Jul 03, 2011

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Other than our STDs and our Invitations I have a few more DIY projects up my sleeve. Some of them have been altered to allow for time restraints (we're moving a month before the wedding so I couldn't do EVERYTHING).

Originally I wanted to buy canvas tote bags and screen print them myself with my Yudu. Then the $1 canvas tote bags I found were out of stock and I needed to order, so I went searching. Wound up at 4-Imprint which we've used at work for totes and screen printing so I knew they'd do a decent job. They were running a promo so we got screen printing for free! One less thing I had to do myself! Hooray!

I wanted to give tote bags because plastic bags are the bane of my existence and reusable totes are ALWAYS useful, I can never have enough lying around at any given time. So here they are:

DIY projects photo 1

Navy blue magazine tote with white imprint. I thought I'd tie them up with ribbon and add a little tag. Got some really cute suggestions for what to write on the tag and wound up going with "Here's to a tote-ally fabulous night! Thanks for coming!" And then on the other side it says "Love, Jason & Elise"

DIY projects photo 2

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I had my hair trial with Timeless Updo's Kristen the first weekend of May. She's fabulous. She's very sweet, and really knows what she's doing.

I brought along with me a photo I found on Stephanie James's blog of another bride whose hairstyle I really liked.

Hair photo 1

Gorgeous! Right? Source.

I do not have a lot of hair. In fact, I have very little. I've been growing it out as much as possible and I've been taking vitamins and trying to be very good to it. I still don't have enough I don't think.

Here's what Kristen came up with:

Hair Trial

This was after about 45 minutes in the car with the windows down. But the tulips look fabulous so I thought I'd share.

Here are some photos immediately after getting my hair done:

Hair photo 2

After the fact I was thinking about it and I love the style still but I think I needed more drama. We needed to do something with my bangs to frame my face a bit better. It was then that I came across this bride on Ruffled and I knew what I was missing was that vintage little twang I've been adding here and there to the wedding.

Hair photo 3

Victory Curls!

Like, hello, what was I thinking, OF COURSE this was what I wanted in the first place!

Hair photo 4

She's even wearing a Priscilla of Boston dress! (Melissa Sweet, but close enough)

I spoke with Kristen and sent her the photos and she was all for trying something more vintage the day of the wedding. I'm so excited I can't tell you!

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I love my friends.

No really.

My friends are flipp'n fantastic and I'll tell you why.

When I said I wanted to do the Awesome 80s Prom for my bachelorette party my friend's didn't look at me like I was crazy. No! They didn't think, wtf is wrong with you, why would you want to relive the 80s? No! They didn't scoff at me and tell me it was stupid to get dressed up and hit the town like we did the time warp again.

Instead they rose to the occasion, and boy, did they EVER turn it out for this party!

My fabulous cousin Jaclyn planned everything to a T, organized the girls, and got e-invites out to everyone, all while she was preggers. She couldn't join us day of (nursing a baby is kind of killer on your social life) but she was a very integral part of this fabulous event. Day of, Casey took the lead and hosted 8 girls in her house (we actually were expecting more than 12 originally but some NH ladies stayed in the City instead) and if ever there were an event for Casey to be on point, this was it.

She went all out. I showed up at her house and this is what I was met with:

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 1

Slowly but surely the girls started showing up and
we started teasing and spraying like crazy.
I think this is why all photos from the 80s are mad blurry,
because of the hair spray in the air!

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 2

When everyone was dressed we walked to the LIRR station a few blocks away.
But not before snapping some fantastic photos.


Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 3Chrissy & me, she had the most fabulous dress!
I was going for the Madonna rolling around the floor in a wedding dress look.


Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 4The sister, the soon to be sister, Meg, and me.


Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 5Is it just me, or does Julianne look FIERCE in this photo.
Totally loved the Joan Jett look she was going for.


Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 6Chrissy killing it.

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 7Singing along to Madonna on the train.

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 8We made new friends, they took our photo.


Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 9She loves rock and roll.
Subway to the prom!

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 10I love the lurker in this photo, and his expression to Casey trying to lick my face.


Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 11The ladies of the Shire!
Chelsea, Meg, Kerri, Hana, and Jenn look'n fab.

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 12Although I'll be Jason's wife after July 3rd, Veebs has been my Wifey since college.

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 13Rock'n out. I just realized Mel went for the Sloane Peterson look, LOVE IT.

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 14Laura and Casey take a breather.


Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 15Smashley got a second chance to wear her Gem dress!
Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 16I like this one mostly because you get a good look at the fanny pack Casey wore.
It was epic.
Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 17And here she is with her killer dance moves.
And yes, she wore a thong leotard.
And yes, people were coming up to her all night long telling her:
"Damn, you've got balls."

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 18And like classy bitches we bought more beer in Penn Station.
And drank it from brown paper bags on the ride home.

Awesome 80s Bachelorette photo 19
So I had the sweetest little conversation with Amanda no the train ride home. She was basically just super excited that she'd finally have a sister, which I thought was so incredibly sweet of her to say. She grew up with two older brothers and no in-house female cohort.

Julibean and I pretty much told her we're a package deal, and that she's getting two sisters for the price of one. Amanda seemed okay with the deal :P

In review:

  1. Top night!
  2. I have the greatest friends EVER
  3. If you decide to go to Prom, make sure you buy a package with drinks included. Trust me it's worth it! Amanda bought a round of shots and it was like $50+ ...for 4 shots. We assumed they'd be crazy NYC drink prices, but $18 for a shot is a little overpriced and the drinks in the packages are only like $5-7 each.
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When it came to Jason and my STDs I knew I wanted to do something so over the top quirky and us that people would open them up and be like, well damn, that is SO them!

I can't remember where I first saw it but I came across a couple's wedding invitation that were printed on long skinny posters and basically it was the story of their seven year relationship and how much of a whirlwind it was over the years. Not only was it funny and a little silly, but it was also a brilliant piece of typography. When I saw them I knew THAT was what I wanted to do, so I set out to make a fun little story of us.

This is what I came up with:

DIY STDs photo 1
(Click to enlarge)

Originally I was going to get some shiny white/off white mid-weight paper to print them on but after some drama finding it I wound up with 400 11x17 sheets of the Astrobright Glisten and figured I might as well use what I had on hand instead of buying more.

Here they are, in all their majesty!

DIY STDs photo 2
They were mailed in 5.5"x5.5" Astrobright Celestial Blue envelopes.
I designed and printed mailing labels on adhesive paper, mimicking the dotted washi design.
Our return address is on the back.

DIY STDs photo 3

DIY STDs photo 4
DIY STDs photo 5
An STD cost analysis:

  • Paper - As I mentioned before, it was difficult to track this paper down. I really really wanted the Astrobright Glisten paper that matched the blue dotted washi paper I had my heart set on using for details. Because the paper was discontinued I had to buy a whole case of it which was 400 sheets. Each sheet came out to about $0.50 and I made two STDs on each sheet. I believe I made 84 STDs, so I used 42 sheets. Grand Total = $21.
  • Envelopes - I purchased these envelopes from I have always found envelopemall to be easy to work with and I go to them to purchase samples often. These envelopes specifically came to about $0.11 a piece (when you add in shipping and taxes). I used 82. Grand Total = $9.02.
  • Labels - I purchased Astrobrights Print & Stick Adhesive paper. It came in a pack of 30 for $10.85 from which comes to about $0.36 per sheet. I used 14 sheets for the labels. Grand Total = $5.06.
  • Postage - Since they were square and slightly heavy, postage was $0.64. I guess what I saved on not buying any additional paper I paid for in postage. Grand Total = $52.48.
  • Printing & Cutting - Was free. I was able to print the STDs at work and a family friend who works at Kinkos cut them down to size for me because he's awesome. Grand Total = $0.

STD Grand Total
Including postage: $87.56
Individual price: $1.07 ...Not bad!

Not including postage: $35.08, if only I could have hand delivered all of them! They would have only cost $0.43 a piece!

I've already gotten a few phone calls from family members and txt messages from friends saying how much they loved our STDs. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to hear that when I worked so hard on making them special.

