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Hello Lovely Ladies!

Sorry I didn't get to be on prior to my wedding however I had my husbands family come in as early as the 26th of December. So I was on vacation for 12 days and my goodness it didn't even seem like it there was so much things to get done before the wedding.


26th- Husbands family got into town and we took the 3 (FIL & CIL's) out to dinner.

27th- Took one of my BM's out to look for her shoes, jewelry and undergarments, and my goodness did she drive me crazy, lol. When we got home I had her sort the cocktail napkins by color coordination and fold the programs.

28th- Continued to take the same BM to look for her last minute stuff, at this point I was ready to give her a piece of my mind if she hadn't found something, mind you she managed to lose her cell phone @ the mall the night before so it was a nightmare of her wanting to back track the mall even though she knew it was long gone.

29th- One of my bff BM's arrived in town and boy was I thankful for someone to be here that was closer to me, that night I made Bride & Groom Chocolate Dipped Pretzels as the Rehearsal Dinner favors and my bff BM and I cleared out the pantry and computer area that was full of wedding stuff to be taken to the venue the next morning.

30th- My mom & brother arrived in town this morning and the minute they got to my house I had everyone loading my moms SUV with all the wedding stuff that was going to be taken to the venue. Being that the city/venue we were having our wedding at has a NYE Block Party every year we were forced to have our Rehearsal Run Through this day as well. We all got packed in our cars and headed to the venue to decorate and later have our Rehearsal. When we got the the venue people were sweeping off all the water from the rooftop being it had poured the day before, they still hadn't taken off the so called white tulle off the poles of the tent, however the venue coordinator said I should do a tester with the white on so it'd give the lights and colored tulle I was using a "POP," I was hesitant at 1st because I didn't like the white fabric but I still tried it and we all loved it. So once we decorated and set the tables out the way we wanted them we began the rehearsal. Boy was rehearsal frustrating, my FIL was marrying us and 4 days prior to rehearsal I gave him the program so he could see the order of things, do you think he even looked at it? Let alone he wasn't even prepared with his book to read from, OMG hubby and I was so irritated. So we wrapped that up but we weren't satisfied so we said we'd do another run through at our house the next day. We hosted our dinner at our house, did a toast to those who were in attendance, and passed our gifts of appreciation out. Since it was one of my BM's birthday as well we all ended the night at a Jazz Bistro, where we danced the night away and were even congratulated by the band playing, once they announced our soon to be wedding everyone all night kept coming and congratulating us; it was a nice gesture.

31st- So being that hubby and I were a lil irritated with his family, we decided to wake up @ 7, get ready and sneak out. We picked up our car rental, went and visited at my moms hotel room, and then met everyone back at our house. All the ladies went and got pedicures @ 12 and all the guys left to the barber shop! After everyone was done with our last minute things we came back to our house and did another practice run through and made sure everyone was on one accord, again we were very irritated with FIL because of how he was acting and not being prepared. Later that night we were all trying to figure out how we would be celebrating bringing in the New Year, and knowing everyone was on a tight budget and the clubs coverages were expensive my lovely mother decided to buy all kinds of drinks and appetizers and we invited everyone who was already in town over our house. Thankfully everyone was gone by 130am so I was able to get in bed by 2am and get the rest I needed.

1st- OMG the big day finally arrived!!! Got up, got ready, 2 of the BM's & I left to the venue so I could make sure the last things were in place and set up to my liking. When I got there the venue was finishing up there final touches so my family and I set out the chairs and linens to the tables and as the centerpieces were ready we had them placed on the tables. Everything was starting to come together and time was flying... My cousin who gifted the cake showed up and we had discussed the final touches of the cake and set up, but of course 5 other people had to put their 2 cents (not sense lol) in and try and make a big deal of me wanting the cake on the stage after the ceremony, I finally had to get bridezilla and tell everyone except my cousin to back off and let her and I deal with what was in agreement. As time went on, all us ladies got ready and glamourous, I will admit I was the bride who didn't eat anything and during my hair being done I felt like crap so the venue coordinator grabbed me a sandwich and said to munch on it, ya right I ate the whole thing lol. Guys were ready and pics were taken, ladies pics got take, mom forgot to put on her mascara so she ran back to put it on, and about that time it was the ceremony start time (I was a bit lost because I didn't hear any music being played which should have started 30 mins prior to the wedding while guest were arriving, so I sent someone to let the DJ know we were ready) everyone was in place and ready to start. At this point is when it all hit me I'M GETTING MARRIED OMG... Nerves came over me but I just took a deep breath and was ready to face my man!The ceremony was beautiful, I didn't cry but I did get choked up a lil while saying my vows, some things did get forgotten but at that point it didn't matter! The rest of the night flew by, pictures taken, food was great (we got plenty of compliments), we individually thanked everyone for coming... After our 1st dance Hubby and I had a surprise for my mom were we would dedicate Carrie Underwood “Mama Song” to her, it turned out that my mom contacted the DJ and requested the same dedication and song! The DJ was blown away and had never had this happen in all his years, it sure was nice. Let's just say it was an emotional moment... And from there on the party started! Marriage is great! I'm loving every moment and feel even more closer to my husband than I've ever felt!!!

