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 Benjamin & Andrea

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About Andrea

Andrea is currently working for Enterprise Holdings, EAN Services as a Help Desk Representative for Enterprise, Alamo, National, and WeCar rental car companies. She graduated from SIU-Edwardsville with a major in Sociology: Employment Relations and a minor in Criminal Justice.  





About Benjamin


Ben graduated with a bachelors in Business Administration from SIU-Edwardsville.  He is currently running a company called Omega Promotional and is attending SIUE once again to get a 2nd bachelors in Accounting.  








How we met/About Us


In the Summer of 2006, Benjamin and Andrea met working at Schnucks Market in Edwardsville.   Andrea worked as a Salad Bar/Floral Clerk and Ben as a Meat Clerk just for the summer. When the summer ended, Ben went back to school at Murray State in Kentucky.  Ben and Andrea made an effort to try to see each other about every other weekend.  Andrea applied for Murray State and got accepted but was somehow able to convince Ben to go to SIUE with her.   Ben moved home and so began the building of their new life together.


It has now been over 5 years and will be just the start of their 6th year together when they marry next July.  Together they have 3 animals together: Cody, a standard poodle; Jackson, a pain-in-the-butt tuxedo cat; and Oliver, a sweet, fat orange tabby.  They currently reside in a house in Collinsville, Illinois and plan to make it their home that they build their family in.  They are very excited about starting their new life together and living "Happily Ever After."


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 The Proposal

On Saturday, July 30th, 2011, Ben invited me to go to Villa Marie Winery.  We sat on the back patio overlooking the lake.  Ben had gotten up to go get us a bottle of wine but came back and said that the waiter had to get it from the cellar and would bring it out to us.  When the waiter came out, he had a bottle of wine with a bow around it.  I remember thinking "why does it have a bow?"  The waiter presented the bottle of wine to me and the bottle said "Will You Marry Me"  I turned to Ben and he was on one knee.  Of course, I said yes!!!


Bridal Gown Inspirations




As for the reception, I plan to change into something short and sweet. Love the picture below with the dazzled waistline.  I will enter in my ballgown and plan to change possibly after the first dances.

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My sister and MOH #1 plans to wear this dress in a charcoal color.  


My MOH #2 and bridesmaids will wear something like these three dresses.  I mainly like the mix of gray, black, and silver.




The Kids

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Junior Bridesmaid: Morgan, my niece 

Ringer Bearer: Tyler, my nephew

Flower Girl: Lily Wecker, Ben's niece

Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Don't have one yet.  Sorry Morgan!!!  =)

Ring Bearer Tie

Flowergirl Dress


The Reception Venue


Pictures posted soon...



Reception Decor




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I want half of the tables to have tall arrangements and the other half to have short arrangements.  My colors are black and I plan for a majority of the color to come from the flowers.  I plan to have all different colors of flowers.  I loved my friend, Tiffany's, flowers (pictured below).  This is a great inspiration to what I want to do.

Some stuff I like...

 My fiance, Ben, runs a promotional I plan have him make some signs like the one below.  I also want a head table banner.

sign below is  from alliesauce's biography page

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 This Shuttle Bus comes with a DJ.  It is currently being remodeled with limo seating. =)

The Menu

Cygan Delaney Catering
Dinner Menu
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_x__ Smoked Pork Loin w/ apple chutney *
* The above choice sliced at table with 100 guests or more

_x__ Baked Chicken Breasts in garlic sauce(.50 extra pp) 

Side Dishes

Choice of Four Items


_x__ Tossed Salad (three dressings)
_x__ Buttered Corn
_x__ Fettuccine
_x__ Twice Baked Potato Casserole 


_x__ Bakery Fresh Italian Bread 


Desserts--We plan to use the caterer's desserts and just have a small cake to cut.

 _x__ Sheet Cake (1.25 extra pp) Vanilla, Chocolate, or, Yellow
_x__ Pie (1.50 extra pp) Apple or Cherry
_x__ Cheesecake variety of topppings (1.75 Extra pp) 

Ice Sculptures--We get to choose an ice sculpture so I think we will do a W.


Click on the picture below to go to Cygan Delaney Catering's website 

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The Honeymoon


Rountrip STL-MIA

$350 ish per person

Car Rental:

MIA-STAR (Convertible)

$271.78 total for one week

Pirates Cove, Key Largo, Florida Vacation Rental by Owner Listing 199492

BALANCE YEAR AROUND; $98.00/NT; $650.00/WK; $2,500.00/MO

Honeymoon Activities

#1 Activity--Swimming with Dolphins



Structured Dolphin Swims begin with a 30-45 minute educational briefing during which you will learn about bottlenose dolphin natural history, intelligence, anatomy, and important information about your upcoming dolphin encounter.

The Structured Dolphin Swim is a great option for people who are seeking close one-on-one interactions. Each participant will experience a variety of different hands-on activities such as hand-shakes, belly rubs and dorsal tows.

Dolphin swims take place in our natural lagoon. Swimmers will take turns entering the water and interacting hands-on with our dolphins. All interaction is guided by a dolphin trainer, and one on one contact is guaranteed.

swim with dolphins in Key Largo Florida

Structured Dolphin Swim
$185 per swimmer
Non-Participating Admission:
Adults - $10.00
Children (7-17) - $5.00
Children under 6 are free.

Structured Swim
10:00AM, 1:30PM and 3:30PM*

Click Here for Dolphin Swim Pricing
Combo Packages are Available

Dolphin Cove Home Page
Dolphin Cove
P.O. Box 870
Key Largo, FL 33037 U.S.A
Located at MM 101.9 Bay Side
Toll Free: 1-877-365-2683 
Fax: 1-305-451-4021

Swim with dolphins at Dolphins Plus


#2 Dolphins Plus: 1-866-860-7946 --same pricing as above

# 3  Theater of the Sea

Swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys with Theater of the Sea's Swim with the Dolphin program!

Get into the water, swim and request trained behaviors, such as hugs, kisses, and dorsal tows from Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. You will also have an opportunity to snorkel the surface and below, allowing you to interact with the dolphin who will accompany you, all within a natural salt water environment.

Daily Swim schedule*: 10:00, 12:30 & 3:30
*Times listed are check-in times and are ½ hour before the program begins so participants can complete paperwork.  Participants must arrive by check-in time or we will attempt to sell the reservation(s).

20 minute orientation and 20 to 30 minutes water time

#4  Dolphin Research Center 

Cost for either Dolphin Encounter program is $189 per person and includes a full day admission, educational materials and a certificate upon completion of your program. Children ages four and under are free. For an additional fee you can purchase high quality photographs taken of you during the encounter. Advance reservations are required since program availability is limited.

Cost: $175 per person


Please make your reservation for any of these interactive programs
by calling 305-664-2431.