Sep 18, 2010

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I love seeing a bride's inspiration pictures and then pictures of how their version turned out! Here are mine!

Our inspiration came from a featured couple on (the couple designed their own invitations). I fell in love with them and worked with Etsy designer, Cheerup Cherup, to create our own version of them. She did the invitation, monogram round labels, rsvp & double-sided details card. The rest we did ourselves! You can read more about them here.


After months and months photo 2114834-2

{water bottles}
I love things that are personalized. I saw the idea of monogrammed water bottles and knew I had to have them. I designed and assembled them (with the help of DH & family!). Here they are!



I wanted to do something fun and unique. I came across the envelope guestbook idea from Martha Stewart and decided to go with it. I'll post DIY instructions soon. :)


REALITY (*better pics coming soon):

{my bouquet}
I wanted a very striking bouquet that was vibrant purple. My florist created just what I imagined! It was composed of purple vanda orchids, eggplant calla lilies and purple hydrangeas.

bouquets photo 1 bouqu ets photo 2



{bm bouquets}

I wanted my girls to carry a mixture of green and white flowers with a little pop of purple to balance against their purple dresses. Their bouquets were composed of mini green hydrangeas, green dendrobium orchids, white lisianthus and several vermeer calla lilies.

bouquets photo 4 
bouqu ets photo 5



{escort cards}
As soon as I came across the idea of using wine corks for escort card holders I was sold! I love the vintage feel of it. We DIY'd them (I'll post DIY instructions soon).




We wanted a simple & modern looking cake. Our baker did an awesome job, especially considering it's all buttercream (no fondant!)




I spent a lot of time deciding on the perfect centerpieces for our wedding. I finally decided to go with birch branches that had dendrobium orchids strung on them as well as hanging tea lights. Green hydrangeas were around the base of the vases.

reception photo 17



{sparkler exit}
I love this idea! Sparklers really make for a pretty exit. :)

grand exit photo 3



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After months and months of ordering samples and searching for the perfect invitations, we finally decided on a style and got to work! These were a labor love, that's for sure! Our inspiration came from a featured couple on (the couple designed their own invitations). I fell in love with them and worked with Etsy designer, Cheerup Cherup, to create our own version of them. She did the invitation, monogram round labels, rsvp & double-sided details card. The rest we did ourselves! We ordered the jacket/pocket sleeves, belly bands & envelopes from Paper Presentation. I purchased the doilies from Etsy seller, Packagery, and I got the twine at Michael's. We purchased a stamp from Etsy seller, Paper Cut Industries, for our return address and rsvp addresses. I printed our guest's addresses directly onto the envelopes (font is Helinda Rook). We are so happy with how they came out and so relieved to finally be done with them!!

Inspiration Invitation Suite:
After months and months photo 2114834-1

OUR Invitation Suite:
After months and months photo 2114834-2
After months and months photo 2114834-3
After months and months photo 2114834-4

This was our process.

Step 1: Spray glue the doilies (let me tell you, tacky spray is not your friend!) We used three doilies per invite. The style doilies we used are called "Cameron" and they are 4".
After months and months photo 2114834-5

Step 2: Attach the belly bands with a glue runner and put the Scotch foam mounting tape in the center for the monogram to attach to.
After months and months photo 2114834-6

Step 3: Glue the twine to the belly bands and put the monograms on. I have to give major props to my FI for this, he did all the hot gluing and he was a trooper about it!
After months and months photo 2114834-7

Step 4: Assembly!
After months and months photo 2114834-8

Step 5: Address & stamp.
After months and months photo 2114834-9

DONE! Here they are all done and ready to be mailed out!
After months and months photo 2114834-10

Two days later we received our first RSVP replies!! YAY!
After months and months photo 2114834-11 

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Here are our teasers! I can't wait to get them all!


My beautiful girls!!! L to R: Anne, Lisa (my sister & MOH) and Taylor

{portraits, bridal party & family pics}

Heading back to the pier for pictures w/one of our flower girls, Charlotte

{ceremony and details}

Our awesome friend, Ken, doing a breakdance routine (he's actually a pro!), he rocked!!!

Haha, I have no idea what's going on here!

Haha, love this one of my bridesmaid, Taylor after she caught the bouquet!

