Sep 01, 2013

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For the moment, Ive decided on Fuschia and eggplant as the colors, with touches of teal.  Im going to really try to stick with these colors, but everytime I see tables or dresses in black my heart skips a beat so I have to find a way to incorporate black into the mix or change my colors altogether.   So here is what Im thinking for the tables.  Gold chargers, gold chivari chairs, eggplant table cloths, teal napkins, and fuschia flowers.   Here is some of my inspiration:


Tables Centerpieces photo 1   Tables Centerpieces photo 2 Tables Centerpieces photo 3

Maybe I can incorporate black with the centerpiece? (pics from JL designs)

Tables Centerpieces photo 4  Tables Centerpieces photo 5 Bella Signature Designs

  Tables Centerpieces photo 7  from bkpinkbride


***UPDATE 5/15/12

Well you knew it was coming, I just couldnt get the black out of my system. I have finally caved into my love for the color and switched colors champagne, black with ivory and red accents.  Which means new inspiration for table decor.

Champagne table clothes, black chargers, black vases/boxes, red flowers                                

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I completed my first DIY last week. I decided to formally ask the ladies to be a part of the bridal party. I knew that I wanted to give them a card and after looking through other post with inspiration from Kalena ( , I decided to present them with these boxes I changed up her idea a little I've only completed one and gave it to her this weekend. I have three more to do. I wrote personalized poems for each person.


   Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 1        Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 2 Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 3


The Cards will have each persons name like the first one, I did them in their favorite color.  Then the poem on the inside with a card that gives my expectations of them, my promise to them, and the current details.  The back of the card has a scripture from the bible.

The I Promise says:

I promise to not turn into a bridezilla.  I promise to keep things light, fun, and exciting. I promise to listen to your thoughts and ideas about the wedding.I promise to do my best to not ask too much of you.  I promise to remember that this day is about LaSheanma and Juan, not dying flowers or unlit candles, so keep me focused if I get too worked up. Thank you for being a part of all of this.

The Expectations card reads:

I expect for you to attend the rehearsal the ceremony, and the reception.  I expect for you to give your participation and support in what ever way you can for the bridal shower, but there is no obligation to be there. I totally understand the expense of flying back and forth for some of you. I expect your participation in my oh-so-fabulous bachelorette party. I will let you plan as much of that as you are interested in. I expect lots of laughs and reminiscing about old times. I expect you to be in many pictures dancing the night away.  I expect us to make new memories.

  Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 4 Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 5 Will You Be My Bridesmaid photo 6

I got the boxes from michael.  Each box has the card on top then you open it and it has a small card with what is in the box.  I changed Kalenas idea a little.

the contents are

  • Notepad – to jot down all of your ideas, which I promise to at least listen to
  • Calendar- to keep track of important dates and events
  • Marbles – an extra set; in case I lose my marbles along the way, you can lend me a few
  • Play Doh– you can squeeze this instead of me when I call you again to bent about planning
  • Tylenol – for that headache you’re bound to get the hundredth time I change my mind on our wedding theme and want to tell you all about it
  • Patron – in case the Tylenol isn’t enough (<------ they got their drink of choice: one got patron, ciroc, absolut, cranberry juice-she doesnt drink)
  • Picture of Us – a reminder of why you signed up for this in the first place. (it is a picture of me and that bm in a frame that says friends.

Bridesmaid Card and box Budget break down

Boxes: $2 each (michaels 40% sale)x 5= $10

Monogram Notepads: $1.50 each (michaels)x5= $7.50

2 year Calendar:$1 each (dollar store)x5= $5

Play Doh= $7 case of 12 (toys r us) = $7

Tylenol= $4

Drinks =varied prices from liquor store= $16

Frames= $4 each (marshalls) = $20

Paper: Free, paper from previous projects

Printing: Free, did it on my home printer

Grand Total $69.50  between 5 people= approximately $14 each

My MOH's reaction this weekend to the box and card= priceless; so worth it.

I thought that wasnt so bad, of course you can save on liquor and you can find cheaper frames at the dollar store. You also can buy cheaper playdoh individaully but i plan to give the rest to my little cousin.


What do you think?


