Oct 23, 2010

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Oleg Cassini CT314 - Size 2P
I am asking $850 $750  $675 $550 $450.

This is a gorgeous dress that I know someone would love to wear on thier wedding day.

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...in his words....

The year was 1996, I was 19-years old and walked into my first class at Kent State University, College English. The minute I stepped into the classroom my eyes locked onto this beautiful girl with amazing curls - She was seated near the back of the class. I had no clue who she was, but I did know College English had quickly become my second priority.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I strategically sat beside her the next class - I flirted and flirted, but I wasn’t so smooth and probably said the wrong things at all of the wrong times; I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. We hung out several times and then that was it - I never saw her again.

In 2008, a week before I left to work in the Philippines for six-months, I received an email from Rachael, a name I had not heard for more than a decade. One week later, after landing in Manila, I responded to Rachael’s email... And over the course of the following six-months, I responded to over 900 more..

....in my words....

As it often happens in life FI and I fell out of touch with each other for no particular reason.  Over the course of the next 11 years I would sometimes think back about that super funny and cute guy I knew from Kent State.  I would wonder where he was and what he was up to.  Then in 2008 I decided to send him an email, not even sure he would remember me.  Luckily he did and almost immediately I knew, this was the man I was going to marry.  15 months after he came home from the Philippines and 21 months after that first email he got on one knee and made me the happiest girl in the whole world.  He didn't actually have a chance to ask me to marry him because once I saw him get down on one knee with the ring box I jumped up screaming "oh my gosh!!!  Oh my Gosh!!!" then I thought - oh no I need to say yes - so then I yelled "YES!!!YES!!!YES!!!" - it was one of the best nights of my life.  I can't wait to marry him <3

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