Apr 23, 2011

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Our beautiful and delicious cake!!! Seriously, it was the best wedding cake I'd EVER eaten.

Reception Non Pros photo 1

Our guestbook...so many people complimented me on it.

Reception Non Pros photo 2

The Memorial Table

Reception Non Pros photo 3

Our get-away trolley for after the reception

Reception Non Pros photo 4

Our first dance!  We did the Rumba :)

Reception Non Pros photo 5

Reception Non Pros photo 6

Reception Non Pros photo 7

A little glimpse of the decor

Reception Non Pros photo 8

Cutting the cake!

Reception Non Pros photo 9

The bouquet toss...my bouquet-on-a-string prank worked! They totally fell for it :)

Reception Non Pros photo 10

The garter grab...hubby kept it PG

Reception Non Pros photo 11

The garter toss...Apparently Craig thought he would have the advantage on someone's shoulders

Reception Non Pros photo 12

Then EVERYONE was on the dancefloor

Reception Non Pros photo 13

Reception Non Pros photo 14

Reception Non Pros photo 15

Reception Non Pros photo 16

Reception Non Pros photo 17

Reception Non Pros photo 18

The last dance was none other than "Don't Stop Believin" complete with air guitar :)

Reception Non Pros photo 19 Reception Non Pros photo 20

After being pelted with birdseed we boarded the trolley for the after-party.  The ride was soooo much fun with all of our drunken after partiers!!!!

Reception Non Pros photo 21

Reception Non Pros photo 22

Reception Non Pros photo 23

Reception Non Pros photo 24

Reception Non Pros photo 25

Reception Non Pros photo 26

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Our gorgeous view and picturesque weather

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 1

Our best man, Jim, before walking in for the ceremony

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 2

The GM, officiant, parents, and grandparents getting ready to walk down the aisle

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 3

Look how happy my hubby looks!

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 4

My brother and grandmother looking sharp :)

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 5

My FIL and MIL getting ready to take their seats. They look so nervous!

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 6

My brother and my beautiful mom smiling as always

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 7

My handsome man :)

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 8

One of our GM, Justin

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 9

He looks so nervous

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 10

My BMs about to walk down...they were so scared having to walk down a huge hill in 4 inch heels.  Hey, I warned them.

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 11

The BMs waiting at the altar...how gorgeous are they!?

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 12

About to walk down the aisle with my dad...I was trying sooo hard not to have a cry face.

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 13

Right when I saw Robert :)

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 14

Still walking...notice the empty seats on my side because 6 of our relatives got lost!


My brother reading 1 Corinthians 13 4-7...he cried so hard.  I felt bad for making him read such a long scripture.  It was very touching though.

Here we go!

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 15

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 16

Pronounced husband and wife!

Ceremony Non Pros and Re Cap photo 17

Pictures after the ceremony:

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law

Brother-in-law, both sisters-in-law, and Robert's Marine Corps buddy

Mare (my best friend from teaching), Jill (my cousin), and Beth (my best friend from high school and MOH)

And then...our DOC brought them Firefly Sweet Tea.  That stuff is lethal. 

My 5 best girls :)

My sister-in-law and father-in-law :)

Heading to the party after pictures with the photographers! YAY!

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Message me if you're interested!

Bachelorette Dress from Lulus.com Size Small (2-4)

New with tags...awesome dress, but my big bust didn't fit into it :(

Originally $80Will sell for $50 OBO

I bought this dress photo 2858601-1



GORGEOUS 16 Formal Table Runners (76 inches long)

Reversible (mostly gold on one side and mostly blue/green on the other)

$6 each OBO or $80 for entire lot



Decorative Vintage Birdcages

Will sell with or without flowers

$15 each or $35 for all 3

 Height- 15 inches

 Height- 16 inches (I have two of these)

72 Lace Wrapped Votive Holders

$30 per dozen or $100 for entire lot OBO


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I love me some arts and crafts!

Lace Pocketfold Invitations

I designed the invitation suite just using Mac Pages software.  I downloaded the borders, flourishes, bird images, and font from www.dafont.com  For the cardstock, envelopes, and pockets I ordered from www.cardsandpockets.com while they were having their annual sale.  They would have been $7 more per invite if I had them made by a pro.  


