Sep 05, 2009

Diamond Castle
( 2.4 / 5.0 )
I’ve been to the jewelry store on RT 9 in Marlboro NJ. “DIAMOND CASTLE” looking for wedding bands after the ENGAGEMENT RING that we bought from them with a help from another PERSON that’s not there anymore.
Although my experience in the store was OK and the selection was good, I was very disappointed in the staff. not all of them ,as I said we were helped with our E/R before and loved it so much, but one person in particular goes by the name of LINDA .she was unprofessional ,loud ,arrogant ,snobby .but best of all, or should I say ”WORST OF ALL” dressed so reveling and so (STREET LIKE) that I was embarrassed to go back with my boyfriend again to look at the bands that we asked to see earlier .
We can all agree that there’s a difference between “Elegantly” sexy, and ………… a word I refuse to use.
One advice for you guys out there; be selective of who you deal with, and definitely no LINDA.
Services used: Jewelry
Diamond Castle
Dear K C,

I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience while shopping for your wedding bands at Diamond Castle. Looking through our other reviews, it is obvious that your experience here was not the norm and you, yourself, said that you purchased your engagement ring from Diamond Castle and loved it so much that you returned to buy your wedding rings here as well. On that note I am disappointed and surprised by the exceptionally low rating you gave us overall.

That you were displeased with your interaction with one of my sales staff is extremely unusual and the point I felt needed to be addressed in particular. Linda has been with my company for over ten years and, during that time, I have only ever seen her be pleasant, friendly, and courteous with every customer who has walked through our doors. Additionally, she is a person who consistently goes out of her way to make sure that each of her customers is truly happy with his or her purchase. If her personality were such as you describe, she would not have been in my employ for ten days, let alone ten years. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and Linda has always been a strong example of that. And her dozens – if not hundreds – of loyal clients who always ask for her personally and recommend her to their friends would agree with me as well.

I recognize that everyone, at one point or another, has an “off” day and, perhaps, unfortunately, you experienced one of the rare days when she was not at her best. However, as the store owner, I would have appreciated it if you could have let me know about your experience in person at the time it actually happened, rather than anonymously – many months later – in a forum where it is impossible for me to rectify the situation. Indeed, the discrepancy between the vague description of your experience (the absence of any specifics was duly noted) and the actual personality of this highly valued and respected staff member – not to mention the rather long delay between the alleged event and the posting of your complaint – makes me question its actual validity.

We take all of our reviews – the positive and the negative – very seriously here at Diamond Castle as part of our continuing effort to create the best jewelry shopping experience we possibly can. In the event that this is an authentic review based on an actual experience, I sincerely apologize that you were so dissatisfied with your second visit here.


Maurice Payami
Owner & President
Diamond Castle