Sep 24, 2011

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Jade Mountain in St. Lucia was amazing! Here are the pics!


The views of our walk

Our Honeymoon photo 1Our Honeymoon photo 2

The doors ways were soo tall..i'm 5'7" and they towered over me!

Our Honeymoon photo 3

Inside our Sun Sanctuary:

Our Honeymoon photo 4Our Honeymoon photo 5Our Honeymoon photo 6

To answer the question...the pool was 5'2" deep it has 2 steps in as you can see

Our Honeymoon photo 7

View from the Jacuzzi/tub

Our Honeymoon photo 8

View of the ocean:

Our Honeymoon photo 9

What we saw first thing in the morning:

Our Honeymoon photo 10

Sunset Views off our infinity pool

Our Honeymoon photo 11

Our Honeymoon photo 12

Our room being set up for our couples deep tissue massages

Our Honeymoon photo 13

Me hanging out :)

Our Honeymoon photo 14

The beach:

Our Honeymoon photo 15Our Honeymoon photo 16Our Honeymoon photo 17Our Honeymoon photo 18Our Honeymoon photo 19

Stuff we did :)

Jungle biking!

Our Honeymoon photo 20Our Honeymoon photo 21

We stopped biking to eat coconuts :)

Our Honeymoon photo 22


Our Honeymoon photo 23Our Honeymoon photo 24

Zip Lining!

Our Honeymoon photo 25Our Honeymoon photo 26Our Honeymoon photo 27

Horse back riding:

Our Honeymoon photo 28

Our Honeymoon photo 29

Sulpher Springs:

Our Honeymoon photo 30Our Honeymoon photo 31

Diamond Waterfall:

Our Honeymoon photo 32Our Honeymoon photo 33

Hot Mineral Springs:

Our Honeymoon photo 34Our Honeymoon photo 35

View of Soufriere from the shuttle ride to our activities

Our Honeymoon photo 36

Our completely private and secluded dinner on a hill over looking the beach :)

Our Honeymoon photo 37

Our Honeymoon photo 38

Jade Mountain and St Lucian food!

Our Honeymoon photo 39Our Honeymoon photo 40Our Honeymoon photo 41Our Honeymoon photo 42

Coco Beans!!

Our Honeymoon photo 43

a picture to say Thanks ( considering using it for our thank yous)

Our Honeymoon photo 44

Lastly the handy little phone to call either our Bulter Vito or the Reception Desk

Our Honeymoon photo 45


 Here is the post with our pics!!



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The Groom photo 1The Groom photo 2The Groom photo 3

The Groom photo 4

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So let's start with a recap!

*set scene*

3 days before the wedding.......weatherman and every damn weather outlet confirms that the weather for Sept 24 will be cloudy and rainy!...WTF...Must come up with back up location for photos after the ceremony!!! ....As the bride..i exercise my ability to have my bridesmaids help me with finding a location......they happily cooperate. ..Got my nails done..Picked up remarriage license...easy peezy... priest is a nutjob...fantastic...also during rehearsal nearly stuck the mic down my throat as well as my Fi's lol..rehearsal dinner was soooo much fun!!!!!


2 days before the wedding.....Drop off all decor with my florist fitting and dress pick up..I'm extremely excited and armed with spanx...just in case. I see the last of my bridesmaids picking up her dress at the salon as well...fabulous!....Try on my dress...and the area that was snug..was actually comfortable..wonderful!!! MY Boobs however did not fit in the gown!!!!! Don't ask how...because i have no idea! maybe hormones..idk..and honestly i didn't care..MY DRESS WAS TOO TIGHT! ....The seam stress comes in and has the nerve to tell me..but you have space here in the chest she tugs at the center of the gown....and i promptly point on that she is correct but the sides were.... DIGGING DEEPLY INTO MY FLESH!!!!!! I'm a thin girl and the dress was so tight that it made me have back butt and back fat...the type that hangs up over the dress...not to mention it was cutting into my armpits!!! So beings my breakdown! ...her assistant unzipped  the dress down like 3 inches and that it felt perfect!..So the seamstress who was so kind said not a problem to hang on for 1 hour and they would let it out abit.....DONE...and hour and a half goes by....I try on the dress at this point idk if it was my crazy or my nerves ...but i still swear to this day..THE DRESS FELT EVEN TIGHTER!!!!!!!!!...So...i hit my melting point! I cried!  The seamstress rushes in apologizing and i'm freaking out and tell her my dress doesn't wedding is in two days!!!!!!!! ...again they lower the zipper the 3 inches to were it felt comfortable again... she hugged me and said we will let it out again at least 1.5 inches on each side and to come back tomorrow and she promised that all would be perfect.......Day officially RUINED.

oh and weather man continues to inform me of rain >.<....bastard

1 day before wedding.....weatherman still sucks the big one...paper work with the church is all done....dropped things off at the reception and they did a quick run down of everything with us....all our vendors called to make sure all is well and to make sure there were no changes to schedule :) ..then the moment of truth...I take my mom and sister to see the gown..( i figured if the dress didn't fit they can both restrain me and keep me from going to jail for assault the day before my wedding)...try on the gown and.....wait for it........IT WAS PERFECT!!!!! So they took it back for a quick pressing, put it on my personalized hanger, gave me both my veils..and I was off...and at that point...I was just so over the top happy that it fit..I didn't care about the rain! Later on that afternoon some of my girls came over as well as my cousin and his fiance to help decorate the house...we decorated..we laughed....the mood was very calm and cheerful and that to me was perfect...everything was done..I was spending the last final quiet moments with some of the most important ppl in my was heaven!! I went to bed early and was so calm..I actually slept very well and for a good 8 hours!!! No medication required!