Here is 16-year-old Robi, after he caught the garter putting it on Taylor, let me tell you, it was the thrill of his week!! Haha.

The guy's serenading me to "You've Lost The Loving Feeling' a la Top Gun style!!! It was a surprise and I loved it!

Group hug (Brad and I with our moms)!!

We left in a beautiful blue '66 Mustang Fastback that DH helped build (it's actually going to be in the movie The Fast & Furious 5!!). DH laid into the gas switching gears and really gave everyone a show on our way out! Everyone got a kick out of it, especially the guys!

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{getting ready}

With one of my bridesmaids, Taylor.NON PRO PICS photo 1

NON PRO PICS photo 2

With one of my precious flower girls, Charlotte!NON PRO PICS photo 3

NON PRO PICS photo 4

Reading a letter from my wonderful DH :)NON PRO PICS photo 5

NON PRO PICS photo 6


NON PRO PICS photo 7

Our guestbook was a hit! I used the Martha Stewart idea where the guestbook is full of envelopes and the guests write a note and then put it an envelope. I'll take more pics of the guestbook so you can see the inside soon. :)
NON PRO PICS photo 8

My DIY program fans!!
NON PRO PICS photo 9

The Venetian Pier
NON PRO PICS photo 10

NON PRO PICS photo 11

My handsome little bro was a groomsman. :)NON PRO PICS photo 12

My beautiful sister was my MOH. :)
NON PRO PICS photo 13

My half-sister was our reader and she walked the flower girls down the aisle for us. :)
NON PRO PICS photo 14

NON PRO PICS photo 15

(Please excuse my faces, haha)
NON PRO PICS photo 16

NON PRO PICS photo 17

Check out the best man's face, haha. He was laughing because he was being heckled by one of other groomsmen because he kept forgetting "left over right" with his hands, lol!
NON PRO PICS photo 18

NON PRO PICS photo 19

Our Wine Ceremony
NON PRO PICS photo 20

NON PRO PICS photo 21

NON PRO PICS photo 22

NON PRO PICS photo 23

NON PRO PICS photo 24


NON PRO PICS photo 25

NON PRO PICS photo 26

Father/Daughter Dance
NON PRO PICS photo 27

NON PRO PICS photo 28

Best Man Speech/"Cowbell" Skit, haha
NON PRO PICS photo 29

NON PRO PICS photo 30

NON PRO PICS photo 31

NON PRO PICS photo 32

Estate Table
NON PRO PICS photo 33

Flower Girls
NON PRO PICS photo 34

NON PRO PICS photo 35

Garter Toss.. DH was looking for gold, lol. He actually had beer cans in his vest and was throwing them out from under my dress and I didn't even know it, haha!! Boys will be boys.
NON PRO PICS photo 36

I love my brother's expression (he's on the far right)!
NON PRO PICS photo 37

The guy's serenading me to "You've Lost The Loving Feeling'!!! So awesome!
NON PRO PICS photo 38

NON PRO PICS photo 39

{sparkler exit}
NON PRO PICS photo 40

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I'm back and I'm a Mrs!!!!! Wow, I can't believe our big day has already come and gone!! It was such an amazing day, really the best of my life. Overall, everything came together just as it was supposed to and we only had a few minor bumps in the road. Luckily, ALL of our vendors were awesome and exceeded our expectations! My mom and sister (MOH) were amazing and my bridesmaids were perfect (and gorgeous!). We are so blessed with amazing family and friends and we couldn't be happier!

The Week Before
Well, let me just say the last week before our wedding was just madness! I had procrastinated so much and had so many DIY projects to get done I thought my DH and family might kill me! I seriously put them to work! They were so amazing with their help and luckily we got everything done though!! The only thing I had to forego was our personalized table numbers. I planned to do "Us at age...1", etc. table numbers and have pics of us at the age on each table but I just ran out of time. I did regular table numbers instead and they still came out good though. Oh well!