Thank you for reading!


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So my hunt for a dress will begin on July 31st @ my appointment @ David's Bridal. So far I have fallen in love with a few styles, but one that sticks to me is #9V9665

Dress photo 1Dress photo 2 I was searching for dresses online this weekend and showed on of my BM's and she was like omg I'm in love with it, she started to tear up and said I couldn't look anywhere else because this is the ONE!!! lol

Update 8/3/10

So this past weekend was the start and end of my dress hunt! Of the 4 dresses I tried on some included a Pick up Ball gown dress that I never thought would have actually looked good on me, but it was the back that I didn't like so much, had the back not made me look heavier that probably would've been the dress...So needless to say my BM was right, the dress I had showed her and got her to tear up was THE ONE!Dress photo 3Dress photo 4Dress photo 5 I absolutely love all the beading lace! I cannot wait to be able to wear it! SOON!

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So we recently went to Isaac Jewelers In Scottsdale, AZ and selected the ring that I had shipped from the designer to the jeweler! Rings photo 1Rings photo 2And here it is! Ring by Tacori! Absolutely love it, I'm a huge huge heart fanatic, so when i saw it I fell back in love! Cannot wait for the day that my better half puts it on my finger!


My FI is also white gold with 3 black diamonds on the top! Don't have a pic being that we're getting it custom made!


Update 8/3/10

So we were supposed to be putting the down on our Ring Molds, but unfortunately we were unable to due to a family death so were hoping by the end of this month to get that done!


Update 10/21/10

So we didn't end up going with this Tacori Ring after all. I loved the heart and vintage look, but fell in love with another Bling beauty @ Jared's...

Here she is! Can't wait to finally wear her!

and here is Fi's ring!  he love's black diamonds; I think this ring fits him very well, he didn't want to be left out of the bling look! He said "since you have bling I should be able to too"

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(So thankful this planning is done and over with)



So I started wedding planning about 3 months ago and so far everything is falling into place. We never actually set a budget, but just by everything it seems we are staying on a affordable track. We are booking our Venue this weekend, but we do already have our Photographer (Mandy Reed), Videographer (Tim Plummer), DJ (Andre Haymore), and Caterer (Patrick O'hare) booked! I can't believe how fast time is flying, I do really need to get started on what I'm going to do with decorations, still gathering ideas.

Our theme is Faith, Hope, and Love! And everything that has to do with a heart shape!

Colors: Lapis (dark purple), Black, and Silver!


Update soon!

Update: 8/3/10

- Booked our Venue

- Selected our Flowers and Arrangements to be made

-Purchased all (15) Centerpiece vases

-Purchased some different jars for the candy buffet

-Decorated a DIY card box

-Got BM's cosmetic bags done

-Decorated DIY Wedding Broom  (Just need more ribbon to make a bow)

Now I need to finish buying centerpiece supplies (Floating Candles, Gems, Votive Candles & Holders) and start on printing our programs and whatever else is to come!

More updates to come!

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So... My fiance planned for the proposal to be extremely special on the day of my childhood dream come true concert "George Strait," although we had originally had family coming with us he thought it would be extra special to propose that day, of course that didn't happen... Needless to say he ended my dream come true concert with... "Babe I love you forever, will you marry me?!"... During that week I had a woman's intuition that it was going to happen soon, being I had just talk to my mother about getting married the night before, but never thought it was going to happen over night... So needless to say I was super shocked all I could do is look at him, giggle, and ask 5,000 times (lol) "are you serious," poor guy after waiting on bended knee I of course said YES!!!