Now we get down and dirty and start making invitations!

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I have had major dress drama. I haven't been able to find ANYTHING.

Went to David's.
Went to a local boutique.
Went to Kleinfeld's.


It's nearing the end of the year and we're getting married at the beginning of July. Something had to give. I absolutely adore Stephanie James Couture dresses but nothing felt right when I tried them on at Kleinfeld's. Since their samples sizes were a size 6 I barely fit into any of them and I couldn't get a vision in my head of what it'd look like at all (and I have a VIVID imagination!)

I made an appointment at a place in Philadelphia (the next closest store that carried Stephanie James) but they wouldn't have the dresses until a trunk show on January 22nd. I made the appointment hoping that I would order something at the very latest the last week of January. And I also made sure that they'd have size 12 sample sizes in all of the dresses I wanted to try on.

Meanwhile, I wanted something to fall back on if I couldn't find anything on the 22nd. So, this Saturday (December 18th) I went with my sister and my mother to Priscilla of Boston in Manhassett. Marlene was my consultant and shopping with her was like shopping with my grandmother's best friend Fay. I liked Marlene a lot and she sat me down and basically tried to get to the root of my problem and figure out why I hadn't found a dress yet.

I told her I wanted a tea length dress because the wedding is in July and most of the other dresses I tried on were suffocating and I wanted to die inside them. We pulled a few and I did it! I found my dress!

The Dress photo 1

Priscilla of Boston, Style Drew

Things I wanted that this dress had:
-Sweetheart neckline (to make the girls look fabulous)
-Tea length skirt that poofs out at the right place
-Some fun crinoline
-Made me not want to die inside


Here I am actually IN the dress:

The Dress photo 2

Obviously it's a size or two too small. And I was like freaking out so my face is bright red...BUT!

They are going to make the dress special with DDcups instead of Bcups and they are also going to add about 2" of fabric to the top of the dress so it the rest of it sits properly on my torso and hips. I cannot express how happy I am that I finally found my damn dress!

Just imagine it with blue shoes and possibly some big glittery blue pendant...maybe the Hope Diamond is available...


Update! 5/23/2011
My dress is in! And it fits like a glove!

It doesn't need any hem (hellz yeah tea length!) it doesn't need a bustle, and it doesn't even really need any other nip or tuck. That is unless by June 6th when I have my final fitting I don't magically lose three inches in my waist.

The shoes are freak'n fantastic. (Pour La Victoire, I hunted them like a mad-woman for months) and I think although, not the Hope Diamond, the London Blue pendant I bought on eBay works well. I just need a bracelet and possibly some slightly dangled earrings. I have some in mind.

The bracelet I really want is actually from the Simthsonian:

I'm hoping Jason gets the hint I've dropped through my sister and his that he'll get it for me as a wedding gift. It isn't horribly expensive and it's just so darn sparkly!

Still waiting for my veil to come in, I ordered it late because I couldn't decide. It's a Christina Eaton birdcage veil with a beaded flower comb. It's absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see it!!!

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We took our engagement photos back in early November but we finally got some low-res files in. I'm so excited! Our photographer is the very calm and talented Heather Bomh-Tallman who serves (mostly) the New York Capital Region.

We decided to do all the photos on campus (RPI-where we met) and the trees were BEAUTIFUL. Here are a few of my favorites!

The first few were taken in the Quad a stone's throw from Jason's old room

e session photo 1 e session photo 2 e session photo 3 These next few were taken on Sage right outside the Quad e session photo 4 e session photo 5 The Approach! e session photo 6 e session photo 7 e session photo 8 e session photo 9 Somewhere on 8th Street e session photo 10 Back at the Approach, this time from the top, these two are my all time favorites... e session photo 11 e session photo 12 Downtown, an alley somewhere behind Franklin Plaza e session photo 13 e session photo 14 This is one of my favorites from the whole day: e session photo 15 e session photo 16 Back on campus, outside the DCC e session photo 17 Saying hi to Erik Jonsson, founder of Texas Instruments e session photo 18 A little bit of EMPAC e session photo 19 e session photo 20