Jun 30, 2012

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MOH: April- Bestfriend/partner in crime :)

BM: Jamie- FSIL

BM: Cortney-Cousin

BM: Emily-She's like a sister to me

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I wanted a kitten so bad and I finally talked FI into getting one. We went from shelter to shelter before we gave up because none of them had any kittens. I was having a bad night and not only that, I had to go to work. FI knew I was upset so he came into my work and bought kitten stuff. Well on my break I got ahold of my stepdad and his girlfriend told me her kittens were ready to go home. When I left to get the kitten, FI had put roses on my seat in my car, and I called him and told him my surprise was better. Meet Bella (yes, she wears clothes, but only in winter-time) (:

The Furbabies photo 1 


Couple of months after I got Bella, my stepdad's girlfriend's cat had another litter of kittens, and since we wanted Bella to have some company during the day since FI and I both work, we got her a playmate. Meet Gabby! (She got her name because the first day, all she did was meow)

The Furbabies photo 3 



Isobelle is our newest addition!!  I actually adopted her at the bridal show July 31st at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh! :)


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Once upon a time… haha just kidding. Back in 2004, a tiny family-owned Italian restaurant opened up down the street from my mom’s house.  I used to go in there every day on the way down to the park because there was a cute dish washer that worked there. After a couple of months, the owner, who is a close friend of my family, decided to introduce us.

Jason and I were kind of the typical love-struck teenagers where during the weekend, we would talk all night on the phone, he’d come to my house and we would sit outside and talk for hours, and we would never stop texting each other.  

Our first date was the most exciting day of my life (at the time of course)!  I made my mom drive me to the mall just so I could get a cute outfit. We ate at Wendy’s and then went to the movies and watched The Terminal (dumbest movie ever in my opinion). Afterwards, he dropped me off at home and I was in love.

Unfortunately, things got a little tense between my mom, Jason and I for a couple of reasons. We lost contact for a year, and things settled down at my mom, we got to talking again only to find out he was dating this girl. They were off and on for about 3 years and when we graduated they were broken up. Unfortunately I was going off to school 3 hours away so I knew things wouldn’t work out between us, but we always kept in contact. Towards the end of my sophomore year, I came home one weekend and ran into him. He invited me out to a bonfire and our relationship picked up from there. Since May 9th, 2009, we have been officially back together, and since we’re both in our early 20s, we’re on track with how we want our lives to be.

The Beginning photo 1 Junior Yr Homecoming. We're on the far left.

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So, Jason's brother wants to take our official engagement pictures, but unfortunately he lives in North Carolina, and we wanted to send out engagement Anouncements, so my friend Lillian offered to take some for us.

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