Aug 21, 2010

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My DIY photo 1 bridesmaids hangers


My DIY photo 2My DIY photo 3 my invites


My DIY photo 4 bridesmaid gifts


My DIY photo 5 centerpieces

My DIY photo 6 very very rough draft of cups



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My name is Roxanne, Im actually already married, but my husband and I got married by ourselves last August 21st. All of my friends and family knew and some of his friends, but he didn't tell all of his family until after the wedding. We promised everyone on our one year anniversary we would have an actual wedding/ vow renewal. We met in high school, we both thought each other were cute but I was in a long term relationship, he has the cutest story about a memory he has of me. However, we didn't actually end up together until May of last year. We kind of rushed the wedding, but we were brought together many times through out our 4 years of our friendship. He is in the navy and has been deployed since Nov 30th, we didn't think he deploy until this summer then bam! they said he was deploying. Well thats enough for now!


Different shades of purple, blue, white.

Heres the ring


new page photo 1 The picture isnt the greatest.


Here are my dress and shoes


new page photo 2new page photo 3new page photo 4


Here is my reception dress, new page photo 5new page photo 6 not so sure on the shoes, i dont really like them with the dress..


Here are my bride maids dresses they are the purple color and my MOH will wear the blue one.

new page photo 7 I'm thinking black flats and black jewelery


Tux ideas


new page photo 8

For the grooms men however with this vest and tie

new page photo 9


Then the best man will have a blue vest and tie with black tux,

new page photo 10

Tux for my husband, no bow tie though.


Here are my invitations, they look a lot cuter when put together! And I got 75 of them for $30.00!

new page photo 11


Here are my favor boxes

new page photo 12They will have "R&N" on them. I want and S for our last name but the hubby doesn't...

They will have fortune cookies in them, when my husband proposed he put the ring box in a little take out box like this.

Cake inspirations -


new page photo 13 I want the cake to have this sparkle to it


new page photo 14 Someone posted this of their cake and I loved the I do, Im also going to do purple ribbon on the cake. new page photo 15 with these flowers on the cake.



Bouquet Ideas

new page photo 16 for me


For the brides maids -

new page photo 17new page photo 18new page photo 19


Boutonnieres for the guys

new page photo 20



The location is kind of small, but here it is.

new page photo 21new page photo 22new page photo 23