May 10, 2010

Danny Dong Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Every girl has a bride dream, and on this day she will be most beautiful in her life. I cannot thank Danny more that he has helped us to preserve this beautiful, joyful and wonderful day for ever. His talent of art not only saved every exciting moment vividly, but also added a layer of magic veil to the pictures. His art work really has the story-telling effect, and it feels like you have a time machine, which can bring you back to the sweetest moments of your life whenever you want to.

******************Location and Time management******************
Danny is definitely a professional and a reliable photographer. Our wedding is in Houston. My husband and I picked a couple of our favorite places before he come to our wedding all the way from California. Because of the flight and time difference, it is a tiring trip. However, Danny went to check each of the places with his amazing partner Julia immediately after their arrival. They even went to some places not on our list just trying to find the best spots for us. In short, Danny really gets everything in control before your big day. So once the film starts rolling, he won't let a single second be wasted.

******************In front of the Camera******************
Ever worrying about how to pose in from of a camera? Danny will make it so easy for you. He is a very nice and amicable person, sometimes he give you very specific and detailed directions, but most of the time, he just has the ability to inspire the acting skill out of you, so that everything smile is so spontaneous, every pose is so natural. Believe me, posing is never a thing my husband and I can manage, but I think we feel all comfortable with him during the wedding and the after-day session. What's more important, he can always capture all the great moments. We had so much fun during our wedding day, and now our pictures recorded most of them.

******************Post Process******************
Danny is really talented, and fast. He knows we wanted to see the pictures as soon as possible, and he worked really hard to make that happen. The morning two days after the pictures are taken, my husband and I were so surprised to see so many pictures are already there ready for us, and they are just gorgeous! We love the pictures so much, and so do our friends. The pictures were posted on facebook, and we got so many comments and congratulations from our friends. It is such a great thing for the wedding party and guests to see the picture before the excitement start to fade, and thanks to Danny, each single picture we have seen exceeds our expectation.

I really feel lack of words for the quality of the pictures we got. They are wonderful, amazing, perfect.... My husband and I really cannot love each of them more.

******************Personal Experience******************
Last but not least of what we want to say, Danny is such a good person, so is Julia. My husband and I did not know Danny & Julia before our wedding, and now we do feel them like friends. They are happy and easy to get along with, and always consider for his customers (in this case, me and my husband). My husband and I had such a great time with them. We do hope we can invite Danny & Julia again for our anniversary some day in the future.
Services used: Photography