Aug 28, 2010

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Hair inspiration photo 1

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Lots to do photo 1

Photo taken from the Holy Name website


Well at least I have some major things knocked out! Here are some wedding details:

  • Church: Holy Name of Mary (San Dimas, CA) (Photo Above)
  • Reception: Doubletree Claremont
  • Photographer: Michael Negrete
  • DJ: Musical Creations (Manny)
  • Cocktail hour entertainment: Mariachi Estrella

Thats really all I have completed for the wedding! YIKES!

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Im having a hard time finding shoes because they cant have a big heal and need to be a size 11 wide. Ive decided that I want them to be grey or silver satin because the groomsman tuxes are grey. Luckly I found a few pair I like on zappos.com but i still cant bring myself to purchase a pair...argh!


The Frontrunners: http://www.zappos.com/romantic-soles-cole-grey-satin

A VERY close 2nd: http://www.zappos.com/romantic-soles-geneva-silver-satin

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Bridesmaids dresses photo 1From Davids Bridal. The girls will wear silver shoes with the dress. This dress is very flattering on all body types!