Mar 14, 2009

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Day 1- Indian Ceremony

We re Married photo 1We re Married photo 2We re Married photo 3We re Married photo 4We re Married photo 5We re Married photo 6We re Married photo 7We re Married photo 8We re Married photo 9We re Married photo 10We re Married photo 11


Day 2- Church and Reception

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...and they lived happily ever after

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Here is our beautiful cardbox that was made by SheaChicDesigns that we purchased on Etsy. She was great to work with and she was able to expedite it for us.


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My dear friend owns a company called Keshot and he has offered to bring one to our wedding reception as a gift! This photobooth is a little different than your traditional one. It allows our guests to not only take pictures, but videos as well and they can email it! I'm sure when we get back from our honeymoon, we're going to have hundreds of emails with pictures and videos of our drunken friends at our wedding! haha Can't wait..I think they'll have fun with it!

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We went to the Beverly Hills Courthouse this morning and got our marriage license! We're only 38 days away! I can't wait :)

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I ordered this adorable black & white dress online! (Thanks Kristeen!) :) I'll be pairing it up with some black stiletto heels

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