May 07, 2011

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I'm just getting time to post a recap. Married life can be crazy! :) We're leaving for the honeymoon tomorrow, so I thought I better get on it.

Our plan was to have an outdoor ceremony, but the weather forecast just kept getting worse the closer we got. We made a decision to just move everything inside to avoid having to figure it all out the day of the wedding. It was disappointing, but I just tried to roll with the punches. We had a ton of things go wrong in the week leading up to the wedding that I don't even want to get into because everything turned out in the end. Here is my brief recap!

I woke up at 4am, and I was too hyper to sleep anymore. My mind just wouldn't stop racing. So, I decided to just get up and try to be calm. Yeah...easier said than done. lol Our ceremony was at 11am, so I really didn't have that much time to kill. I had to head out for my beautification at 8, and I was going to my stylist's new salon that I had never been to. That was my first mistake. I got totally lost which threw everything off schedule. I wound up arriving at the venue about 10 minutes after the ceremony was supposed to start. Oops! DH called about 10 times because everyone was teasing him about me being the runaway bride, and it was making him nervous. lol When I finally got there I just ran in, got dressed, grabbed my bouquet, and got the show on the road. I was absolutely shaking!

We didn't do a first look at DH's insistance, and I have to say that it did make that first moment magical. As soon as I saw him the entire room disappeared. My nerves were gone. He was already on the verge of tears. I honestly couldn't tell you who was there or what happened other than what we said to one another.

Here are some ceremony pics.

The Big Day photo 1The Big Day photo 2The Big Day photo 3The Big Day photo 4The Big Day photo 5The Big Day photo 6

Our pastor was wearing the neck brace because he had some big medical issues going on. He actually spent the 3 days following our wedding in the hospital. :(

After the ceremony we went outside and took tons of pictures. I don't even know where to begin on posting them! I'll just go with a few of my favorites.

First, a pic of us with a very good and crazy friend though.

The Big Day photo 7The Big Day photo 8The Big Day photo 9The Big Day photo 10The Big Day photo 11The Big Day photo 12The Big Day photo 13The Big Day photo 14The Big Day photo 15

Ok, I'm tired of uploading pictures now! lol I'll post more after the honeymoon.

We opted to have just a lunch and mingle reception, so most of the people were gone by 3. This is exactly what we wanted, and we felt like we really got a chance to talk to everyone in a way that we wouldn't have with a more typical reception. We went out to have more of a party later that night. 

Will add more later! 

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We're having our wedding & reception at the Plymouth Conservation Club.