Sep 24, 2011

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We definately wanted a classic look with orchids everywhere!!!

Since they are my favorite flowers <3


Flowers Flowers Galore photo 1

Flowers Flowers Galore photo 2Flowers Flowers Galore photo 3Flowers Flowers Galore photo 4

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Here is the Proof for our STD. I proudly designed and had printed by a good friend of mine:

Save Our Date photo 1

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To me weddings are such an important moment in time that you can't help but want it to be perfect! Perfect to all of us is different. But i think the one thing we all have in common is our small touches to make our weddings stand out and reflect the couple.

Here is our small touches:

The cones that held our bio degradable confetti and butterflies are actually pages from The Time Travelers Wife.  A few ppl knocked this idea down and said "who is going to notice" ..but let me tell you... I saw ppl actually pull the cone apart to read the page after they threw the confetti and...THEY SMILED!!!! THAT LITTLE MOMENT MADE WAS PURE BLISS! Later on I got a few messages from my friends saying how unique that was!! 

Small Touches photo 1

For the ladies who are interested you can find these at this shop on etsy

You can pick from many love stories!!


More to come...

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<3 Inspiration Colors!!!!

My Inspiration photo 1

My Inspiration photo 2

 I'm totally in love wth damask! IDK what it is about it ...just seems so timeless!!

My Inspiration and Colors photo 1DamaskYellowBlack1

                                                Our Colors:


 Navy Blue Cotton Denim & Twill Fabric from ThunderLily fashion fabrics storeMy Inspiration and Colors photo 2Dusty Rose Satin Crepe Back Satin Fabric from ThunderLily fashion fabrics store    

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My Invites:

First piece of advice my sister gave me " Don't spend alot on invites" from her own personal experience she says she regrets spending so much only to have ppl throw them out. LADIES THAT'S THE BEST ADVICE I HEARD!!!! So I went to Michaels Crafts and picked up these:

My DIY photo 1

End Product..I added crystals to each of the capital letters in our names...which you can't see in this photo:(

My DIY photo 2


My Brooch Bouquet:

I oeginally wanted to use this for myself. But my mom really wanted me to carry fresh I gave the bouquet to my niece/FG to carry.

How it started:

My DIY photo 3

Originally, I wanted just brooches. But then decided i wanted it to be fuller and softer looking so I got parchment roses from Michaels Crafts and put that in then the brooches and loved the end result!

My DIY photo 4My DIY photo 5

My DIY photo 6


My DIY photo 7

My DIY photo 8


My Bling Shoes:

I definitely wanted so serious bling on my shoes and thought "hey i'm good with crafts" so i ordered relatively cheap shoes to try this on and it worked so perfectly that the first pair I did it on was the one I wore.

My DIY photo 9

My DIY photo 10


My DIY photo 11

My DIY photo 12

My DIY photo 13

My DIY photo 14

Our Guestbook!

Since we loved our Engagement photos so much and wanted to share them with well as keep in an album as a momento.. I decided to make it up on! It was full of our photos as well as lined pages for guests to sign as they viewed the book:


My DIY photo 15



My DIY photo 16


My DIY photo 17

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Our wonderful Ceremony at St. Casmirs!

The Ceremony photo 1The Ceremony photo 2

 The Ceremony photo 3The Ceremony photo 4The Ceremony photo 5The Ceremony photo 6The Ceremony photo 7The Ceremony photo 8The Ceremony photo 9The Ceremony photo 10The Ceremony photo 11The Ceremony photo 12The Ceremony photo 13The Ceremony photo 14The Ceremony photo 15The Ceremony photo 16The Ceremony photo 17The Ceremony photo 18The Ceremony photo 19The Ceremony photo 20The Ceremony photo 21The Ceremony photo 22The Ceremony photo 23

The Ceremony photo 24

The Ceremony photo 25

The Ceremony photo 26The Ceremony photo 27The Ceremony photo 28The Ceremony photo 29The Ceremony photo 30The Ceremony photo 31The Ceremony photo 32The Ceremony photo 33The Ceremony photo 34The Ceremony photo 35The Ceremony photo 36The Ceremony photo 37The Ceremony photo 38The Ceremony photo 39The Ceremony photo 40The Ceremony photo 41The Ceremony photo 42The Ceremony photo 43The Ceremony photo 44The Ceremony photo 45The Ceremony photo 46The Ceremony photo 47

The Ceremony photo 48