Apr 30, 2011

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Thinking for my hair a soft, loose, swept, youthful, hair.

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Finally had a chance to sit down for more than 2 hours and really nail out some things for the wedding. I wanted to start early before all the holiday madness comes up.  I really wanted to create an early feel for the guest we are invited that our day is all about celebration and using our creative talents to put together a wonderful wedding.


I ended up making our Save the dates that are going out on Tuesday.  Truthfully, the invitations only cost us $2 dollars to buy the streamers, since we already had envelopes, paper, and a laser printer at home. So no expenses were used. But I estimated that if you were to create the invitation yourself, it would cost under $30 dollars for overhead.

Let the DIY begin photo 1


I also created the horay banner out of left over felt i had from a craft project a year ago, as well as a ribbon spool I bought at jo-anns for under a dollar. I will be posting the project on my blog from this point on if you want any instructions.

Let the DIY begin photo 2

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I snapped some photos today of my ring. I might start up a blog to keep track of all the planning and projects I am doing for this budget wedding, as a record.


The ring photo 1

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I'm not big on frills or ruffles. I'm more of a modern minimalist at heart. So to keep to the theme of Art Casual since the wedding is to be held at the Art Institutes modern wing, and the reception at our loft/work space. My dress is absolutely "me" (my mother finally saw it on me, and absolutely agreed), and the bridesmad dress is perfect for the mix and theme, plus I didn't want to stray to far away from her being comfortable and her dress being "her".


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Official photo 1

About mid-last week....

Incredibly tough week it has been. Between overload in getting my small business going, re-budgeting both his and I's spending abilities, because I quit my day job to focus all my energy fully onto my photography business and illustration work, while at the same time, him going away for the weekend for a convention in Seattle. Its been madness in the household. I've also came to the news that my grandma was not doing so well.

He proposed! However, it was one of the worst moments that he could have gotten down on one knee to ask for my hand in marriage. He initially had a huge elaborate plan to propose to me near halloween with a huge celebration one of our friends was planning on having (he runs a record label) and have my dear friends who are in a band come into Chicago from LA to perform there side band (a cover mariachi band) and ask for my hand in marriage. But between us deciding on moving out West, and the question of my friends having the opportunity to come to Chicago (since they travel 11 months out of the year, and will be coming just back from Australia) he decided to make it happen in a more initmate moment, where he surprises me at the front door, waiting on bending knee with the ring out in front of him.

What he didn't know, was that his timing was impeccable, since I was on the other side of the door on the phone with my mother in full tears on hearing the news that my dear situ was in terrible state and will be passing on soon. So here I am on the phone on one side of the door, and him on the otherside on his knee, knocking...

I open the door to let him in, and seeing him on his knee witht he ring in his hand stating in the speel to asking for my hand in marriage, only heightens my emotional moment to greater tears, a HUGE choking breath to catch myself and even harder tears that I was completely speechless! His face went from a great smile to a sunken heart, knowing well now that something tragic had happened (but was concerned it was my mother), that the actual proposal was put on the backburner for the moment while I collected myself, and he finishes being on the phone with my mother getting the information. It wasn't until I was able to tone down my tears and my breathing and talk to him for a few moments about the plan of what could or couldn't possibly be the plan on heading back home for her, that between my saddness of knowing my situ is passing on, and the warmed smile and joy my heart was feeling of being proposed to, that I finally said to him in a deep embrass, "let's try this again", that he got down on his knee and asked for my hand in marriage.

So, its we can officially plan the wedding. But not until the mess of the loss of my grandmother takes place. I think we are heading to Michigan this week, when I finally get the "call" from mother. My grandmother is in a coma now, but still is still kicking after the doctor said Monday of last week that she wouldn't make it through 24 hours.

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The dress has been secured. As well as the location.

I can't believe I found my dress, for one, online without ever seeing it in real life, B, on sale, and C, first one I tried on and fit perfectly and said it was "me". I should mention sale, and an additional 10% off with a promotion code from the stores credit card.

Location: will be held in our huge loft apartment since almost everything will be packed up and stored before we move. I have a wonderful, wonderful best friend who is coming in a week early to help any last minute touches, and a incredible photo stylist friend, who I work with often, who is making a switch to wedding planner, so I secured her, as well and promising tons of photos for her portfolio, that I will photograph myself. Best part: Free

Invitation designs: That is all on my fellow. He is the talented graphic designer, and I do freelance illustration, so that will be a combo of our talents, but all the printing, design layout is all on his end..Though, from what he is describing, it will be chaotic.

Decor: Free, since I have tons of giftcards to various craft stores lined up. Not including all the craft items I have laying around. I love being thrifty as well, so little items I need will be found at thrift store.

Maid of Honor: dress found instantly on modcloth and it only cost her $54 dollars, though, she instantly loved it and will plan on wearing it a bunch afterwards.

Now just to worry about a menu, decor theme and choices, deserts (gluten free, rice free, soy free, since I'm allergic), flowers, groom(mens) outfits, accessories, thank you cards, and little gifts.

This is fun!