Jul 08, 2011

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All inclusive Ceremony & Reception at

Floral centerpieces

All other table decorations - DIY by the Bride with help from family

The Tables

The Reception photo 1

Centerpiece by Le Petit Garden all other DIY by Bride

The Reception photo 2

full of fun activities to keep the little ones busy

"A Cake That Tells A Story"


Hansen Cakes

We had no idea how to cut this cake.. LOL

The Reception photo 3

The Reception photo 4

The Guest Book or Guest Painting Project

Both of us are artist and most of our friends are, too.  So, to bring out the artist in our family and friends, we decided to display a big raw canvas with jars of paint, brushes, mixing trays, and aprons and let our guest run wild with creativity.  We took the final piece and enhanced it; it now hangs on the wall of our family room.

The Reception photo 5

The Reception photo 6

The Reception photo 7

Out DJ - Al Jackson of Soul Children

Soul Children



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All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 1

All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 2

(above) Ladies of Honor: Stacey, Imani, Bianke, Tiffany, Jewell, and Shelby

All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 3

(above) Our 3 little flower children: Ariyan, Gabby, Alyssa

All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 4

(above) All of us together (this was actually taken after the ceremony)

All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 5

(above) The MEN: Chris, Bomani, Lyle, lil Mathew, Rasta (the groom), Anthony, Kenny, and Charles

All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 6 All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 7

(above) My handsome husband and his daughter (my new daughter). Aren't they beautiful?

All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 8 All Dressed Up Ready For A Wedding photo 9

(above) Mommy and Rayna helping to get me into my dress 

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Bride's hotel: Malibu Beach Inn,

Before The Ceremony photo 1

Before The Ceremony photo 2 

Above pictures of my hotel and the view from outside of my suite balcony

Before The Ceremony photo 3

Before The Ceremony photo 4

Make up by Tammie Lee of TamiVision

Before The Ceremony photo 5 Before The Ceremony photo 6Before The Ceremony photo 7

Hair by James Williams of Se'maj Beauty Studio

Before The Ceremony photo 8

The below picture really shows how beautiful my makeup was

Before The Ceremony photo 9 

Mother of the Bride Dress by Macy's

Brides Dress by Therez Fleetwood 

Ladies of Honor Dresses by Aria Dress

Before The Ceremony photo 10

Before The Ceremony photo 11 Before The Ceremony photo 12 

Brides Necklace by Rasta Asaru Escott El (my husband, his gift to me right before wedding)

Bangle by Charles Dickson (Artist)

Shoes by Victoria Secrets (the best buy EVERY only $28 on sale)

Before The Ceremony photo 13 Before The Ceremony photo 14Before The Ceremony photo 15

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Flowers and arch by

Sacred Alter provided by Priestess SemSut Sa Beset

Ceremony Decor photo 1

Ceremony Decor photo 2

Ceremony Decor photo 3 Ceremony Decor photo 4

Ceremony Decor photo 5 Ceremony Decor photo 6

Ceremony Decor photo 7

Ceremony Decor photo 8 Ceremony Decor photo 9

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Invitations in a bottle by

Response, accommodations, and directions cards by, DIY'd by my husband.

Art by Rasta Asarus Escott El, Invitation by Hanson Ellis 


an Art by HUEMANITEE creation 

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Friends and Sister of Honor THANK YOU note cards

YEY... I've finally completed the thank you cards to my brides maids.  I had already asked verbally and they accepted.  So, I decided to send them some nicely made thank you notes instead. YEY... I'm mailing them off first thing in the morning.

What I ve Done So Far photo 1

Save The Dates

So, we finally finished our STDs and sent all 210 of them out on 9/16.  Rasta did the design, printing, and cutting of the back boarder card stock.  I did the cutting of the vellum, hole punched, assembled, stuffed, addressed, and mailed them.  Here is the final product..


DIY save the dates DIY Save the dates


Okay, the FH thought I was OUT OF MY MIND for doing these.  but after 2 months, lots of revisions, and plenty of red wine, I finished them and mailed them on 1/3/11.  I've already received phone calls from our friends and family about how lovely the letter was and it got everyone all excited and ready to go shop for their outfit. :)

Oh: the cost to send out my newsletters = $53.00 in postage.