The Big Day
I woke up around 11am (haha, I actually slept like a baby!). I did tons of last minute stuff around the house (DH hid upstairs from me so we wouldn't see each other un til the ceremony, lol) and then I headed out for my hair appt at 2:30 pm. After that I went back to the hotel for makeup. Our photographers and everyone was there when I arrived (mom, sister, bridesmaids) so we got lots of getting ready pictures. I was able to get a bite to eat before getting into my dress and then we had a yummy champagne toast once we were all dressed and ready. We were running majorly behind because makeup was taking so long with everyone and I missed out on doing bridal portraits before the wedding. I am SO bummed about this! We got some pics of just me after the ceremony but it's just not the same. We're going to do a TTD/Bridal session next month to help make up for it. After we were dressed we headed over to our reception site (which is just across the street from the ceremony site to meet up with my dad. Our ceremony started about 15 minutes late but DH was running a little behind too so it all worked out!

YAY!!! :D

- The bouquets came out gorgeous. My bouquet was all purple with a mixture of vanda orchids, calla lilies and hydrangeas. It was really stunning and even prettier than I imagined. I gave my florist a piece of my mom's veil to use as a wrap and it was really beautiful and special.

- The flower girl dresses and accessories were PERFECT!! The girls were SO adorable, they looked like little sugarplums!! We all practically squealed when we saw them for the first time. Everyone loved their dresses and commented on how adorable they were. I'm so glad I went with the tutus!

- The weather was perfect!! Rain was one of my biggest fears since we had an outdoor wedding but we got so lucky! It wasn't too hot and the breeze off the water felt great. If our wedding had been one week later we would have rain! Whew!

- Our reception hall blew me away. It was so much more than I ever imagined! I put SO much time and effort into planning it and working on all the little details and it was just perfect. The room was so elegant and beautiful, the eggplant purple was everywhere and the centerpieces were gorgeous. Our estate table was stunning too. My florist went ab ove and beyond! Even DH was in awe, he said he can truly appreciate all my OCD and planning when he looked around the room at the final product!

- The speech by DH's best man was funny and really sweet too. The BM is one of DH's oldest and best friends and he started out by doing the "cowbell" skit from SNL (DH has always loved Will Ferrell and the skit), which was hilarious! He had a cowbell and even DH got into the act! Then he gave a meaningful speech about looking up to DH and always fo llowing in his footsteps, etc. It was really sweet.

- Towards the end of the night the groomsmen summoned me to the dance floor to sit in a chair for a surprise. All of the guys (including DH and some guests) serenaded me with the song "You've Lost that Loving Feeling", Top Gun style. It was AWESOME! They all passed the mic around and took turns! I was so honored that they all got together and planned to do that for me. They did the whole song and it was really a highlight of the night!

- Our exit was awesome! DH works at Year One (a car restoration company) and he borrowed one of the classic muscle cars for our getaway vehicle. We had the sparkler exit and then left in a beautiful blue '66 Mustang Fastback that DH helped build (it's actually going to be in the movie The Fast & Furious 5!!). DH laid into the gas switching gears and really gave everyone a show on our way out! Everyone got a kick out of it, especially the guys!

NAY!!! :(

- I wouldn't say I was nervous during the ceremony but I didn't stop and relax and I wish I had smiled more and been more at ease. Everything went by SO quickly and I wish I had really relaxed and taken it all in more. I got all choked up coming down the aisle and I know I must have made some beautifully awkward faces trying to get through it! Lol. I just wish I had remembered to smile more and relax! Oh well, hopefully it doesn't show too much in pictures!

- A friend of mine that I've known forever (her daughter was one of my FGs) is very pro breast feeding and very comfortable doing it anywhere in front of anyone and she decided it would be perfectly appropriate to whip her boob out during our ceremony! She didn't even bother to cover up with a blanket or anything! Some of our guests mentioned it to us, lol. I mean, I'm all for breast feeding but c'mon, in the middle of a wedding ceremony?? Geesh.

- We had three flower girls but everything ended up mixed up with them! Their names are Charlotte, Francesca & Carli (Charlotte & Francesca are sisters and Carli is the daughter of one of my oldest friends). Only Charlotte and Carli made it down the aisle (Francesca had a meltdown, lol) and only Charlotte is in our pro pictures! :( I have s ome non-pro pics with Charlotte & Francesca but the only pics I have of Carli is her walk down the aisle! Her mom went to the cocktail hour instead of staying for pictures (miscommunication). Oh well, it's just a surprise to see which girl is in which picture!

