Aug 31, 2012

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The best early Christmas present, EVER!

** Again, this is copied from our website, so excuse the 3rd person. **

The proposal was very low-key, very 'them', and very, VERY shocking. B totally caught S by surprise, which she honestly thought couldn't be done! Needless to say, she had been waiting for that day a very, very long time.. and, she was pretty much expecting it! Y'know, almost 9 years in the making.. it was about time to get the show on the road, lol.
It happened on Christmas Eve 2009, around 8pm, after they arrived back at B's parents' house from a neighbour's annual party. B asked S to come help him organize stuff in their guest room, so that their daughter had a place to sleep on the floor (she was originally in another bedroom, but Grandma had arrived, so the bed went to her). They figured that out, they made their bed, and after they had a little 'YAY for teamwork!' moment (cheese-tastic!), S was hugging B..

S told him she loved him, B told her he loved her, and BAM! He pulled out a ring box, asked, "Would you love me any more if I gave you this?", and opened the box..

There was no official asking (yet), nor did S cry.. she was just shocked..

** Keep in mind that over the last 9 years, B had always told S he'd never propose on a holiday, birthday, or any other day that may be special, 'cause he saw it as too cliché. **

B put the ring on S's finger, and stated, "I'll take the silence as a "yes"?"
She was a little bit taken aback, 'cause honestly, she wanted the formal asking, so she joked that he didn't even ask the question. He countered with something like, "Do I really need to?"

Looking back, he really didn't have to ask (um, hello.. it was obvious what the ring meant at that point, even if she was shocked beyond belief), but he then formally, officially asked those 4 special words--"Will you marry me?, slipped the ring on S's finger, and she graciously accepted (obviously.. I mean, there was absolutely no need to make him grovel.. or wait 9 years for a response! HAHA). Actually, her acceptance was more of an, "OF COURSE! OMGGG, BABEEE!", but, whatever. :P

Fun fact: Both B, and S's fathers proposed on Christmas Eve, as well.

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They say that one day, you'll meet someone, and suddenly know why it never worked out with anyone else.

** Note: this is copied from our wedding website, so please excuse the 3rd person. **

Reader's Digest condensed version: they met online.

But, we all know people are sucker for details, right?

Long story short, B messaged S one evening in September of 2000 after reading in her ICQ chat profile that she was at 'So-and-So College' studying Hotel, and Resort Management. His father just so happens to be a professor at said college, in said program, and B wondered if S had him as a teacher--she didn't, but her baking teacher was/is one of B's younger brothers' godfather. Small world! It's a good thing S had changed her career path from Early Childhood Education, or their chance 'meeting' wouldn't have happened. Best. Decision. EVER.

The pair chatted for months, both online, and on the phone before REALLY meeting in January of 2001. They had a standard coffee date, which was then followed by a drive around town, where B showed S all the places of importance to him--where he had lived through the years, where he went to school, played soccer, etc., etc.--the night didn't end until the wee hours of the morning, after a movie, and a 3-hour-long chat in S's driveway..