Jul 19, 2014

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Acctually I wanted real flowers. And I wanted peonies. Something like this was my inspiration:

DIY The bouquets photo 1DIY The bouquets photo 2

They should be pretty easy to DIY but since I don't know if they are available at the time of our wedding I came to very classy roses. something like this:

DIY The bouquets photo 3DIY The bouquets photo 4DIY The bouquets photo 5


My wedding is so far away that I don't have to do trials yet, but I found this tutorial for coffee filter roses at marthastewart.com and I give it a try. I also made my own bouquet holder with pearls and pendants. Maybe I will get to use it for anything else.

Here are some pictures of the first coffee filter roses that I made:


And here is the bouquet in progress: Pictures will follow soon.


For the bridesmaids:

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As you already know I'm a grafic designer so I'm really obsessed with fonts. It has to fit to the smallest part. So after searching the whole internet up and down I decided to create my own font.


DIY The font photo 1









So I took three fonts and took the best of each.






And I think it turned out pretty well. I like the over-all look.











These are all of the words I will need in this font.

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I'm a professional grafic designer so there is no doubt about me making all our design- / grafic- / paper-stuff. I've seen a lot of inspiration but I will have to wait until we decided on a color scheme so I can really start off.

I really think that the invitations set the tone for the wedding. I want them to be elegant, expensive-looking and romantic. For now: I envision our intvites to be something like this (my design) on a great paper:


If you want to see what I've done so far for practise have a look at the coments on this entry. Have fun! :)


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The Hair:

I thought I wanted an updo at first, because it's nothing you can wear in your everyday life but from the moment I saw Rock.Star's hair, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

The Look photo 1The Look photo 2The Look photo 3

Currently I am searching for the perfect bling for my hair...

The Make Up:

small version

Something light and sweet. In colors of brown, blush and very little black, with fake lashes.

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I have a quite clear picture of him waiting for me and the end of the aisle in my mind but I don't know if it will happen just this way because he wants to choose his own attire. Well, if it makes him happy... but here are some pictures of what I would like to see him in (very simple, very classy):

His Attire photo 1His Attire photo 2

He doesn't want to have a boutonniere which is fine for me because I still haven't found one that I really like.

I know he would want it a bit more casual. That for I would be fine with something like this

Ceremony                                                              Reception

(Source: ovt22)

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Since I startet here on PW I've saved over 1.2oo pics and now I can't allocate anymore which pic was from which bio. So please, if I used your picture send me a message and I will give you credit. :-*