Oct 08, 2011

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I have 5 birdesmaids and a flower girl in my wedding. The colours of my bridesmaids dresses will be fuschia and tangarine. I wanted to go for dresses that have a lot of movement and flow factor. I will be using silk satin with chiffon overlay for the material of the dresses. Since I will be getting a dressmaker to make the dresses I can't share the finished product until much closer to my wedding day. However, these are the silhouettes that I will be using for the dresses:

Maid of Honour Dress in fuschia: One shoulder look with beading at the waist

Bridesmaid Dresses Flower Girl photo 1


Two bridesmaids will wear this silhouette with the straps and empire waist with beading in tangarine

Bridesmaid Dresses Flower Girl photo 2


Two Bridesmaids will wear this silhouette. Strapless with beaded empire waist in tangarine.

Bridesmaid Dresses Flower Girl photo 3


Flower Girl: Still deciding exactly what I want for her, but I love this idea.

Bridesmaid Dresses Flower Girl photo 4



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I don't typically wear a lot of makeup, nor am I cosmetically inclined so while I want to look more facially glamorous than I normally do, I don't want to look unrecognizable to my hubby to be either. I don't know exactly what I want to do yet, but these are two makeup looks I'm considering:


Makeup photo 1


Makeup photo 2

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My hair is naturally curly and it took me a number of years to appreciate my natural hair texture. Now that I have learned to love what is uniquely a part of me I want to showcase it on my wedding day by opting for an updo that features my textured tresses. I'm thinking of going for a chic textured chignon. Luckily I was a able to find a picture of a model who has a similar hair texutre to mine and who is wearing her hair in the style I want:

Hair Style photo 1


These are some other styles I considered:

Hair Style photo 2

Hair Style photo 3


Hair Style photo 4

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I love orchids so the main flower featured will be the orchid in my theme colours of fuschia and tangarine/orange.


Flowers photo 1


Flowers photo 2


Flowers photo 3


Flowers photo 4



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We will be getting married in Vaughn's home town of Nassau in The Bahamas. Since I will be moving to England in the next month or two it was important that we used this past summer to finalize a number of things the main thing being our venue. In August, 2010, my best friend, my mom and I flew down to The Bahamas to meet my fiance to go pick out our Venue. We were only there for a week, so we wasted no time getting down to business. It took us almost the entire week, but with 3 days left to spare we finally found our wonderful Venue.

The wedding will take place on October 8, 2011 at Old Fort Bay Club. The grounds are beautiful and lush and the Club itself is based in an old colonial style mansion with beautiful views of the beach. It's everything we wanted. We will be having our ceremony on the beach and our reception on the upstairs outdoor terrace. The great thing about this venue is that they have indoor options for both cremony and reception in case it rains.

Here are some pic's of the actual location. The entrance to Old Fort Bay, the beach where we'll have the ceremony and the lounge area where we'll have the cocktail hour.

Venue Inspiration photo 1

Venue Inspiration photo 2

Venue Inspiration photo 3

Venue Inspiration photo 4


Venue Inspiration photo 5

In keeping with the Island and beach back drop to our wedding, I decided that I wanted the colours to be bright and vibrant. My theme colours are fuschia and tangarine/burnt orange with hints of teal as the accent colour.

Venue Inspiration photo 6

Venue Inspiration photo 7

Venue Inspiration photo 8

Venue Inspiration photo 9


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Although Vaughn leaving for London was a very sad time I was also excited for him to have this opportunity to build his career in Europe. I was also looking forward to visiting him that Christmas, Dec., 2009. It was my first trip to Europe and I couldn't wait for the experience. I was having a great time taking in all London had to offer and visiting some of my extended family who live there. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation! Things only got better when on Dec, 28, 2009 Vaughn popped the question. He planned a very romantic evening in, making us dinner, lighting candles and buying me flowers. Before we ate he said he had something to tell me and he got down on one knee and proposed. It was a very special and emotional night for us. After all of our long distance challenges it was so wonderful to celebrate another step to being together permanently! 

Needless to say that I am no longer only planning a wedding I'm also planning to move my life from Canada to England. Although I feel a little overwhelmed I'm also looking forward to these exciting new life changes. Vaughn and I have waited a long time to get to this point!


Visit to London, England - Dec, 2009

The Proposal photo 1


The Proposal photo 2


The Proposal photo 3