Aug 18, 2012

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I was working as the asst. manager at Jamba Juice and I interviewed and hired Tom, little did I know that I was interviewing my future love ;D We became best friends, everything felt easy and natural when we were together. For almost a year we would race each other to work every morning then he'd sit in the bathroom with me while I did my makeup & we would just talk and laugh about anything and everything. He would do things like go puddle stomping with me in the pouring rain in the parking lot of Jamba Juice with everyone watching us like we were crazy. We quickly became the highlight of each others day, so when he told me he was offered an electrical job and that he was quitting Jamaba Juice it broke my heart. It was then that I realized he had become more then just a best friend, and luckily he felt the same way about me! We were both a little apprehensive about risking our friendship at first, but with some wise words in a letter from my momma and a big shove from God we decided to go for it, and we have been counting our blessings ever since!! <3