May 28, 2011

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I have four bridesmaids (including one MOH). Since the ceremony and reception will be outside in the near-
summertime, I wanted them to wear something short and not too formal.  I love the dresses from the Fall 2010 J. Crew line. I adore all things J. Crew, and would really like for my friends to be able to wear their dresses again. Each girl selected the dress she liked, in the shade of aluminum. We will be pairing these gray dresses with bright coral flowers! Fun earrings/bracelets and maybe colored shoes will complete the look. I am SUPER excited about my BM dresses, and I know my friends will look amazing!

These are their choices!


Bridesmaids photo 7

Three BMs:

Bridesmaids photo 5 Bridesmaids photo 6 Bridesmaids photo 8




My 12-year-old cousin will be a junior bridesmaid. I keep visualizing different versions of the same look, so I think it will end up being very similar to the outfits below. She is a little rocker chick, so I think she will have fun with these outfits ;-)

Bridesmaids photo 9Bridesmaids photo 10

The skirts are from J. Crew. Depending on which color I choose, I would like to pair it with a plain tank top in the opposite color. Then maybe top it with some chain/statement necklace(s):

Bridesmaids photo 11Bridesmaids photo 12 

The final look will hopefully be similar to this:

  Bridesmaids photo 13 

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Our ceremony and reception were held at Spring Hill Event Center. It is located in far north San Antonio, in the hill country. It is just far enough away that it feels removed from the city, but not too far to be inconvenient for guests. I kept telling people that I wanted it to feel like a backyard wedding...only not in a backyard. LOL (Mostly bc I don't have one!) We wanted to host a great party, and it kind of feels like a big party house. You walk into the ballroom first, which leads out onto the veranda and cabana-type bar. Then that leads out into the "backyard", where the ceremony took place. We had the ceremony outdoors, went inside for dinner, and then came back outside for dancing!

View of the back. The ceremony took place in front of this fountain.

Ceremony and reception venue photo 1


Ceremony set-up. This view is from the back bar area.

 Ceremony and reception venue photo 2


The DJ was set up under this gazebo! It was absolutely magical dancing under the stars! :-)

Ceremony and reception venue photo 3


Covered veranda leading to backyard area.

Ceremony and reception venue photo 4


Ballroom where we had dinner, the toasts and cake-cutting.

Ceremony and reception venue photo 5 

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Our colors are coral and ivory, with shades of metallics.

Colors and inspiration photo 1Colors and inspiration photo 2Colors and inspiration photo 3Colors and inspiration photo 4

Some of the things I <3 ...

roses, candles, luminaries, paper lanterns, lush bouquets, peonies, chalkboards, handmade signs, petals on an aisle, fan programs, moss letters, clotheslines, anything outdoors!



Colors and inspiration photo 5   Colors and inspiration photo 6 Colors and inspiration photo 7


Colors and inspiration photo 9 Colors and inspiration photo 10 Colors and inspiration photo 11 Colors and inspiration photo 12 Colors and inspiration photo 13

Colors and inspiration photo 14 Colors and inspiration photo 15 Colors and inspiration photo 16 Colors and inspiration photo 21

Colors and inspiration photo 17  Colors and inspiration photo 18 Colors and inspiration photo 19 

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Terrell proposed to me on February 18, 2010. I flew to see him in South Carolina for our monthly visit, which was right after our first anniversary. He had been telling me all day that his stomach was a little upset, but I figured it was the normal jitters before we saw each other. He picked me up and asked me if we could just pick something up for dinner and go straight to the hotel. I agreed, and when we got to the hotel room, there were rose petals and candles everywhere. There was also some spa stuff laid out -- a robe and slippers, bubble bath, massage oils, etc. He told me that he was going to pamper me for the evening! I was surprised, and jokingly asked him if if he was going to do this every year for our anniversary. He is a very outdoorsy, sporty guy, so this whole scene blew me away. Yet it never occurred to me what was happening. Midway through my "spa session", he asked me to check out the surprise dessert he had gotten me. I opened up the box, but I didn't really look inside. I could smell that it was the heavenly red velvet cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! LOL I had been telling him about it for a couple months, and he told me he drove 1.5 hours to the nearest CF to get it!  But for whatever reason, I didn't really look at the cake. When I turned back around from the fridge, he was down on his knee.  I don't remember anything that he said, except for "Will you marry me?" At that point, I seriously choked in the moment. I must have looked confused, because he said, "Did you look at the cake?"  I opened the box back up, and the ring was sitting on top!! Of course, I said yes, but I had a million things running through my head! I really think it took a couple days for the shock to wear off.  He had been telling me for awhile that it would be a long time before he proposed, because he wanted to wait until he could afford the ring. So I was not expecting the proposal to happen for several more months. But unbeknownst to me, he had already talked to my parents and my brother. Everyone knew it was coming but me! Those phone calls were so fun to make!  (I am like a kid sometimes, because I want to hear the same story over and over...I will say to T, "Tell me about when you called my family, again?") A couple days after the proposal, I missed my flight to go home. In my rambling to the guy at the ticket counter, I blurted out, "I just got engaged!"  And he said, "Soooo...this guy proposed and then dropped you off at the airport?" LOL!! He was very nice, and set me up on another flight the next day for no charge. I considered that an engagement miracle since the airlines don't do anything for free anymore! My new fiance took me to get my nails done ("since everyone will be looking at your hands for the next several days!") And, in one of his favorite moments, we took my ring to a jewelry store at the mall to get it cleaned before I came home. The lady asked why we wanted to get it cleaned when he had recently bought it. He replied, "Well, it was in a cake."  Oh, the SQUEALS from the employees and customers made his little chest puff out!!!  They all gathered 'round to hear the ol' proposal story...he LOVED that! LOL He is so funny, generous and thoughtful and I'm so excited to be marrying him!

