Jul 31, 2010

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Dan's family is pretty big, mine is very tiny. I have more extended family and best friends who were my family growing up than actual relatives. With the exception of my parents and my little sis I don't believe any of them would come into town.


I want a very small wedding, think 50 people max.

We are going to compormise.

With just immediate family plus Dan's aunts and uncles and cousins because they're all really close. 2 families that I grew up calling aunts and uncles and us and the bridal party our final count for invited was 70.

We are having a church wedding and a small formal reception.

After we get back from the honeymoon we are having a "celebration picnic" with all the other people
(200 of them) that we want to celebrate with. I have made it clear no presents just come and hang out and have fun with us thats all we really want :) It will be nice to relax a little bit.

Our colors are pink and yellow and I'm a DIY nut. I'll make sure to post a bunch of pics

Our formal reception will be at Holden Arboretum at the Lantern court Estate- its this awesome 1860s mansion and grounds. We are using the mansion for the cocktail hour and the attached arcade fort he reception. they even tented the patio for me so we can use it as our dance floor.

Our flowers will include pink and white peopnies, pink and yellow sweet peas, white and pink orchids, yellow roses and white anemones. I'm doing all the flowers myself.

Our favors are: little ivory boxes filled with buttermints, ties with a yellow ribbon with little pink elephants hanging from the top, mini bottles of maple syrup (which my Dad makes) with pink and yellow tags, clear square filled votives (yellow wax) with a sparkley "N" on the front tied with a pink ribbon.

There were just too many awesome favors out there I couldn't choose just one.

We're doing a candy buffet in the mansion for the cocktail hour.

Dan is a car guy- he grew up with his grandpa restoring antique cars -our pace card holders are silver elephants and little antique cars.

Sooo many details...

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8 weeks after our "official first date" 6/7/09

We went to church with my family and Dan said he was taking me to our local zoo

I was super excited because I have a crazy love for elephants- they're huge but so beautiful and gentle!

So after church we head to the zoo we get there, he buys the tickets and turns around to see a huge sign that says, "Elephant Habitat Closed until Summer 2011"


He flipped out! I was liike, "Ummm...."

I went to the bathroom and he called my MOM! He said he was just letting them know the elephants were closed incase they decided to come to the zoo

He acted funny all day I was really starting to wonder about him... maybe he was a little crazy and this whole thing wasn't such a great idea....

On the way to take me home from the zoo he said "Oh lets go to the ark and we'll meet up with Jeremiah (his best friend) and Amanda (his finacee)

I said okay and we headed to his favorite park

When we got there they werent there yet so Dan said lets go fro a walk

We walk back into the park by the pond and there was yellow caution tape and heavy construction equipment everywhere

Dan was pissed!

Finally we sat on a bench over by the pond and he just kinda looked down and muttered"Whatever"

I asked him what was wrong and he looked at me, "You know how much I love you right?"

"Of course baby, I love you too"

At this point he gets down o one knee," Rachel, I love you more tha I have ever loved anyone will you please do me the honor of being my wife and making me the happiest man in the world?"

I stared at him for about 2.5 seconds and got down on my knees and said yes and kissed him as he put a huge sparkley diamond ring on my finger


PS His plan was to propose in front of the elephants and I'm so glad he didn't wait until they were back!!!


We went to my parents then his- my mom went to the disney store at the mall and got me a Dumbo since we couldn't see te elephants :)

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Fast forward to 4/7/10

We finally exchanged phone numbers after I said, "I am single"

We count this as our official first date anniversary even though we didn't go out for 5 more days.

He took me to this adorable little wine bar on a Friday night- his father was in town so he had a drink with us then left. I figured we'd have 1 more drink and I'd be on my way. We ended up talking all night and closed the place down.

He didn't even hug me good night it was inda nice to take things a little slow... didn't last for long though....

That night when I got home and text messaged him that I had made it just fine (so cute that he was worried)

He text messaged me back offering to be my "partner in crime"

I got nervous but took a leap of faith- I <3 him!

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I started my new job 12/2008. 01/2009 was super fridgid and we live in the snow belt. 1/13/2009 the fire alarm at work went off. someone put a fan belt on the furnace backwards and it caught fire. Our entire building (all346 employees) had to be evacuated.


It was the coldest day of the year.

When they finally let us back in we were all freezing and had to wait in a common area- we couldnt return to work until the rst of the buidling was cleared. For an hour he was less than two yards away and everytime I looked up he was looking at me.

Finally I asked on of the guys
I work with, "Who is that, does he really work in our building? He is way too cute for that!"

Later that week a bunch of us went out for drinks after work and my riend brought him and introducedus, "Dan this is Rachel, Rachel this is Dan"

We hit it off but both of us had some pretty bad ex's so we left it at just friends for then....