Oct 13, 2012

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I knew that I wanted to lose about 10 lbs before the wedding, like most brides do.  Well, just as I was beginning my new workout regimen, I came across an ad about a Total Body Transformation. In less than 500 words, I had to explain why I deserved to win a body makeover. DUH! to look fabulous on my wedding day :)  Not thinking I would hear anything, I began my normal walking and light weights.  In mid-March, I received the phone call that myself and 5 other individuals have won a FREE (everything!) total body makeover.  We were receiving unlimited personal training, fitness classes and nutritional coaching all for free for the next 12 weeks.   SOOO EXCITED!!!

Before Pictures : 

30 lbs lighter photo 1  30 lbs lighter photo 2

12 Weeks later - down 30lbs, 15 inches all over and from a size 14/16 to 8/10 ....

After Pictures: 

30 lbs lighter photo 3   30 lbs lighter photo 4   

Could not have gotten through it without my favorite trainers pushing me :) 

c30 lbs lighter photo 5    30 lbs lighter photo 6

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Here is the mock up of our wedding cake :)  We ordered from April at http://www.cupidcupcakery.com/

We decided on Pumpkin cake with caramel filling and cheesecake frosting ... mmmm perfect for a fall wedding. 

It has swiss dots to match my dress, and with fondant strips around each layer in the color malibu. The P will be made out of sugar in the malibu blue color as well and sugar orange lilies at the top 

Let Them Eat Cake photo 1

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I came across this blogspot last year and fell in LOVE with the flowers and this is when my idea for blue and orange wedding colors began :) These bouquets and bouts will pop against the malibu dresses and vest



Flower Inspiration photo 1  bridesmaid bouquest 

Flower Inspiration photo 2  bouts for groomsmen

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Pinterest Inspired STD's :) 


I bought the magnets off of magnetstreet.com and customized them with our wedding colors and engagement photos. 

DIY Save the Date photo 1 

 I used one small bottle of silver aryclic paint from Michaels and target brand dish soap (you can use Dawn or Joy as well, personal preference).  I put a quarter size of silver paint in a dish and mixed a few drops of dish soap with.  I did small amounts at a time, otherwise it would get a layer of film on the top and be all sticky and not go on smooth.  Then I painted over the date and let it dry :)

 DIY Save the Date photo 2


  DIY Save the Date photo 3 

I just sent these out today and in the envelopes I included a small white square of cardstock that read 'Scratch the paint....to reveal the date!'  and attached a penny underneath using a glue dot :) 

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I created the centerpieces myself with flowers from Old Time Pottery and Hobby Lobby.  I bought the filler and vases from Pat Catan's.  I went through a few trial runs because I wasn't sure how tall or short I wanted them, but these work perfectly on the tables. 



 Now, I couldn't leave them just like this.  I needed another project to get my hands on, so I created a light base for these to sit on. 



I started with a green drain cover from Home Depot they are about 50 cents each and spray painted them white. I then used a tool from my uncle's shop to drill 3 holes in the top.


I found these LED flashlights at Ace Hardware sitting by the register.  I was able to buy them in bulk for a decent price on an ACE hardware site.  The have 6 led lights in them and they have a button on the bottom to click on/off.



Here's what it looks like all together:

I decided I needed to add a little more blue, so I added the a floralyte to the flowers.  I bought these blue floralytes from save-on-crafts.com.  I spent a little more to have the ones with the on/off switch so they will last!


Finally completed the centerpieces! 


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I created the invites!  I bought the fall photo online for $10 and then finished everything in Microsoft Word.  So easy! I chose shimmery turqouise pocketfold envelopes (same colors as name font)  The colors look great together.


DIY Invites photo 1


UPDATE 3/19/2012 :) 

I contacted a college friend, Lindsey, when I noticed on facebook she started her own graphic design business : http://www.elleadesign.com/main

Here is what she created....I'm in LOVE!