Sep 18, 2010

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I actually switched out my e-ring about two months before our wedding. It's kind of a long, boring story (lol) as to why I have a new engagement ring, but here it is. My FI bought my e-ring 2.5 years ago. When we went to pick out our bands they no longer have the band that goes with it so we had to go to plan b. I thought it would be easy to find a band that I like that was similar but no such luck, lol. I'm a bit OCD and the fact that they wouldn't match was not sitting well with me, haha. So, we had the option of trading in my original e-ring band (he got the full value out of it but had to spend double) and we were able to get my wedding set and his ring. It all ended up coming out even. Anyway, so I got to pick out a new e-ring! I love my original e-ring but I wanted something with a little more too it. The set I chose is basically the same, just has two additional diamonds on each side next to my center stone (my center stone is still my original).

{new e-ring}
Here it is!

It s kind of photo 2181102-3It s kind of photo 2181102-4

{original e-ring}
I still love my original engagement ring! It's very similar to my new one, just without the additional side stones.

the rings photo 1the rings photo 2

DH's ring is an 8mm engraved wedding band, 14k white gold. The design features polished edges, milgrain detailing, and a center stripe with a rich, satin finish.

{diy ring shots}
Our photographer didn't get any pictures of our rings on our wedding day so I decided to do a DIY photoshoot of my own! Here's what I came up with. :)

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Mmmm.. cake!! Wow, this has been a tough decision! There are so many beautiful wedding cakes to choose from! I have to say, the cake tastings make up for the stressful decision making!

{wedding cake}
Our cake will be 4 tiers very similar to the first two below. The floral arrangement will purple vanda orchids (similar to the 3rd cake).


{grooms cake}
Instead of going with a traditional groom's cake, I came across the picture below which inspired me to do oreos w/chilled milk in martini glasses! My FI loves oreos and milk before bed, so this is perfect.

cake photo 4

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{my inner bride}
This is my "inner bride" that I created on the :)

fun stuff photo 1

{virtual wedding party}
I created my virtual wedding party on and then tweaked it a little in Paint Shop Pro.

fun stuff photo 2

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Here are our Save the Date cards! I ordered them at Wedding Paper Divas ( I love how they came out! They are kind of whimsical and fun. Plus, Brad cycles (mountain biking mostly) so they fit us. :) The second card was a small DIY project of mine, haha. I didn't have our wedding website done at the time that I ordered our Save the Dates but I wanted to include that info with them, so I made the additional cards to match. It was a pain trying to find the right shade & weight of paper, match up the graphics, etc. but I think they came out matching pretty well in the end!

save the dates photo 1


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{overall look}
As far as the tuxes, this is the overall look we're going for.

the guys photo 1

The groom (Brad) will wear a black tux with ivory vest & tie. His boutonniere will be an eggplant calla lily, purple vanda orchid with lily grass backing it. 

the guys photo 2 the guys photo 3

The best man and groomsmen will wear black tuxs with a dark purple (aubergine) tie & vest. Their boutonnieres will be a vermeer (ivory & purple) calla lily & two green button mums.

the guys photo 4 the guys photo 5

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My bouquet is going to be a mixture of mini eggplant calla lilies, purple vanda orchids and purple hydrangea. My wrap will be deep purple with some sort of crystal embellishment.

bouquets photo 1 bouquets photo 2 bouquets photo 3

{moh & bridesmaids}
My MOH & bridesmaids bouquets will be mainly green and white with a hint of deep purple. The bouquets will be composed of mini green hydrangeas, green dendrobium orchids, white lisianthus and a few vermeer calla lilies.

bouquets photo 4 bouquets photo 5 bouquets photo 6

These are the corsages my mom and my FMIL will be wearing. They are a mixture of white dendrobium orchids and black leaves. They'll have a little bling in there too. :)

bouquets photo 7