Apr 23, 2011


We planned our wedding for Easter weekend since the month of April is always beautiful in the Carolinas (and my spring break was scheduled for then because I'm a teacher).  Whenever I think of Easter, I think of pastels.  And pastels always seem to translate beautifully into photographs.  I originally chose blush pink and mint green, but I didn't want to make it too girly for FI.  I'm pretty sure some of the GMs would put up a fight if I tried to make them wear pink ties.  So, I substituted my other favorite color, Tiffany blue.  What girl doesn't like Tiffany's, right?

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Dress- Rhianna Royale by Maggie Sottero in light gold/champagne.  

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Shoes- I will sew matching silk ribbons to the ankles to make them resemble my ballet shoes since I was a dancer 15 years.

Oh This Old Thing photo 3

Veil- The Emma Birdcage Veil (I found this on ebay for $20!!!  It was originally $50.)

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 Hair, Beauty

small version Flowers, Hair, White, Half up

DIY Make-Up-I raided the MAC counter and Sephora and got a ton of tips from Kandee Johnson the make-up artist.  She's awesome!

small version small version


I will be wearing my great-grandmother's engagement ring (circa late 1920s), my mother's pearl necklace, and my maternal grandmother's pearl earrings.  I will have a little piece of all three generations walking with me down the aisle.  I couldn't find any jewelry of my paternal grandmother's, so my FI and I will be using the remaining two champagne flutes of her wedding set (circa 1940s) for our toast.  Vintage all over the place :)


My FMIL is making my garter from lace remnants of my mother's wedding dress.  She is making two, one to toss and one to keep.  

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The reason we chose this theme is because it reflects our personalities.  We are fun-loving, free-spirited, and lively.  Plus, Robert's father is an artist and carves birds for a living.  


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00213Photo by Studio 188, found on The Brides Cafe

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Birds-3Photo by Erin Hearts Court

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BirdsPhotos by Clayton Austin

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It was just a boring night at work until the person who would change my life walked through the door.

My FI and I met when I was waiting tables at a local restaurant while I was a junior in college.  He walked in to eat dinner with his family and friends one evening.  My eyes nearly bugged out of my head when I went to take his order.  Since it was a slow night at work for me, I sat at a nearby table and read a book.  After much prodding from his brother-in-law, my FI got up the nerve to come and talk to me.  We talked for over 2 hours. He asked me out on a date, but I wasn't available, and he was home on leave from the military at the time.  It just wouldn't work.  He gave me his phone number anyway.  Time passed, and I frequently thought about him.  We kept in contact some with occasional phone calls and e-mails.  When he got out of the military and came home for good, I agreed to go on a lunch date with him.  Since he had just moved home and did not have a stable job yet, he was dirt broke.  He spent his last $30 to take me out.  There was not a second of silence the entire nearly 2-3 hours we were there.  I'm sure the waiter was annoyed because it took us nearly an hour to break our conversation to order.  It didn't take us long to realize that we were with the person we were going to marry.  We have been inseparable ever since.  He is my other half in every way and the best friend a girl could ask for.  I currently coach a colorguard squad and teach 9th grade English at a local high school.  My FI received his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps 2 years ago and, he is now working on his Bachelor's in Exercise Science and to become a physical therapist after his Master's.  We cannot WAIT to start our new life together!

Engagement Session with Brandy Wine Photography