May 28, 2011

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Cake Inspiration photo 1Cake Inspiration photo 2

Cake Inspiration photo 3Cake Inspiration photo 4

So you can probably see the theme here...all white, little dots for texture and decorated with flowers (white hydrangeas). I posted the last photo because it shows the shape of the cake that I want...I'd rather have a cake that is lean, tall with more tiers rather than a "fat" cake with less tiers (that last photo is also my dream cake but I have enough common sense to realize that it's not worth it to spend the money on all of those sugar flowers).

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I found my shoes! I stumbled across these lovelies this past week (1/26/11) and had to have them.

Bridal Accessories photo 1Bridal Accessories photo 2


They are actually a little darker in person, which wasn't really ideal but I just love them. And my dress is ivory so I think they'll look nice..besides we'll only be getting a few photos of my shoes, the rest of the time they'll be hidden under my dress. I also love that I can wear this after the wedding too because they're my style of shoe I'd wear to weddings and more formal events.

And I got my earrings!

Bridal Accessories photo 3Bridal Accessories photo 4

I had found these months ago but I wasn't ever ready to buy my jewelry yet. But every time I looked I kept coming  back to these, so I took the plunge and bought them. They're from nyjolejewlllery on ETSY. So I haven't seen them in person yet,  but I think I'll love them, I can't wait to bring them to my next dress fitting!

I'm not wearing a necklace, so the next up on my list is a bracelet...

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So I went around and around and around on whether or not to design my own STDs or just order them through a website. I spent a few good hours on photoshop making some pretty sweet designs (or rather making knock offs of seriously overpriced STDs from Minted)...until I started uploading the designs to Vistaprint and 123print only to have the resolution be too low to print or they just looked terrible.

So when I found out that Wedding Paper Divas had been having some really good discounts lately and I had a promotion code for free shipping, I just decided to get them there. We got 180 STDs for $126...with the way their current promotion was going, it was actually cheaper for us to get MORE cards for LESS money, so we went with 180 even though we probably only need about 165.

So for your viewing pleaure, here are our Save the Dates!

Save the Date photo 1Save the Date photo 2

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I didn't think I'd do it, but I've realized that I want to keep some details of the wedding a surprise for our guests and I don't want my fiance to stumble across my dress...sooo only SOME pages are friends only. I love having new friends so if you'd like to see the rest, add me!



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So I wrote this up before finding THE DRESS but still thought I'd share what dresses were top contenders at each place...there were quite a few!

Trip #1 - Bay Bridal - Traverse City, MI

The Dress Contenders photo 1The Dress Contenders photo 2The Dress Contenders photo 3

Maggie Sottero Janet // Maggie Sottero Adelaide // Moonlight J5704

Trip #2 - To Have and To Hold - Traverse City, MI

The Dress Contenders photo 4The Dress Contenders photo 5The Dress Contenders photo 6

Wtoo Eva // Watters Cordoba // Wtoo Arial

Trip #3 - David's Bridal - Portage, MI

The Dress Contenders photo 7The Dress Contenders photo 8The Dress Contenders photo 9

David's Bridal Collection  WG3029 // David's Bridal Collection WG3026 // Oleg Cassini CRL277

Trip #4 - Memories Bridal & Evening Wear - Kalamazoo, MI

The Dress Contenders photo 10The Dress Contenders photo 11The Dress Contenders photo 12

Sottero & Midgley Adorae // Sottero & Midgley ASM3243 // Maggie Sottero Melissa Bouquet (all ivory)

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at Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica!

Honeymoonin photo 1 Honeymoonin photo 2

 And some of the goods I've purchased to wear for the week...