Apr 18, 2011

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Kevin and I met through an online dating site. I did not post a pic of myself because I was just browsing and seeing who was looking for friendships. When I first came across Kevin's profile, I was like he lives too far from me, but for some reason I found myself back reading his profile. A couple of weeks went by and we decided to meet halfway (Exit 63) in a public place. Shortly after that we decided to go on our first date. Carowinds!!!! It was fun until I decided not to ride a ride after we had been in line for about an hour. I was soo embarrassed and scared to ride the ride at the same time. Im glad he understood, but gives me a hard time about it now.

Our friends did not get this story. We told them that we met in a mall, because I was not wanting them to know that I was on a dating site. Lol....Oh well, we will tell them soo enough or they will find out if they come across my page.

How We Met photo 1How We Met photo 2

We just took our E Pics Saturday. I cant wait to see all of them, but below is one for a sneek peak

Excited Bride photo 2