Jun 28, 2007

On Bended Knee Films
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Yay for wedding dvds! It took some convincing for hubster to agree on a videographer, but he's very glad he caved. Jeremy was wonderful. He's unobtrusive; we didn't even know he was there. And yet he captured EVERYTHING. And I have to say, I loooove our montage. We had a few elements of Star Wars in our wedding here and there, and Jeremy took the initiative and used Star Wars font on our montage. AND he did credits, with the Star Wars music. And it's fabulous! We were laughing, we loved it. It's something we wouldn't have asked for, but I'm so glad he did it! I even had some recent issues with my maid of (dis)honor, and he went the extra mile and edited around her. Perfection! Highly recommend
Services used: Videography

Blooming Designs
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Renee was fabulous. She was able to work well within my budget, and our flowers were gorgeous. I'll be honest, shopping for flowers was not a high priority of mine; no one cares about the flowers except the bride, and I was a pretty carefree bride, so I couldn't really be asked to give much input. She had fab ideas, and I have to admit, I really loved the flowers. My only input was that I wanted red gerberas used a lot, especially in my bouquet, and I wanted my girls to have multicolored gerberas, and they were gorgeous! Highly recommend
Services used: Flowers

Heather Cantwell Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I LOVE Heather. We loved her work, but that's not the only reason we booked her; we also loved her personality. We wanted someone that would be able to really blend in with our crazy friends, and wouldn't stand out as "the photographer", and she fit the bill. She captured a lot of moments that I was completely unaware of, and she did it beautifully. Some of our friends and family have even commented that some of our street shots look like something they'd see in a magazine. She made us look so glamourous!! She also did our e-pics, and initially I didn't even want to do e-pics, but they were stunning as well. She's been on time to everything, and we've received our finished product well within the contractual time given. She's been fantastic for us. I only wish we still lived there so she could take some b-pics while I still have the wedding bod :-) Highly Recommend
Services used: Unique Services

On Location Beauty
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Sherry was originally to do my hair and makeup, but she ended up pregnant and due on or around my wedding date. Eh, it happens. All I could be is happy for her. Her assistants stepped in to save the day! Kali was great at the hair trial, but I didn't LOVE my hair. I finally decided what to do with my hair a few days before the wedding, and kind of sprung it on her when she got there, and it didn't faze her a bit. She went right to it and it turned out beautiful. It held up well till almost the end of the night. My super-straight super-fine hair will always persevere over the most heavy-duty product; I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did! She also did the hair for my bridesmaids and mom, and they all loved it. I didn't pick out a hairstyle for them, I let them pick what they wanted, so she had a LOT of variety to deal with. She dealt with all of our personalities well, and we all had great hair. Tessa was the go-to makeup person. And she did all of us, and she rocked it. I loved my makeup. I wanted something natural, but made up. I know... how specific, right? And yet, she figured out what I wanted and I looked fab! I wish my MOH wouldn't have chosen such whorey makeup, but hey, that's on her, not me. Best of all, we were all done and ready to go well within the time parameters. Highly recommend.
Services used: Beauty & Health

The Victorian
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I can't say enough good things about The Vic. We wanted something that was "one stop shopping": ceremony, reception, food, cake booze. We initially wanted The Vic, but we thought it was too pricey. However, after pricing out several hotels for what we wanted...The Vic was a bargain. Even better, it was 4 blocks from where we met, which made it easy to hit the bar for our afterparty. Our coordinator there, Mandy, was a dream. Since we had to plan the bulk of the wedding from Texas, she was a lifesaver. She was fast on returning my calls and emails, always had an answer for me, and even talked me down when I was freaking out. The location itself is beautiful, and we saved a lot of money on flowers, because The Vic already looks decorated. We were hoping that the food at the wedding would be as good as the food at our tasting, and it was simply divine. We had so many compliments about the location, the food, the decor, everything. Highly recommend.
Services used: Wedding Venue