Dec 31, 2011

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One of my hubbys' best friend and GM designed my shoes. I absolutely love them! I have decided that I am going to wear them for every anniversary! 

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Our guest said they had a BLAST! Our wedding was over at 1:30 and we partied until 2a. After that we went into the Presidential Suite and partied some more. We had the whole 20th floor, with the exception of two rooms, to our selves. All of our guest were on that floor. We did not sleep until 8a! The hotel was nice enough to give us a late check out.

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Our reception was one of the best moments in my life! Everyone said they had a BLAST!!!! We were supposed to do a sparkler exit and didn't cause  we were having too much fun. It was great!

I just wish our photog captured how blingy and romantic our reception was. The good thing is that our guest said it was beautiful and it really was!!!

I Instigramed some pics to make them a little better.



Our food and service was AMAZING! Our guest continued to tell us how delicious it was. As we walked to each table to greet everyone, we observed their plates and all or most were empty! No lie. Lol! We also had a Fajita and Nacho and dessert station that was served at Midnight.



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I wish someone would have captured our Cocktail hour! : ( Our cocktail hour included having butler passed h'orderves: Seared Tuna and Jerk Chicken Empinadas, Fruit and Cheese station and two signature cocktails. One was a Peach Martini because I am from Georgia and the other was Apple Martini for my Hubby being from New York. I did not see it, but EVERYONE said it was AMAZING!

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We completely forgot to pull out our aisle runner! Lol! But that's okay.

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So we did it! We got married on December 31, 2011! We really had a blast. So much love and excitement was in the air. My photographer Christopher Brock and his apprentice Leigh Anne were on time and professional. However, they did not capture some of the best moments and details of my wedding. Like my bling on my tables, our chandeliers and drapes. Our centerpieces and uplighting. They did not get good pics of my bouquet or our kids. Our video was not good AT ALL! But other than that there are some good pics. I have a mix of their shots and our guest pics! Our makeup artist, Sunyana and her sister were THE BEST!