. The flavors are creative and well executed. We actually had a hard time choosing. We ended up doing half red velvet and half golden amaretto. On the evening of the wedding, I got teary when I saw the cake--it was WAY better than I had even imagined. I could not get over how perfectly it matched the other decor. The cake tasted amazing also of course! The guests went crazy for it and we were thrilled. Can't wait to enjoy our complimentary anniversary cake next year!
Services used: Wedding Cake

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I had seen Jen's work in several local Bridal magazines and I was SO thrilled that she was available for our wedding date. The first time I met with her and walked her through my vision, I could tell that she really understood. She not only listened but also had several fantastic ideas of her own that were perfect! She made great suggestions on how to get the over the top glam look I wanted while staying in our budget. She knew what flowers were in season off the top of her head and really was an expert. On the day of the wedding I almost cried when she showed up to bring us our bouquets. My Bridal bouquet was EXACTLY what I had explained I wanted but better. It was a dream! Everyone loved their personal flowers, they were flawless. The reception arragements were equally perfect. The small cocktail hour arrangements I wanted were perfectly executed and the votives all looked stunning. Our reception room was an absolute DREAM and Jenn helped make that happen. From the fresh flower cake topper to the tall centerpieces, all of our flowers were amazing. Thank you Jenn!!!!!
Services used: Flowers

Wedding Tresses
( 3.2 / 5.0 )
I used Wedding Tresses for my own Bridal hair as well as hair styles for some of my bridesmaids and the two Mothers.

We had Christine as our stylist and she did a spectacular job! She was happy to try 3 different looks during my trial so that I could choose my favorite. She took tons of photos so that it could be perfectly replicated on the big day. Christine had a positive attitude and was very relaxed which is exactly what you want from the people around you on your wedding day. My hair style included real hair clip-in extensions and Christine did a great job of using them to make my hair appear fuller & longer.

I do have a couple of complaints as it relates to Wedding Tresses that are unrelated to the quality of the hair. 1) EXPENSIVE. This is not going to be one of your more thrifty choices. A minimum gratuity of 20% is required and after adding that in, each Bridesmaid/Mother had to spend $100 for their updo. I was also required to pay for my trial separately as well as pay for the parking of the stylist. Every single other vendor paid for their own should be a cost of doing business. 2) I felt that their means of communication was very impersonal. You have to go through a secretary of sorts for all communication prior to your wedding. They also have lots of little policies, rules, and contracts that seem like overkill.

Overall--Wedding Tresses does amazing work but I think you could probably find someone that could do amazing work that wouldn't cost you quite so much.
Services used: Beauty & Health