Apr 15, 2010

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I wish I can take Tiffany home with me overseas to do my other parties!! That is how good she is! =)

I booked her for a two days engagement photo session, and she had graciously agreed to come to my place due to transportation issues on my end. She was on time, and came prepared with all her make up gears. Tiffany was so responsive to emails and phone calls too, communicating with her is a pleasure. She is very sweet and nice too. Oh, not to mention very patient!

She listened to what I want, but gave helpful feedback at the same time. I wanted a make up and hair style that is versatile as I would be changing outfits many times during the shoot; and Tiffany delivered. I was able to take my hair down from the updo (which as a very nice updo too), and the curls came out great. With a little touch up throughout the day, my make up and hair lasted well into the night. The airbrush make up she did on me was wonderful too. Eyelash did not came off, and Tiffany gave me touch up kit too for the road.

The second day was even better, since I told her what happened on the first day, and she fixed it. My eye make up did not smudge, and my hair was even better on the second day. Great job Tiffany!!! =)
Services used: Beauty & Health