Every table will have a different style of birdcage.  The tall CPs with have silk cherry blossoms and curly willow.  The low CPs will have a cage with a candle inside.  


This is definitely my MIL's doing, but she did a phenomenal job.  She used lace remnants from my mother's wedding dress and her own wedding dress along with some blue/green ribbon to match my colors.  It was also my little something blue.  I'm keeping it to pass down to my future daughter (God willing) one day.

My bouquet and wrap

I bought all of the silks at an after season floral sale at Garden Ridge.  The blue hydrangea that matched my colors was a little harder to find, so I bought those at Michaels.  For the wrap, I simply hot glued a strand of costume jewelry pearls to handle and finished the top with a costume cameo brooch.  

BM bouquets

Hand-painted wineglasses 

This was the most fun DIY project!  I love how they turned out.  I found the wine glasses for $1.25 each at Steinmart.  For a tutorial on how to make they, click HERE.  

Monogrammed hoodies

I bought my BMs' hoodies for $10 each at Old Navy while they were on sale.  Instead of putting "Bridesmaid" on them, I chose to do the girls' initials so they could wear them again.  I bought iron-on letters from www.threadart.com


I hadn't planned on doing programs until a month or two before the wedding, so I didn't put as much effort into them.  But I think they turned out really well considering how little time they took.  I bought the kit from Michael's.  

Table runners

I wanted some nice quality table runners, but I couldn't find any in my price range.  Instead of buying/renting them, my mother and I went to a local fabric store and chose a drapery fabric that had my color scheme.  We measured and cut them into strips and had them serged.  Voila!  Table runners.  And the fabric was only $4.00 per yard.  

Lace-wrapped votive holders

I bought clear votives from www.candles4less.com and found bulk lace on ebay.  My mother and I cut the lace into 1.5 inch widths, wrapped it around each votive, cut to size, and glued with a hot glue gun.  It was pretty easy and I love the final result.  

Decoupage table numbers

I bought my table number frames used from Bridezilla101610.  Checking those classifieds pays off!  I found old vintage sheet music on ebay as well as Audubon bird prints on bookmarks on ebay.  I cut the sheet music to fit the frame, cut out each individual Audubon print, typed each table name with the same font I used on my invitation suite on left over invitation cardstock, and glued them into the sheet music.  

Photo Sharing Cards

Okay so this hardly counts as DIY, but it's a nice tip.  I wanted to set up a photosharing website that wouldn't diminish the resolution of my guests' photos from the wedding day, so we used www.theweddinglens.com.  It organizes the photos for you into categories and everything!  I designed a simple little business card on www.vistaprint.com to give my guests the website login and password to post them.  Here are the cards I made:

A Wee Little Irish Blessing

Robert's family is Irish, and they are definitely proud of their heritage.  I thought it would be nice to have a little Irish blessing at each guest's seat as a way to say thank you.  The best part is, the blessing includes our two main colors, blue and green.  The blessing says, "May green be the grass you walk on.  May blue be the skies above you.  May pure be the joys that surround you.  May true be the hearts that love you.  Until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.  Thank you for sharing in our marriage celebration.  Love, Robert and Lauren"

Bride and BM Dress Hangers

This was another pretty last minute project, but it was super easy.  I bought wooden hangers from TJMaxx for really cheap, and I attached some stationary letters and rhinestones from Walmart with a little craft glue.  Voila!

Ceremony Arch

This thing was QUITE a DIY task, but it was well worth it.  Robert and I walked down his parents' nature trail and cut down a birch tree with buds.  While it was still green and pliant, we bent it into the shape we wanted and secured it with fishing line.  Later with my parents and his parents helping, we wrapped grapevine around the birch branches and secured it with florist wire to give it more of a wild, unmanicured look.  Using hot glue gun (love that thing!) and florist wire, we attached silk blossom branches and real-touch flowers.  



