May 02, 2009

Beautiful Day: Wedding Planning Made Simple
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Let me start with this: Hiring Cassandra was the best thing we did for our wedding. It was the best money we spent for the entire day. She is, without a doubt, a miracle worker.

My wife and I had planned on trying to go without a coordinator, but as the big day approached, we decided to consider a coordinator. After a number of meetings with Cassandra, we hired her for the week of the wedding. This was about 6 weeks before the wedding.

For the weeks leading up to the wedding, despite not being officially on the clock, Cassandra was always available via phone or email for advice, commentary or a reference. She was a great sounding board for my wife and I as we were down to the nitty gritty.

The week of the wedding, she took over everything and it took a lot of weight off of our shoulders. We could focus on friends, family, and specific little details that we wanted to work on.

But the biggest hurdle for us was a last second dress emergency. Our dressmaker (who was a friend) had been hiding the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses to "surprise" everyone. Well, the surprise was that she had nothing done - everything was in shambles - just 20 hours before the wedding.

Cassandra had never worked this dressmaker before, and hearing the stories, I guess she sensed a potential emergency days before this came up, and had dress makers on call for the week. Luckily, as we found out that we had no dresses, just 20 hours before our wedding, Cassandra got on the horn and got two dressmakers to team up and try to put together a last second dress. (It is a stress I wish on no one out there.)

Cassandra took control of the dress issue, getting her dressmakers on it, hoping for the best. She coordinated with our bridesmaids to come up with a plan B (that worked perfectly, may I add) and make sure the day wouldn't be ruined by this event.

Amazingly, the day of the wedding, there was a dress that arrived just moments before the ceremony - and it was exactly what my wife had envisioned. It was perfect. To be honest, it was amazing work and Cassandra kept it cool under stress.

Not only did she have to clear that hurdle (and cleared it by a wide margin), but she also made sure our day was absolutely perfect. Despite facing a major dress drama that no one had ever faced, she was still able to make sure that the rest of the day went perfectly. The ability to juggle like that was amazing.

Vendors came and went without us realizing that they were around - things showed up as planned and were paid for as planned without my wife and I having to miss a beat of our amazing day. Everything was timed perfectly and every detail was exactly as we imagined it. We remain eternally grateful for her calm amidst our storm.

If you are considering wedding coordinators, we HIGHLY recommend you hire Cassandra. She'll make sure your day is perfect.
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Maya Myers Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My wife and I HIGHLY recommend Maya. Maya's work is incredible and we were amazed at what she captured at our wedding. Maya made us feel comfortable in front of her lens and I think our guests felt the same way. We are nearing our first anniversary and still look at the pictures with a combination awe and amazement. She caught so many beautiful moments that day, and also did a fantastic job of capturing the small, unplanned, spur of the moment things that made the day special. We have them forever thanks to Maya.

The pictures were pure perfection, but working with Maya was also great. From our first meeting with her, she was easygoing and understanding, but there with great suggestions and ideas for us. Maya made sure we were comfortable with everything planned. Maya scouted out our outdoor location the day before the wedding, at the same time the wedding would take place, to make sure they were no lighting issues. It's that kind of attention to detail that made us rest easy knowing that Maya would be shooting the wedding. Maya was calm in the midst of the wedding day chaos and seemed to blend in, sneaking around, capturing the great moments. We're lucky to have gotten her for our wedding. You'd be lucky to have her for yours.
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