Sep 25, 2010

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Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 1Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 2Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 3Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 4Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 5Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 6Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 7Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 8Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 9Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 10Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 11Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 12Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 13Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 14Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 15Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 16Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 17Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 18Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 19Bachelorette was AWESOME photo 20

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Sarah from does AMAzing work...

Thanks Sarah!

Monograms photo 1

Monograms photo 2


Monograms photo 3

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I told my florist I want a “basketball” of a bouquet…and overwhelming abundance of white flowers…I love hydrangeas and peonies…I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.


Here are some inspirations...

abundance bouquet photo 1abundance bouquet photo 2abundance bouquet photo 3abundance bouquet photo 4abundance bouquet photo 5abundance bouquet photo 6

Sources: Charmiw's bio, Dave Richard's photography, KLK Photography, Photography by Jennifer, Jojo082909's biography, Wiggy Flowers.


A little bling for my bouquet...

abundance bouquet photo 7abundance bouquet photo 8abundance bouquet photo 9


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**First I have to say I adore my FI because he really makes my dreams turn into a reality**


At first we thought that we weren’t going to spend money on getting each other a wedding gift but then he kept insisting that he wanted to get me something so we agreed.


I asked for a laptop, diamond earrings and a tennis bracelet.  He asked for an IPad, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Citizens Watch.


He decided to give me mines early even though we had agreed we would exchange gifts at our Rehearsal Dinner…so the day he gave it to me I just KNEW I was getting a laptop..I saw the box in his room and I “accidentally” felt the heaviness of it and assumed it was my laptop which I was very excited about…well to my surprise it was a dream come true…my NIKON D90 with more than 6 lenses and everything you can think of!!!

I think I started to hyperventilate but I NEVER thought I would get this. I’ve been saving for years to get this…My passion for photography is INSANE…I LOVE taking pictures…Love documenting my nephews lives throughout the years..I am know as the photographer in my family so this was seriously a dream come true…and that’s why I say I love him so…I tell him my dreams and he turns them into reality…I am SO blessed.


My early wedding present photo 1My early wedding present photo 2My early wedding present photo 3My early wedding present photo 4My early wedding present photo 5

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My family is everything to is my beautiful mom, dad, and two older sisters..yean I'm the baby..

I love my family photo 1

Both my sisters have three kids 5 nephews and niece are all in the wedding. I LIVE for them...they are my babies..

I love my family photo 2(Top Left, Kristian 17, Christopher 12, Joshua 22) (bottom left, Justin 8, Cassandra 7, Anthony 9)


I love all of them but Justin steals my just tugs at me a tiny bit more.

I love my family photo 3

My 17 year old nephew Kristian was diagnosed with testicular cancer on 10.13.09..we were in SHOCK and absolutely devastated that someone as young as him could be going through this. Through a lot of prayer and faith he has fully recovered and is now healthy as ever. GOD IS GREAT!

I love my family photo 4

My oldest nephew Joshua is such an amazing young man, a gentle giant..He was born a preemie at only 6 months and weight a meir 3 lbs and now look at him at 6'5" and he's on his way to becoming a state trooper.

I love my family photo 5


Christopher is my middle sister's oldest and wow this kid is a genius.. No one would ever believe the conversations he and I have had. He's going to be the next DOMRICAN President (he's Dominican and Puerto RIcan)

I love my family photo 6

Anthony is 9 and he is a feisty yet the most loving little boy. He's super sweet and I love how he is so protective of his little sister. He LOVES animals and I love that about it.

I love my family photo 7

And Finally my little princess Cassandra...such a girlie girl...she never leaves the house without her purse..gotta love her.

I love my family photo 8


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In my culture we usually do a "little bride and little groom" to represent the bride and groom. My little bride is my cousin’s daughter, Briana. She is a HAM...this little gem is 3 ears old and is so incredibly smart. She's been practicing the walking down the isle..and she is super excited.

My Little Bride photo 1

This is her dress...except it will be an ivory. We put on a temporary veil and tiara just to see what it can potentially look like and she was such a diva she did not want to take it off!

My Little Bride photo 2My Little Bride photo 3My Little Bride photo 4