Oct 10, 2010

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Wedding Day part 1 photo 1Wedding Day part 1 photo 2Wedding Day part 1 photo 3Wedding Day part 1 photo 4Wedding Day part 1 photo 5Wedding Day part 1 photo 6Wedding Day part 1 photo 7Wedding Day part 1 photo 8Wedding Day part 1 photo 9Wedding Day part 1 photo 10Wedding Day part 1 photo 11Wedding Day part 1 photo 12

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new page photo 1new page photo 2new page photo 3new page photo 4new page photo 5new page photo 6new page photo 8


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Topper for my FI.

Some more DIYs photo 1

My mosaic S's

Some more DIYs photo 2

My Great Catch Pictures

Some more DIYs photo 3

Our Koozies

Some more DIYs photo 4

My Throw Garter

Some more DIYs photo 5

My Garter to keep

Some more DIYs photo 6

My Cake Apron...Just added the Stainback. Got the Apron from Thirtyone.

Some more DIYs photo 7

My Guestbook...Got the binder from

Some more DIYs photo 8Some more DIYs photo 9Some more DIYs photo 10Some more DIYs photo 11Some more DIYs photo 12Some more DIYs photo 13

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My FI, Ryan, is gamer. So, I decided to make cool Mario Beer Mugs. I was so excited about them and the guys thought they were cool too.

DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 1

The Grooms

DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 2DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 3


The Best Mans

DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 4DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 5

DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 6DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 7

The Groomsmen

DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 8DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 9

DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 10DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 11

DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 12DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 13

The Ring Bearer's Glass...Sorry its blurry.

DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 14DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 15DIY Guys Beer Mugs photo 16

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We had a a Stock the bar on the same day as the Bridal luncheon. We had it at 7pm at my Father's River landing. And I got very drunk if you can't tell from the 

The Mothers!!

Stock the Bar Party photo 1

My Mother probably almost two sheets in the

Stock the Bar Party photo 2

If you can't tell we had a great time!! The third picture is hilarious because I am having fun by

Stock the Bar Party photo 3Stock the Bar Party photo 4Stock the Bar Party photo 5Stock the Bar Party photo 6

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I treated my bridal party to a luncheon on 9-25-10. They had a blast and so did I.


Here is my Bridesmaids, flower girl, and maid of honor ( Jr. Bridesmaid was missing)Bridal Luncheon photo 1

After a great lunch! For two different angles. 

Bridal Luncheon photo 2Bridal Luncheon photo 3

Pictures of decor and food.

Bridal Luncheon photo 4Bridal Luncheon photo 5Bridal Luncheon photo 6

Lunch Menu was Salad, Soup and Coconut cake and bread pudding with Sweet tea and Lemonade. Mmm good home made food.

Bridal Luncheon photo 7Bridal Luncheon photo 8Bridal Luncheon photo 9