Apr 23, 2011

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Just when I thought I'd had enough of bird theme madness from our wedding over a year ago, I decided to reuse a lot of our wedding decor for the baby's "nook."  We will be reusing birdcages from the centerpieces as well as our guestbook thumbprint tree.  

This little one was quite a surprise and DH and I will most likely be moving next year for him to go to physical therapy school, so Olivia's "nursery nook" will actually be half of our rec room.  The small space and shape of the room is a bit of a challenge, but I know she won't judge.  ;)

Crib and Dresser (not our exact furniture because ours was on clearance and is discontinued but this is close to the color/style)-

Olivia s Nursery Nook photo 1


Bedding My wonderful mother-in-law bought Olivia's bedding on sale at Pottery Barn Kids.  It has birdies!!!  And she had it embroidered with her name.  No turning back now!  This little one better truly end up being a girl! 

My mom is also currently working on her cradle bedding for when she sleeps in our room for the first couple months.  It's going to be beautiful!!!


Canopy for above the crib on the slanted wall

Inspiration (easy DIY with just a plain white sheet tied with ribbons to an upside down planter hung from the ceiling): Estimated cost $20



Decal/shelves over dresser/changer table  Even better, we can peel off the decal and take it with us for her room whenever we move next year.  I found this AWESOME DIY Instructable on how to make a wall tree decal for $20.  Score!  
Estimated cost:  $29.00 (after supply shipping)
Inspiration for positioning:
Olivia s Nursery Nook photo 3Inspiration for decal with shelving and colors:
Shelves to mount on top of decal: ($14.99 from Target for one but I found a set of 3 for sale on Craigslist for $20 all together! Another score!)  Estimated cost: $20 for all 3
Classic Wall Shelf - 12" (Espresso).Opens in a new window Source 
Wall Hangings  I have no idea where yet, but somewhere I want to hang our wedding guestbook tree on her wall. It may just have to wait until we have the wall space in our house in the future.  But I still plan on doing this project while she's just a few weeks old. I want to flank the guestbook tree with little square canvases of her handprints and footprints and find some cute way of displaying them.  I'll be on the lookout for handprint/footprint art ideas with birds/butterflies/flowers :)
Here is our guestbook (the colors are much lighter and brigher in person and now has way more "leaves" since this was taken early on into the reception), and here is an idea for the artwork to flank it. 
Estimated cost $5.00
  Pinned Image Source
Here's another DIY artwork quote project I found on Pinterest to display a favorite quote of mine.  I have a slight Shakespeare obsession (comes with the territory of being an English teacher), so I plan on creating a canvas with the quote "And though she be but little, she is fierce" (A Midsummer Night's Dream).  I still have old sheet music left over from creating our wedding table numbers.  Yay for recycling!  Estimated cost:  $5.00
And I will also probably print and frame a pretty cursive O from Flickr to put on one of the tree shelves.  Easy peasy!  All it takes is a piece of printer paper, a thrift store frame, and some spray paint. Estimated cost: $2.00

 Free photo letters. 100's of different letters that you can print off! Source
DIY Bird Mobile for above crib from Martha Stewart's site (the lady seems like a closet loonie bird but she has great resources): Estimated cost $8.00

Olivia s Nursery Nook photo 5 Source
DIY Birdcage Chandelier to hang in the corner beside dresser/changer.  I already own the birdcage from our wedding and the lighting kit from an old fixture.  All I need is a 1/2 yard of fabric for the cord wrapping: Avg cost $4.00

Olivia s Nursery Nook photo 6 Source

DIY refurbish of toybox/bookshelf combo unit.  I already have an old toybox/bookshelf that just needs some TLC:
Paint white/brown/pink and put a few bird stencils on top of stripes Avg cost $20.00
Olivia s Nursery Nook photo 7

I really love this stencil placement over the stripes on this piece.  I would just stick to light pink, white, light green, and brown for the colors:  
Paint idea for toy chest (pink and white stripe with brown stenciled branch and birds) Source
And for the bookshelf part of the unit, I plan on backing the shelves with pink, white, and brown patterned contact paper.  Voila! 
 To-do list:
Toy chest
-Paint pink
-Stripe design
-Stencil birds
-Put contact paper on shelving backs
-Paint birdcage hanger
-Put contact paper inside cage
-Attach canopy fabric
-Hang canopy
Birdcage lamp
-Install lighting kit
-Put stenciled rice paper inside cage
-Make cord sleeve
-Tie ribbon
Bird mobile
-Make base
-Cut birds for hanging
-Hang mobile
Wall decal
-Trace tree design
-Cut out vinyl
-Paint hanging shelves
-Place decal
-Hang shelves
Bow holder
-Cover wooden letter with fabric
-Attach ribbon 
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Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 1   Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 2

Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 3

Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 4   Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 5

Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 6

Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 7   Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 8

Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 9   Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 10

Pro Pics The New Mr and Mrs photo 11

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The reception was amazing beyond words.  Our wedding coordinator went above and beyond with decorating. Sooo many people kept telling me that my dress was the most gorgeous they’d ever seen.  The food was delicious.  The cake was gorgeous and was the best tasting wedding cake I’d ever eaten...I’m so not kidding.  Our DJ and MC played and said everything exactly like we wanted.  My bouquet toss prank worked perfectly!  And EVERYONE was on the dance floor...including my 94 year old great grandmother in her wheel chair!  

