May 26, 2011

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"When you fall in love with someone, it's either because you don't really know them yet, or because you finally do."

-Eva Bryant


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Our destination wedding has a destination!  Finally, whew...I was beginning to get desperate y'all and look at destination weddings in Oklahoma.  Not that there is anything wrong with it....Oklahoma is actually one of our favorite places- and it's where all of his family is, so it would've beautiful.

But our hearts have been set on the beach, and something with as little stress as possible. 

I will be updating my bio officially with more details and pictures over the next week.  Keep you posted:)

August's to-do list~

*book venue

*save the dates

*dress shopping



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Venue/ Ceremony

The beginning of the process photo 1The beginning of the process photo 2


The beginning of the process photo 3The beginning of the process photo 4

I am excited about our venue....sunset on the beach!  The freaking beach!!!!!  Oh my goodness, I loooove it!

There will be no, or very little ceremony decor or chupa, or anything you may normally find in a wedding ceremony.  This is because 1) we don't realistically have the money  and 2) the sunset is ceremony decor enough for me :)   (It's always been his dream- he loves this!)

The Beach Reception

(most of the following are courtesy of "Lena & Noel" whom you can find in the Real Weddings section)

We do not have this part worked out yet...but I know what I want it to look like...

The beginning of the process photo 5

The beginning of the process photo 6

The beginning of the process photo 7

The beginning of the process photo 8

The beginning of the process photo 9

The beginning of the process photo 10

The beginning of the process photo 11

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Our daughters...

Loves of my life photo 1the diva (really- you have NO idea) Olivia.  She is 2 1/2

Loves of my life photo 2Audrey- our sweet, shy and totally tomboy angel. (8)  She is mine from previus relationship.  He adores her!!! 

and the future in-laws...

Loves of my life photo 3

(from top left to right: Michael, me, FSIL Kristin, FBIL David, then FFIL Roy, Michael's grandparents Homer and Mildred, and FMIL Nancy.  bottom row: my daughter Audrey, David & Kristin's children, Mason, Shelby and Josh)

Though I come from a huge family, I do not have many family connections.  So I am blessed to be entering such a wonderful family!!!!  Michael's family is the epitomy of "family", holidays, birthdays- are all celebrated together and are always big deals :)  LOVE IT!  LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About my Spicy Meatball...

Michael is an Oklahoma native, GO OSU!!!!

He is strong, stubborn, conservative (opposite of me but that seems to work for us) , out going with people, very "guy", great with kids, and very technical.  He is so natural with building and fixing and anything home-improvement or mechanical related that I'm dumbfounded as well as madly in love with his skills and interests!

He said, "Good Morning, how are you today?"...

I met my fiancé at work.  He and I parked next to each other in the parking lot, must've been 7am...I was in scrubs, my very first day at new job, feeling nervous, and in desperate need of coffee.  As soon as I saw him- I had a strange feeling.  He actually waited for me, just outside my car, to walk me in.  Seeing him stand there I thought, "noooo!  The last thing I need is a crush at work- go away cute-new-coworker-guy!  I am so not interested"

I had just broken up (literally the night before) with a sleaze ball, and he was 5 months officially out of a messy and draining relationship.   The walls that woman built were impressively difficult to get down, (and I was a firecracker...practically a man-hater) but little by little - we began to trust each other ...and our initial instincts. 

I actually knew even before dating him that he was "the one"...but did NOT want a relationship for fear of the complications and headaches.  He says now, and his friends say this as well, that he knew from the beginning that we were .... just "different" and "real".  However- he too protested...and for fear of heartbreak.  

Most couples would say that they began so sweetly...and later admit that as time progressed the romance dwindled.  For us- it's been the opposite.  He and I both fought our feelings, and ended up falling hard- hopelessly, and shamelessly!!! 

Today our love is absolutely sublime- close to perfect, even on our worst day.  We've discovered ourselves, each other and the hopeless beauty in the concept of "us".  This 5 year journey has been amazing!!!  We have been blessed.  Ev-er-y single day is better then the last.

He brings out the best in me.  I love him with all of my heart.

About me...

I am 30 years old- probably older then most PW brides.  I grew up very "churchy" and intended to have the perfect life...which consisted of waiting for marriage.  It went like this... marriage, then house, then babies. 

And that belief system is fine- but it didn't work out that way for me.  At the age of 18 I moved to a college town- met a boy I liked quite a bit- thought that was it- and planned (in my heart) to marry him.  We were very off and on again- and by the age of 22 I had a baby girl...unmarried and still clinging desperately to hope in that 18 year-old notion. 

Well...time went on, so did I ...and by the age of 24 I owned my own house, worked 2 jobs in order to do sol...single motherhood and all.  I met Michael just before I turned 26, and began dating him around that time.  He and I have since had a second daughter- Olivia.  Guess I fell short of those devoted and wholesome visions I had at 18.

Michael and I had a connection immediately, and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Another tell-tale sign that he is the one for me: my daughter Audrey, who was only 4 at that time, was soooo shy (even around her own grandparents whom she saw every week)  loved him from the very first second they met.  She even sung him a song she'd made up, and he just joined in -- it was really something to see them interact that if they'd always known each other.

I am a student now- on my way to becoming a teacher.  This has actually been my dream career forever, and I would not be doing it if it were not for my fiancé’s efforts and strong belief in me.

Finally- I am an aspiring writer...I am an avid reader and loooove art, history, and culture.