Mar 28, 2009

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Sorry, but we have no proposal story. Hold on though, let me explain...James and I have been dating for more than 10 years when we decided to get married. Yup, that's right, WE decided to get married. I know it sounds a bit untraditional, but that's just what has always made our relationship so great.  Besides, I never wanted a formal, get-down-on-one-knee type of proposal, especially since we have been dating for such a long time. I think that those types of proposals are beautiful and wonderful, but it just a bit pretentious for us. Our friends have asked us plenty of times over the years when do we plan to get married, but we never felt pressured by their questions.  We always knew that we would one day get married, so it was never a question of "if" but more a question of "when," and we always wanted the "when" to be just right. 

So this is how our story goes...One day during the Summer of 2007, James and I were sitting around and I happened to have a calendar on the table. I was just flipping through it and got to March 2009 and realized that our anniversary landed on a Saturday.  I turned to James and said, "honey, guess what, our anniversary is on a Saturday in 2009." He responded in is always relaxed and casual way, "Why don't we get married then," and that's when James and I set the date for our wedding, March 28, 2009, our 12th anniversary.

The timing proved even more perfect when my grandfather took our birthdays to the Buddhist temple to verify our compatibility and calculate the lucky and unlucky days for our wedding. We never really intended to change the date of the wedding based on this, but we wanted to observe our traditions a little bit and have my grandfather do this for us. It only made it more perfect when my grandfather came back and told us that there were only 2 lucky days in 2009 for us. March 28 and some day in November. We don't really believe in any of superstitious stuff, but it was nice to know that even the buddhist monks approved of our wedding date.



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James and I met in when were both in high school, I was 14 and he was 16. We slowly became friends and then began to "like" each other. He finally got the nerve to ask me out, of course with some encouragement by yours truly, on Friday, March 28, 1997 and we've been dating ever since.

Isn't that amazing?! We are high school sweethearts. I sometimes can't believe that we survived high school and college and everything in between. I guess its because we always knew that it was meant to be.