Aug 07, 2010

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I love my florist she's amazingly creative and 'gets' what I want.

My first meeting she decided to do a trial wedding bouquet.

My theme is a british seaside wedding, wind swept, natural, sun bleached, vintage, mismatched, Edwardian.

Jane really got me and I can't wait to see the wedding flowers  as they are massively important to me.

Pictures of my trial bouquet

My bouquet photo 1

My bouquet photo 2

My bouquet photo 3

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I've fallen in and out of love with my dress numerous times, Like a new relationship I think it's was a case of being scared of getting hurt !

I'm the most indecisive gal your ever meet, I can never make my mind up ( I'm a nightmare to take out for Dinner !)but the first time I met my dress it was love at first sight.

I chose Blue by Enzoani Anchorage, a Satin and Tulle dress with beading.

Dress and accessories photo 1

Front details.

Dress and accessories photo 2


Dress and accessories photo 3

Back details.

Dress and accessories photo 4


My other big passion in life is shoes !!!,

I decided to go for coloured shoes as i really wanted to wear them again.

I love a designer called Rachel Simpson so went for Mimi in Emerald. I love these sooo much, there so comfy and the fit is amazing.

Dress and accessories photo 5


I've decided to make my own veil, I've always liked the idea of a long silk veil which I can pass on to my daughter ( if I have one !!!).

So I'll be making a single cathedral length silk veil with Swarovski crystals dotted over the veil to add a bit of bling.

something like this :

Dress and accessories photo 6



Vivenne Westwood accessories, dangle earings so going to hold off on the necklace.

Dress and accessories photo 7

I'd like a braclet so watch this space.





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I love my venue, I always used to say when I was growing up I'd love to have my wedding there. Well now I am !!!

It's an impossing Hotel on the sea front of a traditional British seaside town. Built in the late 19th century in red brick.

The Grand Hotel, Lytham St Annes UK

The Venue The Grand Hotel photo 1

St Annes Ballroom where our reception is too be held.

The Venue The Grand Hotel photo 2

The reception desk, I can't wait to walk down the stairs in my dress. :)

The Venue The Grand Hotel photo 3




The Venue The Grand Hotel photo 4The Venue The Grand Hotel photo 5