Oct 08, 2011

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Our wedding was featured in the Winter issue of Gulf Coast Bride Magazine!  It was very surreal to see it in print.  :)


Gulf Coast Bride Magazine photo 1 Gulf Coast Bride Magazine photo 2Gulf Coast Bride Magazine photo 3

Gulf Coast Bride Magazine photo 4

Gulf Coast Bride Magazine photo 5 Gulf Coast Bride Magazine photo 6Gulf Coast Bride Magazine photo 7

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  New Couture Style Bubble Veil   

For sale!  Brand new white shimmer tulle bubble veil (custom made) from Bella Bridal Veils!  I've only tried it on and hung it in my closet since receiving it.  Unfortunately, it just doesn't work with my dress and I am now searching for the right length.  The shimmer is gorgeous!!!  It's just enough to add something special to the veil, but not overpowering at all.  I'm sad that it didn't work out.

108" wide Elbow/Waist length

30" long

The veil comes on a clear "hidden" haircomb - These combs are made of a soft plastic - they are 3 1/2" wide with teeth that are 1 3/4" long. They are the "Grip-tuth" style to hold all types of hair. They are contoured to fit the head perfectly and comfortably. It held in place really well...I even pulled on it to see! 

$50 which includes shipping  (I paid more than $75 after shipping)

You can have this custom made veil immediately without having to wait for it and for cheaper!

For sale Brand new photo 2424580-1

For sale Brand new photo 3042109-1  For sale Brand new photo 3042109-2

For sale Brand new photo 3042109-3

NEW Bubble Veil
Apparently, 3 times a charm for me.  I'm a 3 veil bride!  This bubble veil is also white, but not a shimmer tulle.  It's shorter than the bubble veil above.  I just decided the bubble look wasn't what I was looking for afterall!  
$20 plus shipping
NEW Something Blue Brooch   
Super sparkley!!  $10.00+ shipping 



Medium Short sleeve Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Bride hoodie!  Super popular!  I loved wearing this on my wedding day.  As much as I love it, I'll pass it on to another bride.


I bought this from another bride who previously wore it at her wedding.  There is a slight tint in the arm pit area, but honestly...I you can't see it and I would never have worn anything that had a visible stain.  Otherwise, the hoodie is in great condition...washed and ready to go!

$20 + shipping


My husband didn't want anything to frilly and girly for his bout so I set out to find the perfect accessory for his suit.  This pinwheel bout is made with gray and white striped grosgrain ribbon with a safety pin back.  

The bout is in perfect condition and stayed on all day long.  If you're looking for something unique like we were, here it is!

$15 + shipping

For sale My husband photo 3191131-1

For sale My husband photo 3191131-2

For sale My husband photo 3191131-3

For sale My husband photo 3191131-4


Designed by Signatures by Sarah :)  We had this sign with pictures of us growing up and as a couple.  The colors are grays, purples and deep pinks.  8x10 frame included.

$15 + shipping


Placed at our photo guest book.  We got a ton of compliments!  The color is a very deep pink.  8x10 frame included.

$15 + shipping

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Meet Kingston Trouble!  He's our 2 1/2 year old Miniature Bull Terrier aka Spudz McKenzie, Target Dog, Chico, Frankenweenie...He is basically like having a mischevious child in a 42 lb. muscular body.  But no matter how much of a handful he is, we love him with all our heart!  I've never met a dog with more personality...are you sure there's not a dude in there?? We say he's "that dude"...you know that annoying-wanna be in your face friend! hehe

Our Child photo 1 Our Child photo 2 Our Child photo 3Our Child photo 4

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Our initals are PB & J so we've always been Peanut Butter and Jelly! 

PB J photo 1

Over the years (I aplogize in advance...I love pictures!)...

PB J photo 2  PB J photo 3

PB J photo 4     PB J photo 5 PB J photo 6 PB J photo 7

 PB J photo 8 PB J photo 9PB J photo 10PB J photo 11


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Promote My Wedding
Wedding Ticker from PromoteMyWedding

...Forever my love.

Long story short -- Philip and I met in 2005 when we were both working at Express.  We were both managers and he was visiting to help the store out.  From the moment we met, we had a connection, but were both dating other people.  We were instantly friends and I knew I wanted him in my life!  Cut to a little over a year later and we were no longer dating others and open to the idea of seeing what we really had together.  Philip came to my place on Thanksgiving night of 2006 beacuse I was alone (I'm from Atlanta and we all know how Black Friday is for retail workers!) and he was visiting family.  After 4 straight hours of talking on my couch (so long that the candles burning on my dining room table dripped all over my runner! hehe), we decided to take the leap and go on our first "official date."  Over the past 5 years we've been through a lot together and it's only made us stronger.  His family is my family and my family is his!  As cliche as it is, I can say I'm marrying my best friend! ---CHEESY---

 ***Some pages have been made private for my own piece of mind.  Just send me a friend request! :)**