Nov 08, 2008

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Special thanks to all my vendors!
Reception Location – Westin DC City Center

Wedding Coordinator – Alex Pare from Cherry Blossom Weddings and Events

Photographer – Jaime Windon (aka the Blonde Photographer)

Videographer – Matt Buerhaus

Flowers – Helen Olivia

DJ  – Chris Laich

Bagpiper – Tim Kirkpatrick

Makeup – Kimberly Steele 

Kilt Rental – The Scotland Yard

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We couldn't believe how fast the evening went by! We started with a cocktail hour and had our friend Kevin James play some lovely Irish folk music. Before we knew it, it was time for introductions, dinner, toasts, and then some crazy dancing! We ended the night with a great send-off from our friends and family and an enthusiastic petal toss!

Celebration Part 2 photo 1

Celebration Part 2 photo 2

Celebration Part 2 photo 3

Celebration Part 2 photo 4


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After some quick portraits at the church and near the Mall, we headed back to the hotel for cocktail hour!

The Celebration Continues photo 1

A few shots of our table cards (named after cities we love) and our candy bar!

The Celebration Continues photo 2

More detail shots!

The Celebration Continues photo 3

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I was really nervous while we were getting ready, but once we got to the church, the whole world became still (except for the bagpiper!). My nerves faded once we walked into the church and we had a near-flawless ceremony. Only three minor glitches: 1) the church coordinator queued the music early -- while one of the BMs was in the bathroom! 2) my veil fell out during the ceremony, but the husband, quick thinking that he is, grabbed it and stuck it back on my head where it didn't move until I took it off at the start of the reception! And 3) our ring bearer choked, but he still looked really cute!

The Ceremony photo 1

The Ceremony photo 2

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We had an evening wedding, so we had all day to get ready at the hotel, which was a good thing because the time flew by!

Getting Ready photo 1

The girls had fun in the suite getting ready, and we snacked all morning long on a trolley of treats sent up to us by the hotel manager.

Getting Ready photo 2

My niece was sooooo excited to ride in the limo for the first time!

Getting Ready photo 3

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I loved how our epics turned out...thanks to our very talented photographer Jaime Windon! We started out at the Capitol Building and a bright and sunny September day...

E pics photo 1

E pics photo 2

Later, we moved on to the 14th street area, where we took some more casual shots after a quick wardrobe change! We loved how everything came out!

E pics photo 3

E pics photo 4