At the end of the reception, after being pelted with birdseed, DH and I boarded our trolley with the bridal party and all of our friends and cousins to go to downtown Charlotte.  The entire ride was so much fun and everyone kept talking about how awesome the trolley trip was.  By the time we got to downtown, we realized that my coordinator failed to put my bag on the trolley, so I had no ID to go to the Irish pub where we were having our after party.  But it was totally fine because DH and I decided we were exhausted and wanted to turn in.  I’m kind of sad we didn’t go out, but I’m glad DH and I could also have our night just the two of us.  This morning back at the hotel everyone could not stop talking about how much fun they had.  Apparently the Irish band rocked and everyone got completely schnockered.  They all had some hilarious stories to tell and said it was THE best wedding they had ever been to.  

When I woke up the morning of the wedding, I said to myself, “Something WILL go wrong.  Be prepared.”  But nothing really did!  It was such an incredible day, and I will never ever forget it. 

Pro Pics Reception photo 1   Pro Pics Reception photo 2   Pro Pics Reception photo 3

   Pro Pics Reception photo 4   Pro Pics Reception photo 5

Pro Pics Reception photo 6

Pro Pics Reception photo 7   Pro Pics Reception photo 8

Pro Pics Reception photo 9   Pro Pics Reception photo 10

Pro Pics Reception photo 11   Pro Pics Reception photo 12

Pro Pics Reception photo 13   Pro Pics Reception photo 14

Pro Pics Reception photo 15   Pro Pics Reception photo 16
























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I love the lakehouse feel of it all.  Bird theme everywhere!

Pro Pics Details photo 1   Pro Pics Details photo 2

Pro Pics Details photo 3   Pro Pics Details photo 4

Pro Pics Details photo 5   Pro Pics Details photo 6

Pro Pics Details photo 7   Pro Pics Details photo 8

Pro Pics Details photo 2

Pro Pics Details photo 9   Pro Pics Details photo 10

Pro Pics Details photo 1   Pro Pics Details photo 2

Pro Pics Details photo 3   Pro Pics Details photo 4

Pro Pics Details photo 5   

Pro Pics Details photo 7   Pro Pics Details photo 8

Pro Pics Details photo 9   Pro Pics Details photo 10

 Pro Pics Details photo 11   Pro Pics Details photo 12

Pro Pics Details photo 13   Pro Pics Details photo 14

Pro Pics Details photo 15   Pro Pics Details photo 16

Pro Pics Details photo 4   Pro Pics Details photo 5

Pro Pics Details photo 6   Pro Pics Details photo 7

Pro Pics Details photo 8   Pro Pics Details photo 9

Pro Pics Details photo 10   Pro Pics Details photo 11

Pro Pics Details photo 12   Pro Pics Details photo 13

Pro Pics Details photo 14   Pro Pics Details photo 15

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After the ceremony, my new husband and I got to have a minute alone.  Somehow the BMs and GMs got ahold of our signature drink, Carolina Wren, which is basically sweet tea with LOTS of Firefly vodka.  Our bridal party was hilarious during pictures.  And before we knew it, it was party time!  

Pro Pics Formals photo 8   Pro Pics Formals photo 9

Pro Pics Formals photo 11   Pro Pics Formals photo 12

Pro Pics Formals photo 14   Pro Pics Formals photo 15

Pro Pics Formals photo 16   Pro Pics Formals photo 17

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We went back to the bridal suite as guests began to arrive.  We started 15 minutes late because 6 of our guests got lost and my parents wanted to wait on them (the relatives who typically get lost to all family events).  After hugging my mom one last time and my BMs all left the bridal suite to walk down the aisle, I was left alone.  I will always remember that one minute I had alone to pray and thank God for all of my blessings.

I hugged my daddy, walked outside on his arm, and looked down upon all of my family and friends smiling up at me at the bottom of the hill.  The walk down the aisle seemed like a dream.  I was amazed I wasn’t a complete puddle of tears.  I’m normally a major crier.  Although, my brother, who read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, cried so hard.  I felt guilty for giving him such a long verse to read.  I made sure to think about every word I spoke during my vows, and my husband was more handsome than I’d ever seen him.  The music was perfect, my officiant did the ceremony exactly how we wanted, and what was a bonus...the birds were singing and chirping beautifully (bird theme yay!).  And I was married to my best friend!!!

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 1   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 2

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 3   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 4   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 5

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 6   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 7   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 8

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 9   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 10   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 11

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 12   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 13   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 14

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 15


Pro Pics Ceremony photo 18   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 19

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 20   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 21

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 22   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 23

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 24   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 25

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 26   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 27

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 28   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 29

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 30   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 2

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 3   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 4

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 6   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 7

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 8   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 9

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 10   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 11

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 12   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 13

Pro Pics Ceremony photo 14   Pro Pics Ceremony photo 15