Aug 01, 2009

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I initially wanted Amanda to be my day of coordinator because of her experience, but she was unavailable. Amanda referred me to one of her assistant, Alicia. I was a bit unsure since I wanted someone with a lot of experience. My now husband and I decided to meet with Alicia since their price was very reasonable. And after meeting with Alicia, we booked her. She was greatvery professional, enthusiastic, and sincere. A few weeks later, there was some change of plans. Alicia notified us that she would only be able to be there for our ceremony and not for the reception, but she highly recommended Miriam (another one of Amandas assistant) to take over during the reception. That took us by surprise, because we just wanted to work with one coordinator. We met Miriam and she has the type A personality, which is perfect for a planner. Alicia and Miriam assured us everything would go smoothly and surely it did. Alicia contacted me exactly a month before the wedding and started helping me plan. She is very prompt when replying to emails and I thats something I look for in a vendor. Some vendors out there after you book them, they kind of disappear. And you wonder if the recession got to them and are they out of business or are they just too darn busy to reply to one of their clients?? Alicia would respond to my emails a few times a day because she checks her email that many times. =) The ceremony organized by Alicia was perfect! Everything went as planned. All the flowers were in place; the string trio were queued to play the right songs at the right time; basically all the vendors were where they were suppose to be, either setting up for the reception or at the ceremony and Alicia made sure of that. Alicia had to leave right after the ceremony and she came to say goodbye and I was sad to see her go. Miriam handled the reception very well. We made some schedule changes at the last minute during the reception and Miriam was on top of it and made it look like we had it planned all along. Initially, I was a bit skeptical on how things would turn out with the changing of the batons between Alicia and Miriam, but on that day the transition was so smooth, I didnt even notice. Im a very organized person, and I was very, very pleased with my wedding day. In the beginning I mentioned I was hesitant on booking Alicia because of her experience, but when working her she made it seemed like shes been doing this for years. Alicia has great and warm personality! I highly recommend Alicia and Miriam! Very professional!!
Services used: Wedding Planning