Nov 07, 2010

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We cannot thank you all enough for making our dreams come true on our wedding day ^_______^v

Will be working on my reviews soon...


Venue: The Ranch Golf Club in San Jose, CA:

Venue Coordinator: Satra from the Ranch Golf Club --> now Evets by Satra!!!!

Photographer: Ken Kato:

Florist: Nicole Ha:

DJ: Henry from Big Fun DJ:

Officiant: Kathy from Heartfelt Weddings:

Cakes: Jen's Cakes:

Photobooth: Funtastic Photobooth:

Uplights: Marimar:

Ice Cream Bar: Coldstone Creamery:

Hair: Tomo from D & H Hair Salon:

Makeup: ME!

Dress: Dori Anne Veils: & Mariel's Bridal Boutique:

          Sottero & Midgley:

Dress Alteration: Cathy Marie from Alameda Sewing Cottage:

Limo for family: C & M Limousine:


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Hi everyone!!! Welcome to my PW site. Planning a wedding was no joke... but it was definitely worth it. I admit, I had many bridezilla moments... poor Jaehee! haha Being a budget bride, I had a lot of DIY projects (tons of researching & coupon shopping), and PW certainly gave me insipirations. Because we both wanted our wedding to be unique and memorable, we incorporated tons of unusual & fun surprises!!!! Seriously, you CAN plan a wedding without a wedding planner, just takes a lot of work (thankfully, we had an AWESOME venue coordinator!)!!! Unfortunately, it ended up raining on our wedding day, but that didn't stop us from having a FUN-tastic Time!!! And, thanks to our dearest family & friends and awesome vendors, we were able to have our dream wedding!! I hope you'll enjoy my PURPLE madness (yup, I'm a serious purple addict) & get inspired ^_____^v


** "FRIENDS ONLY":   many entries are made "friends only". I'll only accept members with active PW pages. let's be friends!!!!!!!


** If you use an idea or photo of mine, PLEASE credit me & my photographer, Ken Kato and provide a link back to my bio. (Most photos will have his logos on them, will switch to final proofs later) Thank you!!!!!

--> you can check out more photos on our photographer's awesome blog:


Welcome to My Page photo 1    Welcome to My Page photo 2    Welcome to My Page photo 3



Welcome to My Page photo 4 Welcome to My Page photo 5

Welcome to My Page photo 6  Welcome to My Page photo 7



Welcome to My Page photo 8  Welcome to My Page photo 9

Welcome to My Page photo 10  Welcome to My Page photo 11






Welcome to My Page photo 12  Welcome to My Page photo 13


                                                                                           --> I love this RAIN shot!!!


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So, again, we didn't want to do a typical slide show showing our photos... Jaehee was in charge of this project!! I participated in the filming a bit, but Jaehee came up with the whole script and took nearly 6 months to film & edit everything with our dear friend (who also helped me with the soju tower!). Our friend edited it up until 3pm our wedding day (ceremony was at 4pm)!! I wasn't allowed to watch it until our wedding day... I had NO idea he was filming the first funny part & making a music video using our favorite K-pop song and our footage for me!! It was super HILARIOUS yet SWEET.  We ended up surprising each other (me with soju tower & him with this video) on our wedding day. Thank you, baby!!! You are the BESTEST!!!!!


**** Jaemayu Wedding Video ****       Enjoy!!! ^______^v



Video photo 1  Video photo 2

P.S. Jaehee is not a chef... he just LOVES cooking!


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Custom made engagement & wedding rings. My gorgeous e-ring has 2 purple sapphire side stones!!!! Surprised me with this beautiful e-ring at midnight on Christmas Eve/Day!!! Both rings have so many blingy stones all around. Yup, I'm spoiled. My baby did SUPER good!!!! ^___^v


Ring photo 1  Rings photo 1

Ring photo 2  Rings photo 2


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** Sottero & Midgley Adorae  


Dress photo 1   Dress photo 3  


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      Color Palette photo 1     Color Palette photo 2     Color Palette photo 3