May 01, 2010

Carolina Catering Company
( 1.4 / 5.0 )
I am writing this review simply to share with other brides my unpleasant experience with Bo and Carolina Catering so that they do not make the same mistake I did. There were clues early on that Bo was unprofessional and would not deliver on his promises but I ignored them and I wish I listened to my gut. Before the wedding, every time I talked to Bo on the phone, he would be distracted and he never remembered what we talked about previously. Reaching him by email was difficult. Then, a week before the wedding, he told me he would not be able to do some key elements of service that we had been discussing for months. Since it was too late to do anything, I just had to deal with this.

Bo promised the world and excellent service and we received neither. On the day of the wedding, he arrived over 2 hours late and never apologized for that. His "staff" was not professional whatsoever. They looked like kids who were local to the Outer Banks rather than professional, experienced cater servers. These kids did not understand even the basics of etiquette and service. Bo and his staff of kids also seemed so stressed out the whole time which affected me and my guests.

I will say the food was delicious and everyone was happy with it. However, there was not enough of it and I wish we had been offered seconds. The staff also did not serve me and my husband first which I thought was horrible considering we were paying for everything and it was our special day. That is a common rule at a wedding, right? And, one of the staff dropped food on my husband ruining the front of his white shirt and jacket. I understand that accidents happen but the kid did not even offer to help clean it up or get my husband club soda!

Perhaps the most insulting part came at the end of the evening. Bo promised that there would be extra food and that he would leave it for me and my guests to eat the next day. He did not leave anything for us! Nothing! Nada! Considering we paid over $3000 for a dinner for 50 guests and he promised us the food, I thought that was so tacky. I do not feel like we got our money's worth. Bo and his staff left the kitchen area where they were working a complete mess to the point where my guests had to clean up after them. What did we pay him for exactly? And, the highlight occurred when Bo and his staff were leaving. Bo had the audacity to come to me to say goodbye and ask for a tip! Not only had a gratuity already been automatically included in our bill which we had already paid, but the guy arrived late and he wants a tip for that? My husband and I actually brought cash to the wedding to tip the staff but after our experience we decided they did not deserve it.

Luckily, I had an amazing ceremony and wonderful friends and family who more than made up for Bo's shortcomings. So, no, Bo did not ruin our wedding. But he was the worst vendor we worked with. So, brides, head's up. If you are looking for a caterer who knows not only how to cook but also how to deliver excellent service, this guy is not for you!
Services used: Catering