Here are our engagement pics, courtesy of Laura Pearson with Pearly Pics Photography. We took them on May 29th, 2010.  We were her first "real" couple to shoot, and we think she did an awesome job!  It was hard for us to pick one favorite, but here are several we love!  Hope you like them!!


Engagement with E pics photo 1 Engagement with E pics photo 2

Engagement with E pics photo 3 Engagement with E pics photo 4 Engagement with E pics photo 5

Engagement with E pics photo 6 Engagement with E pics photo 7 Engagement with E pics photo 8 Engagement with E pics photo 9 Engagement with E pics photo 10

Engagement with E pics photo 11 Engagement with E pics photo 12

Engagement with E pics photo 13 Engagement with E pics photo 14

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Our story is kind of funny...believe it or not, our relationship was facilitated by our MOMS! It's funny, because (like most of us), I have rolled my eyes at pretty much everyone my mom has ever liked for me since I was in middle school. Anyway, my mom started a new job in the fall of 2008, and soon after, she started talking about a new co-worker named Sheila. One night I met Sheila at a happy hour, and she talked a lot about her son. She and my mom joked that we should try to meet up, because we might like each other. I laughed it off, and didn't think anything of it. In November 2008, a friend took me to Chili's for a late birthday lunch. While we were there, we saw Sheila eating with a cute young man. She introduced me to him: her son, Terrell. I thought he was cute, but still didn't think much of it beyond that. A couple months later, we all met up again for happy hour -- and this time, Terrell came too. We didn't talk much, but the wheels were in motion :-) About a month later, I was with "the moms", and they asked me to send Terrell a text to say hello. It's not like me at all to do something like that, but I indulged the moms. He texted back, and asked if he could keep my phone number to call me sometime. I remember thinking at the time that it was such a simple request, but so sweet and sincere. A few days later, he asked me if I wanted to go out that weekend -- on Valentine's Day. It was a bold choice for a first date! Especially since right before he asked me out, I had gone on a mini-rant about how Valentine's Day was kind of silly. Apparently that didn't deter him! The funniest part of our first date is that he finished his dinner and the waitstaff cleared his plate before I taken five bites of my dinner. He was horrified, but I actually thought it was pretty funny. After that, we started spending a lot of time together...and as they say, the rest is history! In the last year and a half, T and I have gone through so much together. He joined the Air Force shortly after we started dating, and we have survived basic training (with some old-fashioned, romantic handwritten letters), tech school and living on opposite ends of the country. With each phase, we somehow find ways to pull together and come out stronger on the other side. He proposed to me on February 18, 2010, and we are getting married on May 28, 2011. I can't wait to spend my life with T -- my partner and best friend!

Our story photo 1 Our story photo 2 Our story photo 3

Our story photo 4 Our story photo 5

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Hi PW! I am Debbie, and my husband is Terrell. We got married on May 28, 2011, in San Antonio, TX!

wedding planning


I am so honored to serve our awesome community as a PW hostess. I am always happy to chat with anyone or answer any questions, so don't ever hesitate to reach out to me!

Certain parts of my page are private, since I prefer to share it only with active PW members. Please add me as a friend if you want to share ideas and inspirations. I love, love, love looking at everyone's bios! Happy planning! :-)