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We will be having a buffet-style reception and serving the following:

Grilled Salmon Filet

What s Cookin Good Lookin photo 1

Beef Sirloin

What s Cookin Good Lookin photo 2

Red Russet Mashed Potatoes

What s Cookin Good Lookin photo 3

Vegetable Medley

What s Cookin Good Lookin photo 4

Steamed Carrots

What s Cookin Good Lookin photo 5

Wild Rice Medley

What s Cookin Good Lookin photo 6

Fresh Rolls and Butter

What s Cookin Good Lookin photo 7

Tossed Salad

What s Cookin Good Lookin photo 8

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Bride- Lauren

Meet the Bride and Groom photo 2
  • I was born in Raleigh, NC and raised in Lake Wylie, SC, a town literally just over the bridge from the city of Charlotte.
  • I teach 9th and 10th grade English.  By the way, grammar doesn't count on PW.  Don't sweat it. ;)
  • I am a colorguard coach and I LOVE every minute of it...the band nerd kind, not the ROTC kind.  That's right...a girl who can dance while tossing flags, rifles, and sabres.  Be afraid.
  • My nickname has been "Barbie" since high school because I'm the girliest person ever.  If it's pink and has glitter, it's my crack.
  • I have some great girlfriends, but my mom is my absolute best friend.
  • I was a ballet dancer for 15 years and I miss every minute of it.  Nothing beats the feeling of being on stage.
  • I was a studio photographer for 3 years in college.  I would love to be able to do it again one day.
  • I tried writing a novel once.  It wasn't pretty.  I'll stick to teaching literature rather than creating it.
  • I would rather find a steal of a deal at T.J. Maxx than drop a load of money at Prada.  I'll do anything for a bargain, and saving money is addicting.
  • I love love classic movies.  My 2 favorites- Singing in the Rain and High Society.  If you haven't seen them, watch them!
  • If I could pick an era to live in, it would be the 1950s.  Life seemed less complicated without gadgets.
  • I could seriously live on Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey.
  • I would rather listen to orchestra music than rap anyday.  
  • I'm an introvert in reality.  I'm the most talkative during my day when I'm on PW.
  • I am dying to visit Europe.  It's on the top of my bucket list.
  • I love being up to my elbows in melted butter and crab leg juice. Mmmmmmm
  • Favorite place on the planet- Charleston, SC.   
  • Jesus is my homeboy.  
  • I'm a Harry Potter freak and a Twilight nerd and I'm not afraid to admit it.
  • No one can make me laugh like Robert.  I don't know how I ever lived without him.  

Groom- Robert

Meet the Bride and Groom photo 3Meet the Bride and Groom photo 4
  • Robert can find humor in any given situation.
  • He has two older sisters, who are AMAZING! 
  • He looks like his dad but acts like his mom.
  • Was a Scout Sniper in the Marines and toured in Iraq...but doesn't like to tell people.
  • Grew up in a town even smaller than where I lived, and that's saying something.
  • Studying to be a physical therapist.
  • He is very proud of his Irish heritage and does the most hilarous Leprechaun impression.
  • He has 8 tattoos!  Normally I'm not a fan of tats, but his are hawt. ;)
  • One of the most God-fearing men I know.
  • Addicted to his Playstation (hence the inspiration for his grooms cake).
  • Loves the outdoors even though I hate it.  The kid could hike all day.  
  • Will blast Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong from his stereo...and belt it out along with it.
  • Absolute favorite article of clothing- his fedoras
  • Can grow a full on beard in 2 days...ironic since his last name is Shaver.
  • Talks to anyone and everyone and learns their life story in a minute.  He has never met a stranger in his life.
  • Has so many guy friends it's hard to keep track.
  • Will eat his weight in Hershey Almond bars
  • Is an apprentice grill master to my dad.  Seeing the two of them together always makes me smile.
  • Is a die hard Cowboys fan through and through.
  • Does the most hilarious accents and impressions ever.
  • Is the most entertaining storyteller.
  • Has a habit of folding his toes over each other when he's watching TV and it drives me NUTS.
  • Has temper tantrums that remind me of a toddler's...then he gets over it.  It's pretty funny to watch one of his episodes.  
  • Is an old soul and the most honest person I've ever known...besides my daddy.
The Happy Couple

We're goofballs.  Our kids are going to make some weeeeeiiiird faces one day. 

The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 1The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 2

The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 3The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 4

The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 5The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 6

The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 7The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 8

The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 9The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 10

The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 11The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 12

The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 13The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 14

 And...my future in-laws: Me, FI, and my two future sister-in-laws...we're going to get along juuuuust fine :)

                                   The Many Faces of Robert and Lauren photo 17