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Our theme is "Our NYC Love Story".  Im very excited about our theme.  Elements in our wedding will be based on us and our story.  Here are some of my ideas so far:


Ceremony Readings: FI and I have written many poems to each other over the course of our relationship, we're going to have three-four of them read.

Table Names: Our favorite, memorable neighborhoods in NYC.

Theme photo 1  Theme photo 2

Escort Cards: Either a large NYC subway map with names, mini toy cabs or NYC metro cards (havent really decided)

Theme photo 3  Theme photo 4 Theme photo 5

Cake Topper: Eight Ball, I havent decided if it will be a toy or edible, but we met at a pool game so I thought this would be cute.

Favors: Popcorn Bar, We love watching movies and eating popcorn, three x-mas ago I bought FI a old fashioned popcorn machine. As an ode to my home town Chicago, we will have Garrett's popcorn.

Theme photo 6

Signage: Im thinking that all other signs will be on chalkboards, I am a teacher and FI works for the teachers union.

Still figuring out other elements.


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Since we have the major things out of the way, date, budget, venue, we've said that we wouldnt do anything else until next year. But I cant help but at least think about the smaller details. One thing about me is that I can be very indecisive, especially when there are too many options and too many things that I like. Hence, choosing colors has been a little challenging. I still have a ways to go so I dont have to finalize any color choice right now, but just thinking about all of the color options that I like tells me that when I do have to finalize the colors, it may be a little difficult. I love black, but I was trying not to incorporate it because I think everyone would expect it.  I also love teal but Mr.Faith doesnt want that color for the wedding, hes not too keen on pink either but he has to compromise somewhere, lol. Here are three of the combination that I love:


black and gold

Color Options photo 1

Eggplant and Fuschia (without the chocolate)

Color Options photo 2

Blush Pink and Black

Color Options photo 3


Which one goes with my venue?

*these images were found on google a while ago, if they are yours I will give you credit*

*UPDATE 5/15/12- I have officially decided on the colors, Ive changed my mind a thousand times, I know, but finally the colors will be champagne and black with ivory and deep red accents.  So I have to redraft most of my bio with my new ideas, but I will leave the others up for inspiration for others.

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I have looked at several venues, when I say several, I mean several.  There were numerous discussions about what city the wedding should take place in.  All of my family is in the midwest.  All of his family is on the east coast.  We originally thought that we should host the wedding somewhere in the middle.  We looked at venues in the midwest, east coast and in the middle of both of our families.  Eventually we came to decide, or more so, I came to decide that it would just be easier to host the wedding where we are currently living.  So New York it is.

The next step was deciding the style of wedding. I knew that I did not want a typical banquet hall, and I originally thought that I wanted a loft style wedding.  But with soooo many out of town guest, including the bridal party, I decided that it just might be too much work for me and I dont want my family to come here and have to deal with all of the set-up and other things.  So we set out to find something in the middle that could accommodate both ceremony and reception, and that wasnt too expensive.  So we found this:


Ceremony in the Gallery

Venue photo 1


Cocktail Hour on the Rooftop

Venue photo 2

I wanted the ceremony on the rooftop, but they do not have an elevator and my poor grandma cannot walk up all of those stairs.

Reception in the ballroom

Venue photo 3


We put our deposit down last week to book our date, YAAAAYYYY!!!!

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Soooooo we are sort of officially but unofficially engaged.  I know crazy right.  But what that means is that Mr.Faith hasnt gave me an official proposal with the one knee and ring.  Over the course of our relationship weve casually discuss marriage, families, engagements, etc.  After four years, we had an extensive conversation about our desires for our future together and where our relationship was heading.  During that conversation, we decided that we wanted to get married and have a family relatively soon.

Fast forward a couple of months, we had more discussion about dates, venues, and budgets.  Eventually we set a date, September 1, 2013 and decided on a city, New York.  Now we are planning our wedding.

The ring and official knee proposal is on the way and I will update you as soon as it comes.

*Update November 6, 2012*

Im a little late on updating my profile, the official proposal happened in Septemeber.  It wasnt a surprise but wonderful all the same.

He asked "will you marry me"...I said "Yes!"... He asked " Are you sure"....I think for a millisecond "ABSOLUTELY!!"

Heres the ring, I wanted something different and I got it, its rose and white gold twisted band

with band     Ignore my crusty hand