 Day of the wedding... it's 7:30.. I get woken up by my mom as she excitedly tells me to took outside...I get up and what do I see...THE SUN and BLUE SKY!!!!!! I get ready to start my morning runs and my phone (which was on silent) has 5 messages from my bridesmaid...all about the weather!!! lol

Feeling on top of the world I get up ..shower....get dressed and start my wedding day morning routine.  One of my bridesmaids lives down the street so she comes over right before I  drive my mom over to my sisters (were everyone is getting ready) so she can set up. Then I head to pick up my bridesmaid who drove up from Maryland and stayed at the hotel near the reception hall over night.  All in all good time with good company. When we arrive at my sisters my hair lady and makeup lady are beginning their work. I opted to be one of the last to get done so I everything would last longer. forward videographer and photography show up and start doing there thing. AWESOME! I get in the chair...alittle late but i'm the bride 10 minutes won't kill anyone lol. At this point everyone is their except for one of bridesmaids. Who is MIA. So not wanting to worry I let my MOH handle getting in touch with her to make sure she is ok. She shows up all dolled up and we are set. Limos arrive on time!!!! SCORE!!!!!

When getting to the church I could see my In-laws outside waiting to get a peak at me lol.. Later I find out that my FIL kept saying "OMG look at her!! She looks gorgeous ! Look at her!" lol We get inside the church and I stay hidden away from the eyes of everyone else. As the music starts to play my bridesmaids start doing their thing...until my flower girls turn...My adorable 7 year old niece misses the cue to walk and they start playing the Bridal March and she is just standing there. Even though the coordinator is telling her to walk , she waits until my FI steps into the aisle and motions for her to walk lol. Then it's my turn. The doors close and I take a deep breath and think..woman keep your bouquet low so that it won't block the dress.  Then the doors open and I walk with my mom. And seeing the smile on my FIs face ..totally worth the wait! Then I took a moment to look around at who was at the ceremony. Smiling at everyone I proceed to take my place at the FIs side.

Fast Forward threw the catholic ceremony...Latin, Latin, Latin, Latin words, Latin ideas...laaaaaaaaaatiiiiiiiin...(If you listen to Dane Cook about church then you can imagine how hard I was trying to keep a straight face!) So we go threw the ceremony without any issue.  The priest was awesome and didn't shove the mics down our throats like he did during the rehearsal. When they came to the giving peace Larad2mrdr mouthed Peace Off at me ( another Dane Cook reference). ..truly Epic! The hubby and I even fist bumped after we were pronounced hubby and wifey..but before the wedding mass started. As the priest had his back turned. :)

...Fast Forward... to taking photos after the was hot....F*ck the weatherman and the farmers almanac! they both predicted it to be cold and rainy! It was now Cloudy (which I hear from photographers that that's the best for pics) and humid and hot. So we took our pics ..had a grand old time! After a few hours of picks we all started getting hungry and realized oh we need to get to the reception!!!! lol So we arrive at the reception and our Maitre D Is there from the second our limos arrived! Guest were already there and seated. So we did a small intro so we could get to our seats and settle in abit and try to get some yum yums.

So Fast forward our intro went smoothly ...everything went smoothly...until my hubby danced with his mom. Our dJ had set up the 2 flat screens and they have random moving images on my hubby was dancing with his mom on the screens they showed introverted colors (so you couldn't see the image clearly) but looked like 2 girls about to kiss....OH LOL.! My bro in law caught it before alot of ppl did and told they dj to stop the image feed! Apparently they couldn't see the images that we going on. ....So that was a thing. The hubby finished his dance with his mom without any other issues.  We both knew that that was one of those moments that we would look back on and laugh..and we do lol

So on to the party!!! After doing our rounds and saying hi to everyone. We head to the dance floor!!!!!!!!!! As you can see from our pics..we spent most of the night there!  The only issue we had was with our videographer. We were to have our Same Day Edit  shown during dinner but there was an issue with their equipment and they couldn't get it to work. I was pissed only because we hired them for there fantastic videos as well as amazing same day edits. Also, towards the end of the night our guests were leaving and especially the ones who came from out of town hadn't watched. So I was a little upset....also adding a Same Day Edit wasn't cheap. But at the end of the night with all the ppl on the dance floor (mostly alot of friends and close family stayed till the very end) the DJ ended the song and instructed everyone to watch the monitors and they played the same day edit.   It was perfect! We were surrounded by everyone who we are very close with and there was not a dry eye in the house. My cousin even cried and he is a big guy and I've never seen him sobbing as he hugged my hubby and I saying how much he loves us and wishes us the best!!...Basically it was a huge group huge at the end of the night.

Looking back. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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Bridal Prep photo 1Bridal Prep photo 2Bridal Prep photo 3Bridal Prep photo 4Bridal Prep photo 5

Bridal Prep photo 6Bridal Prep photo 7Bridal Prep photo 8Bridal Prep photo 9

Bridal Prep photo 10

Bridal Prep photo 11Bridal Prep photo 12

Bridal Prep photo 13Bridal Prep photo 14

Bridal Prep photo 15

Bridal Prep photo 16Bridal Prep photo 17

Bridal Prep photo 18

Bridal Prep photo 19

Bridal Prep photo 20

Bridal Prep photo 21


 Bridal Prep photo 22

Bridal Prep photo 23Bridal Prep photo 24

Bridal Prep photo 25

Bridal Prep photo 26

Bridal Prep photo 27

Bridal Prep photo 28

Bridal Prep photo 29

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Taken at the Botancial Gardens & Sheppard Lake Ringwood NJ

E Pics photo 1E Pics photo 2E Pics photo 3E Pics photo 4E Pics photo 5E Pics photo 6E Pics photo 7E Pics photo 8