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My furbabies!


Furry Monsters of Love photo 1 Furry Monsters of Love photo 2

Banshee                                                                      Ling

Furry Monsters of Love photo 3

Both of my baby girls sharing pillows

Furry Monsters of Love photo 4

Oreo - he's better than any cookie

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Hey guys, I'm Tai.

As the title above summarizes, I'm one of the few single ladies on the site. I'm in the process of helping one of my best friends in the world plan her wedding and it was through a simple Google search that I came across this site... And immediately fell in love! The diversity of the members and topics (gotta love a place that isn't all weddings all the time) and the friendly atmosphere reeled me in. I pretty much HAD to join. I don't plan to post much on the wedding related boards - unless an opinion or an idea is asked or needed but I am excited to get to know all of the wonderful ladies I've followed for a while now. I love making new friends and hope to one day pick your brains when my special day arrives so feel free to add me!