- We couldn't figure out of my darn bustle! Looking back, we just all had major brain farts!  We kept looking under the dress for the loop to put around the button and couldn't find it. If we had all taken a deep breath and thought about it we would have remembered the loop is on the OUTSIDE of the dress just a little below the button! Gah, so  ;stupid! I walked around for about an hour with my dress dragging and then my aunt helped to pin the train into a kind of "rose" shape which worked pretty well. I realized our mistake the next morning. As soon as I got back from our honeymoon I checked my dress and low and behold the little loop was there the whole time, exactly where it was supposed to be, haha. 

- My feet were absolutely killing me from my heels at the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. I ran out before my hair appt and bought a pair of white platform flip flops to get me through the reception. Looking back I wish I had planned that better because they weren't quite high enough but I seriously could not have put my shoes back on. Some of my toes are still numb from my RD shoes (2 weeks later!)

- DJ announced us as "Mr. and Mrs. Bradford CIMINO", which is my maiden name!! Haha. It was okay though, everyone got a good laugh about it. He corrected himself and apologized profusely to us! It really wasn't a big deal though, I just told everyone we were being super modern and he was taking MY name, haha. Just kidding! ;)

- I forgot the reception timeline for our DJ so we had to wing it! He was awesome though and everything ran smoothly. He checked in with us every once in a while and we just went with it!

- When we were walking around thanking everyone, etc. we got through one side of the room but when we got to the groom's side my MIL decided it was time to take group pictures. We got stuck for what felt like forever posing for pics! Pictures with the aunts and uncles, then the cousins, then the second cousins, then with everyone. It was insane and really put us behind getting the dancing started but once DH told his mom we had to move on she got the hint and broke it up, lol.

- We didn't get any cake other than the pieces we fed to each other. :( Guess we'll have to wait a year for some yummy, freezer burned cake! Haha, right!

- My dad left before the reception was over. Let me start by saying we don't have the closest relationship (divorced parents, evil stepmother, lol, etc. it's a long story), bit damg. it was his daughter's wedding! He said everyone was getting tired and had to drive home the next day (my aunts and uncles) and that my half-sister had her gym meet the next day so they were going to head out. They left about an hour before the reception ended. What a lame excuse. Um, everyone had to drive home the next day considering 80% of our guests were out of towners! Even if my stepmom, half-sister and his brother and sister left, HE could have at least stayed to see me off. It's kind of par for course though. Other than walking me down the aisle (which was a last minute choice on my part, I was going to go alone) and posing for som e pictures he acted like a guest. It really upset my mom and MIL though. A lot of people were asking them where the "father of the bride" went. Ah, well.

- I ordered customized match boxes for our sparkler exit but I forgot to do rush shipping and they didn't come in until the Monday after the wedding. We had to improvise with match boxes from Walmart. Now we have 100 boxes of personalized ones to use! I know what everyone is getting for Christmas! Haha.

- Our biggest nay is that the ceremony and reception went by too quickly!! It was seriously over in the blink of an eye! It's true when people tell you to soak it all up because it'll be over before you realize it!







After the reception, we headed to our hotel suite but didn't get to stay there long. We stayed just long enough to sober up for our 8-hour drive to Tampa to head out on our honeymoon! We left at 4am (hubby was sobered up and loaded with energy drinks!). We took a 7-day western carribbean cruise (Carnival "Legend"). We crashed as soon as we got on the boat and even slept through our first dinner! It was much needed rest though! I'll do a honeymoon recap with pics soon. :)

With all that, our day really was perfect for us both. We had such an amazing time and are so thankful for all of our amazing family and friends for sharing such a special day with us. I need to give a HUGE thank you to PW and all of you PW'ers!! I was so inspired by this website and all you girls, I can't even begin to tell you. My wedding would have been very different had I not found this wonderful place on the web. Thank you all for your inspiration, advice and support!!!


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The flowers we are using throughout our wedding are calla lilies, vanda orchids, hydrangeas, dendrobium orchids and lisianthus. We are also using natural elements like birch branch and curly willow.

flowers photo 1flowers photo 2flowers photo 3

flowers photo 4flowers photo 5flowers photo 6flowers photo 7