Nov 19, 2011

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Here's some shots of the Atlantic Beach Club where we are having the reception. It is so beautiful! I moved my desired date of September to more affordable November just so I could have it here!


These are a few shots of the cocktail hour area:

Venue photo 1           Venue photo 2


And here are some shots of the main dining room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean (trust me, my amateur photography does not do the place justice):

Venue photo 3Venue photo 4Venue photo 5Venue photo 6 Venue photo 7

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We wanted to be able to spred the word about our wedding website (kirbyandmike.projectwedding.com) and let the guest know about the discounted room block that we reserved for them so we made our own save the dates. We made postcards using our home printer and double sided photo paper. If we had to do it again, we owuld probaby take it to Kinko's or something to be printed because of the cost of printer ink, but they came out cute none the less.


 Save the Dates photo 1Save the Dates photo 2


We designed them in photo shop. We took a picture of each of us when we were about 4-5 years old, and a picture of us together in the middle (I'm only explaining this because my very good blonde friend wasn't sure who the kids were!). 

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Flower Girl photo 1girldress4less S1041

I got this dress on eBay for $21.99, and its beautiful!  We took the flower off and got a sash from David's Bridal in Marine.

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In an effort to not spend so much money on flowers, I made my centerpieces non-floral. I got 20 hurricane glasses ($8.99 each) and 20 ivory pillar candles ($1.99 each) from Christmas Tree Shop.  I got blue glass marbles as fillers from Michaels on sale ($1.50 each). 





I looked everywhere for cobalt blue votive holders, and couldn't find them anywhere. So I ordered cobalt blue shot glasses with our names and the date of the wedding and melted the wax to make candles in the shot glasses. 

     DIY Centerpieces photo 1   DIY Centerpieces photo 2

     DIY Centerpieces photo 3   DIY Centerpieces photo 4

We shaved the candles with a cheese grater. After 6 hours only only getting about 20 finished, we wrapped it up to finish the next day. The process became much more efficient the next day when my dad got involved. We started melting the now quartered candles directly in a pot on the stove and kept it in a crock pot till we needed it. With this new system, we did about 100 of them in about 2 hours. 

To keep with the cobalt blue theme, I'm saving blue Luna di Luna wine bottles to use as table numbers. This is just a mock up me and my FI made up:

                       DIY Centerpieces photo 5                                           DIY Centerpieces photo 6

I also had everyone I know collecting wine corks and made place holders for the escort cards. I just hot glued the 2 corks together and wrapped each with a piece of ribbon. I was going to cut a slit in the top of them to slide the card in, but the cork was too hard to cut, so we wrapped some thin wire around a pencil and stuck those to the back as well. 



I got this decorative crate at Homegoods for $40. A can of spray paint later, it became my card box!





My glitter frames! My favorite project so far! I got some paper frames and stands at Christmas Tree Shop, "shallac"some glitter on them! 







Tissue Flowers:


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These are my Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid dresses. ( The color is a little distorted, its a dark navy blue)

Bridesmaids photo 1

And I'm thinking of having the girls wear gold sparkle shoes like me, or just navy blue shoes. 

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Surprisingly, I found my dress at David's Bridal on my first shopping trip! My mom and I were going just to try on some styles to see what looked best on me, before we went bridal boutique hopping. My sisters wanted to go, but we thought there was no point in dragging everyone, because I wasn't going to find my dress that day. 

I tried one dress on, it was okay but nothing to get excited about. Then I tried THE dress on! I absolutely fell in love with it! It looked so cute on me. My mom thought that this seemed to easy, so I tried on a third dress for her, and pouted the entire time I was wearing the third dress. I put the second dress back on, decided on it, ordered it in ivory and I was on my way!

 My Dress photo 1Crystal Beaded Edge IVORY ELBOW length  Bridal wedding veil Swarovski Crystals Shining Rocaille Beads

Etsy is an engaged girl's best friend (next to Project Wedding!). I ordered my veil from BellaBridalVeils on Etsy. It is so delicate and absolutely beautiful! (http://www.etsy.com/shop/BellaBridalVeils)



My Shoes, Dasha from Romantic Soles (Zappos):

They have little heart shape grippies at the bottom!

My Dress photo 2


My earrings were ordered from Pookie and Pierre on Etsy. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/PookieandPierre)

ON SALE Pearl Earrings - Golden Swarovski Crystal and Ivory PearlEveryday Pearl Bracelet

                                                                           Bracelet is from Etsy too! (http://www.etsy.com/shop/tbyrddesigns)



 http://www.etsy.com/people/PerfectGarter?ref=ls_profileLOVE IT!!!!!

 Ivory and navy blue satin garter set