Jul 24, 2011

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He was a customer of the bank I had just started working at and I must say I had a bad crush on him.  I had just got out of a crazy relationship and was enjoying being single and it was kind of fun flirting with him.  As far as I knew he was in a real crazy relationship too but it was serious and he was in love with her.  So I continued to get butterflies every Friday (his pay day) around 6:30pm when he would come in to cash his checks.  Him and his uncle were big time real estate agents and I knew he was older than me and come to find out by 11 years. So it was like he was unattainable or something but he was really nice and sweet and I enjoyed the rush I got when he came around.  Any how I moved on and got into another little fling nothing serious just passing time and he somehow ended his relationship during this time.  A good friend of mines who work at the bank called me up front one night b/c "he" was there and wanted to talk.  So he was like How are you and blah blah oh and what is your phone number.  I just sat there stuck probably mouth dropped opened looking like an idiot.  We laugh at that now, but anyways I gave it to him quickly and he gave me his.  He waited to walk me out of work and I am getting in my car he his and he stops me like Do you mind if I can get a lift to the gas station, I am outta gas.  I am like is this guy serious, did I mention he is a goof ball.  So of course I did couldn't leave MY  NEW MAN out there like that. haha lol :) We get back from gas station (he filled up gas canister and everything) and he gets in his car and pulls off (note never pouring gas in tank) leaving me stuck once again.  We have been together since then that was September 13, 2004.